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Football Manager 2013 Summer Transfer Updates

All quality unofficial summer transfer window Data Updates for FM13 in one place. Updated on September 23rd.
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Football Manager 2013 Summer Transfer Updates
Even though the summer transfer window is far from being closed, the people working on unofficial data updates have been making progress and releasing the latest versions of their work. This page will receive weekly updates to keep track of all the changes made to their new versions.

If you're wondering whether there will be any official data update for the summer transfers or not, the quick answer is NO; it always comes with the new game release. That is why this article is important for those of you who are looking for a way to start a new save game with the latest world transfers applied.

We have been closely monitoring all data updates out there week after week, and therefore we are in position to present them to you using a handy comparison chart that makes it easy to figure out which pack is best for you.

IMPORTANT: These unofficial updates can be used in your game and have nothing to do with pirate copies; they are editor data files you could create yourself.

Now let's take a closer look at what they do and how you can apply them to your game...

FM 2013 Summer Transfer Updates

We will be updating this page with fresh download links and details as they become available.

pr0's Update PacksDownload
Latest update: 16 September
Official Facebook Page
nik33's Data PacksDownload
Latest update: 14 September
Official Forum Thread @
FM WeeGiE UpdateDownload
Latest update: 7 September
Official Website
LFCMarshall's UpdateDownload
Latest update: 14 September
Official Facebook Page
James Beedie DatabaseDownload
Latest update: 20 September
Official Facebook Page

How to Install

First you need to choose which update you want to go with, 1 of the 5 available data updates, and download it.
* Extract it if it's a .zip or .rar archive before moving to the next step below.

→ Place the downloaded file in
My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2013/Editor Data
For MAC users, the path is
Macintosh HD/users/{your-username}/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2013/editor data
Create the last folder if it doesn't exist.

→ Start a new game and when the database box pops up, click the 'change' button and tick the box next to the file you have chosen to go with.

Enjoy! :) 

pushI speak my mind and I speak the truth. FM Scout is my brainchild and I try to make it a better place every year. I consider myself a lucky man for being able to turn this website into an engaging and vibrant community.


Discussion on "Football Manager 2013 Summer Transfer Updates"

tavi.rapan2013-10-05 12:06
where i can download this?

rikfaucher2013-10-03 10:15
I installed this on both my imac and macbook but when i try and start a new game on both devices the game crashes, has this happened to anyone else? if so what can i do to prevent this?

johnakos282013-09-07 15:12
nice job!
FM12 Update & Changes

handyfernandy2013-08-20 08:25
briliant stam,, you're the man

Blue2013-08-19 15:23
Brilliant piece of work Stam, will help a lot of people out!

wellsy14982013-08-19 13:33
Brilliant Stam a big help for users who want to find which one to use :P

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