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FM Editor Live 2014

FMEL14 is a real time editor for use with Football Manager 2014 that enables you to edit essential club and person information on the fly (such as finances, kits, injuries or stadium capacity). Compatible with the latest 14.3.1 patch.
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FM Editor Live 2014
FM Editor Live 2014 is a simple real time editor for Football Manager 2014 that allows you to edit data of your loaded FM14 save-game on the fly. FMEL is the only real-time editor that works with the FMC mode, and the only one that is free to use.

FMEL 2013 was released last February and it was the only free real-time editor for FM13. Its simplicity, speed and flawless functionality made it popular fast; counting over 250,000 downloads to this day. These characteristics remain in this new FM14 compatible version.

FMEL is exclusively available from

Redistribution Policy:
People who want to put FM Editor Live 2014 on other sites, you may link back to this very page but you cannot host any files yourselves. Thank you!

This tool is released for FREE, as we feel you shouldn't be forced to pay for 3rd party tools of a game.

Released: 18 March 2014 - v2.0
Updated: 4 May 2014 - v2.1.1


.NET FRAMEWORK 4.0 (standalone offline installer) or higher
To find out if you have .NET Framework 4.0 installed, you can use Framework Detector (free tool).

Patch 14.3.1 or Patch 14.3.0 (International)
To use this version of FMEL, you must have your game updated with 14.3.1 or 14.3.0.
Please note it won't work with the special editions of the game (Russian, Korean...). If you have one of the mentioned special editions of FM14 and you want to help us add support for it, please follow the instructions outlined on this topic.

Microsoft Windows
Compatible with Windows XP (SP3), Vista, 7, 8.
If you're looking for a similar tool for Mac, please check out MacAssistant RT for FM14 (another exclusive tool we release).


FMEL allows you to search for the club, person or stadium of your choice and edit:

  • Reputation
  • Chairman Status
  • Training Facilities
  • Youth Facilities
  • Junior Coaching
  • Youth Recruitment Network
  • Transfer Budgets (Season and Remaining)
  • Wage Budget
  • Maximum Wage
  • Overall Balance
  • Kit Colors (icon, shorts, socks, text, shirt)
  • Heal Team / Destroy Team *

  • Heal / Destroy (condition, jadedness)
  • Birthday
  • Nationality
  • Height / Weight
  • Foot
  • CA / PA
  • Fitness / Match Fitness / Jadedness / Condition
  • Reputation (Current, Home, World)
  • Positions
  • Contracts (wage and end date)
  • Relations
  • Heal / Destroy *
  • Attributes (view only)

  • Name
  • Capacity
  • Seating Capacity
  • Expansion Capacity

* Heal not only heals injuries but also changes the player's condition to 100% and clears his jadedness. Destroy is the exact opposite.

FMEL is a simple editor that allows you to quickly adjust information of clubs, persons and stadiums. It should be safe to use it, but at any case make sure to keep a backup of your savegame before using.

How to use

1. Extract the downloaded in a folder of your choice.

2. Run Football Manager 2014, and load your save game (or start a new one).

3. Run FMEditorLive.exe (ALT+TAB to desktop first if you're running FM full screen).

4. Click the "Load Game" button.

5. Enter club's name in the Search input box and hit Enter.

6. Double-click on the club's row. Edit what you wish in the 4 tabs available (Information, Finances, Kits, Teams) and click Save.

Double-click on the person's row. Edit what you like and click Save.

Double-click on the stadium's row. Edit what you like and click Save.

Known Issues

If you close FM14 before FMEL14, the app will crash and trigger error popups. To avoid this, please close FMEL14 before closing FM14. Otherwise, you'll have to terminate the FMEL process using Windows Task Manager.


This tool is an and association.

The main author of FMEL is Stelios. Unfortunately, he was unable to work on FMEL14. Stelios had to join the army around November to serve his obligatory duty for 12 months.

Thankfully, Thanos (creator of MacAssistant RT) kindly agreed to undertake the task of porting the tool to work with FM14, and he succeeded. He was helping with information and research last year.

Jay was a major help in the last version of FMEL 2013, and kindly helping out this year too.

Many thanks to: Eugene (Information & Research), Panos (super-tester), Ariel (super-tester), Stam (super-tester), Messy (Russian version tester) and Ronald (tester)!

Logo by Stam.


