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The Goal Hunger 1.0

Do you know GoalsGalore 2012? The Goal Hunger beats it (tested). Try it and judge yourself, you'll be able to score many goals.
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The Goal Hunger 1.0
Hello everyone
I've tried all the famous tactics over there and I found that GoalsGalore is the best tactic by far . It works home & away , with any team and any players .

So I've tried to make a tactic that beats it, with more attacking style while keeping the defense in a good shape. The goal hunger will make you enjoy watching your small team winning big teams.

This is the best goal scoring tactic out-there. You won't regret trying it, I guarantee that! Soccer is about entertainment and here I introduce you the most entertaining football you've ever played!!

The players roles !
This is the most important element in the tactic system. Cause it introduces your playing style. In my case it's attacking style & don't worry much about defense though, you'll be amazed how it's enough to put only two CMs on support with no DMC or anchor.

Released: 4 June 2012 - v 1.0

GK - Defense

DR and DL - Support ( Don't bother with slow fullbacks )
DC ( The stronger & taller ) - Defend ( This one will score many goals from corners )
DC ( The faster ) - Cover

CM ( Your play-maker ) AP - Support
CM ( Your supportive MC ) DLP - Support

Two wingers ( Inside forward - Attack )

Forward one - CF Attack ( Your main striker )
Forward Two - DLF Attack ( your speedy striker )

Which players ?

DL & DR - Tackling , Acceleration

DC * Def * - Jumping , Decisions , Heading , Strength
DC * Cov * - Decisions , Acceleration , Concentration

AP * Sup * - Creativity , Passing , Technique
DLP * Sup * - Tackling , Passing

Inside forwards * Att * - Acceleration , Pace , Off the ball , Teamwork is ( A must )

DLF * Att * - Acceleration , Pace , Finishing , Dribbling , Agility , Teamwork is ( A must )
CF * Att * - Finishing , Heading , Off the ball , Balance

Playing Style philosophy

I'm giving my playmaker and my 2nd striker more creative freedom to support the main striker with every type of passes and crosses . The 2nd striker MUST be speedy to creat chances with himself along with creating chances for his team-mates . He must be speedy and not selfish .

With high tempo and short passes , you'll control the game midfield .

The most fun part ( PROOF )

Feel free to join the discussion on this tactic in this forum thread.


Discussion on "The Goal Hunger 1.0"

Dean_CM2013-05-12 06:10
Work for me :)
Thanks !

trapusky2013-03-13 20:52
404 Not Found

trapusky2013-03-13 20:50
Again the LINK doesn't WORK

404 Not Found

mihmeg2012-12-09 16:17
hello guys !trying to download this tactic but cant open the link! is there any chance someone can send it to me?

mdodgson1232012-08-15 13:43
On the tactic I've downloaded from about (thanks) and the screenshots it has both CB's as 'Defend' - there isn't one on 'Cover'?

Am I missing something?

Omen2012-06-27 00:19
does not work for me, 3 games no goals, maybe it's because I'm playing with randaberg (very weak team) maybe the tactic is too much work for them, I dunno. but I'll have to call this not working.

Mando3232012-06-24 20:58
I just started using this tactic today, and wow is this thing great. I currently have 27 goals for and 10 goals against in my Liverpool save, and I am constantly mixing and matching players here. I use Gerrard as the DLP when Leiva is injured or tired.

I have only played 9 league games and the familiarity isn't even completely full yet. That's the exciting part.

One last thing to add is my one defeat was against City in the second or third match of the season. I lost 3-0 and the familiarity(meter/bar) was maybe half way.

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