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FM Coach Calculator for FM2011

Coach rating calculator for Football Manager 2011
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FM Coach Calculator for FM2011
A note from the author:
New Football Manager version, more changes to coach training! 'Set Pieces' category is gone (you now train players in Set Pieces individually, apparently) and the old 'Goalkeeping' category has been split in two: 'GK - Shot Stopping' and 'GK - Handling'.

The way Shot Stopping and Handling rating is calculated is the same as the old Goalkeeping formula... no major changes there. Set Pieces was without a doubt the most complex/obscure formula, so the disappearance of this training category in FM 11 should now make it possible to get 5* across the board.

While I was updating the calculator to reflect the changes above, I started messing with skins for the interface and ended up doing a bit of cosmetic work to it... hope you like the new look.

  • Find out the exact number of stars a coach has in any given training category.
  • Percentages and total values also visible to further aid with comparing coaches.
  • The calculator compares the ability of the coach in all the different training categories on the fly and tells you what he's best at.

Operating system: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7


Stand-alone program. No installation needed. Just unzip 'FM Coach Calculator.exe' and double-click on it to run the calculator.

If you have any problems with the program:

Other Coach Calculator versions:

PDF version
System Requirements: Adobe Reader 8.0 or higher (Macintosh); 8.0 or higher (Linux); 6.0 or higher (Windows).
Operating system: ALL
File size: 381 KB

Online version
N.B.: The greyed-out fields on the calculator do not affect a coach's star rating, so you can leave those blank.


This is an updated version of the popular Coach Calculator for FM2010
Coach calculator is created by BonzoLLM from The Dugout.
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Discussion on "FM Coach Calculator for FM2011"

Group Stam2010-11-17 14:40
FM Coach Calculator for FM 2010:
Standalone | PDF | Online

senna8890912010-11-17 14:02
There is verson for 2010?

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