- Fixed Value -1 error (when editing unregistered players)
- Player Attributes Editing temporarily disabled

- CA Fix
- Pitch Condition
- Stadium Build Date
- Club Founded Date
- Club Morale (overall)
- Players age on team list
- Players Happiness
- Players Team Status (First Team, Back Up etc)
- Squad Number
- Player Attributes Editable
- Attendance (Max, Min, Avg)
- GUI Tweaks

- Initial release, support for 14.3.0
- Added selection box to highlight key player attributes
- Added in Min Weight/Height
- Added in Transfer Budget Remaining
- Fixed Main form not resizing correctly

pushI speak my mind and I speak the truth. FM Scout is my brainchild and I try to make it a better place every year. I consider myself a lucky man for being able to turn this website into an engaging and vibrant community.


Discussion on "FM Editor Live 2014"

frikadele2015-03-12 16:40
hi great job for the uploaders ! i run fm14 version which fmel should i download to play it

SligoRovers092015-02-07 10:58
Is it possible to change player attributes? and how?

kumutunal2015-01-27 14:44
how can we change competition rules? turkey changed squad and foreign player rules like 2 weeks ago. they gonna let you have max 28 player in the squad with 14 foreign players. in match squad you can have 11 foreign players. of course there are other details about homegrown or youth system status. how can we make those changes?..

Vjik2015-01-04 23:36
Hello. Great work, thanks! But when will be able function for editing player attributes?

pkrjoker892014-12-24 10:35


Zarmael2014-12-24 10:23
I have a technical question.

If a player reach max stats and max PA and I decide to raise his PA in FMEL will his stats raise too eventually?

Also if i raise CA of a player will it raise player stats too or not?

Thank you for your work and answers.

marvels2014-12-24 10:16

Its out of my hands, its been sent for Testing/QA.

pkrjoker892014-12-24 09:27

marvels2014-12-24 08:22

Sorry, not going to happen. I am running 15.2.1 with no issues at all. If you have problems contact steam/SI.

nikuzzolo2014-12-23 23:41
@marvels pls...compatibily with 15.1.3 or 15.1.4, big problem with 15.2.0 or 15.2.1 tnx!!

marvels2014-12-23 19:22

15.2.0 and 15.2.1 only...I recommend you update

Queira2014-12-23 15:30
Can you tell me if with a original version of FM 2015 i can use your FMEL2015 (WHEN YOU HAVE THAT) in my FM 2015 original?

philtunks2014-12-23 05:48
Awesome work guys

Maximus3162014-12-22 17:51
@marvels --- Thanks a million for your hard work and hours put into the Live Editor. Cannot wait for the FM Live Editor 2015, hopefully it is uploaded in a day or two. Perfect Christmas Gift to all the FM Scout faithfuls... Merry Christmas..!! :-) :D ^_^

marvels2014-12-22 12:17

Christmas is near! Just going through the final build and testing now. Not much longer to wait.

nikuzzolo2014-12-22 12:10
christmas is near!! Marvels .. we are waiting for you! Good job! :D

nikospkrk2014-12-22 09:23
@alexjamiesonjnr Insultng. How sad.

marvels2014-12-22 08:46

Player Attributing editing will not initially be enabled. It was implinmented last year and didn't quite work so was removed. It needs a little more work.


15.2.0 and 15.2.1 ..I recommend you update

dmanesku2014-12-21 22:23
1 question i got 15.1.4 patch i don t like 15.2 or 15.2.1 so when editor comes out...will it work for previous versions or just new one??

alexjamiesonjnr2014-12-21 12:56
@nikospkrk what you on ya clown!! I asked if the old features are coming back on FM 14 as it was discussed a while back they could be. I'm not moaning about the new one not being released as quick as the paid version like others. It will be released when its released, I couldn't care less if nothing got released as I'll play it with our without.

nikospkrk2014-12-21 10:19
@alexjamiesonjnr : how can you expect others to stop asking for FMEL 15 whereas you're asking for more features out of FMEL 14? That's just being an hypocrite...

Thanks for you work guys, really appreciate it!

woksben2014-12-20 04:51
when will FMLE 2015 be out?

alexjamiesonjnr2014-12-19 18:57
Thanks @marvels

Thanks on the FREE editor work guys totally appreciate it but is there gonna be an update on this editor (14) to let us use the "edit player attributes" again?

For those moaning about the delay on the new (15) editor....its FREE!!! Don't like it, make it yourself. These guys are taking time out there own personal time to make these things work so be grateful!

Thanks again.

cipri_slb2014-12-19 01:53
will be possible to inscribe the whole squad in UEFA competitions?

Ronald2014-12-18 16:26
Stop complaining about it. They say it's before Christmas. So wait until Christmus or buy the tool in steam or FMRTE.

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