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Donate to Eugene

Genie Scout is a free to download and use. People who support the development with their donation, receive the special "g" edition which is ad-free and has a few extra features.

I started to work on Genie Scout 8 years ago. I spent more than 1750 hours to give you Genie Scout as you see it today.

Times have changed and I am a family man now. I have a beautiful daughter and a newborn son, and it's harder to find time to continue updating Genie Scout.

If you appreciate the efforts I put in every year, if you enjoy the tool, I'd be really thankful for any support from your side.

Sincerely yours,
Eugene Tarabanovsky

Donate for Genie Scout 14g
Not compatible with Mac or Linux.

I'd like to give:
$3 $5 $7 $10 $15 $20

Donate for Genie Scout 13g
Not compatible with Mac.

I'd like to give:
$3 $5 $7 $10 $15 $20

Donate for Genie Scout 12g
I'd like to give:

$3 $5 $7 $10 $15 $20