Assistant manager for fm2011

need a asst.manager

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    Hi everyone ı have played tothenam for two season in fm 2011...ı won the premier division for two years..ı need a very good assistant manager but ı cant find a good one...Can you help me ? you should know ı dont want to basic manager.

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    Tony Coton is great. Got everything you want out of an assistant, motivating, judging ability, tactical knowledge etc.

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    tony coton has not tactical knowledge, he is poor for this this poor attribute affect me ? Tactical knowlegde is important for asst. manager ?

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    Brian McClair, tactical knowledge could be better but everything else is brilliant

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    Sidney Lobo Awesome assistant. 4-4,5 star coaching atributes. 17 tactical knowledge, 17 motivation, 20 Judjing ability, 16 man managment. The only problem is lack ot discipline 10.
    I dont think he will be able to get mcclair. I tried to sign him with City to be my first team coach and he didn't even got into talks with me.(3-rd season)

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    Valter di Salvo

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    Valdir de Moraes is, according to GS, the best Ass. Manager but he's very old and impossible to hire.
    Pat Rice is always a good choise if you have the money and reputation to get him interested.
    Mauro Tassotti is a very good AM but also very loyal to AC Milan.
    Try Tony Coton too. Valter di Salvo is also free and is a great choice for AM but for some reason he is referred as a first team coach in GS, haven't try to get him yet.

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    i use tony coton. he is quite good and easy to hire. you don't need tac. know. unless you plan to go on a long vacation.

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    I couldn't agree more with talerin . This guy is easy to hire , he will not ask high wage and is one of the best .
    He have all the attitudes needed ( Motivating , level of discipline, determination)
    and -as an add- 5 star training in one of the two goalkeepers category

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    from my experience, i would prefer sign a retired football superstar such as del piero, scholes, or totti. they will develop into a great staff for your club

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    Thanks all..I started to use tony coton and he has looked good for two game months :P

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