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FM Genie Scout for FM14 is confirmed

Eugene is working on Genie Scout 14. We don't have a release date for the public edition yet, but you can get your hands on the "g" edition if you support the author.
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FM Genie Scout for FM14 is confirmed
We are delighted to announce that there will be a Genie Scout 14! Eugene is already working on the new version for Football Manager 2014.

FM Genie Scout is the world's favorite scout utility for Football Manager.

We are honored to be exclusively releasing this awesome tool since 2009, and it's great how this tradition continues.

We try our best to deliver Genie Scout to the world every year because your support to this project is outstanding.

FM Genie Scout 14 Release Date

Public edition
We won't make any promises on the release date of the public version, but most likely we'll be able to release it during November.
Update 2 Dec: GS14 public edition is released!

Download Genie Scout 14.

"g" edition
The "g" edition, which is the one for people who donate, is available since 16 October (beta 1). Current version is beta 9 and available since 28 November.
Reminder: The "g" edition is ad-free and has a few extra features compared to the public edition.

You can now donate for GS14 "g" edition.
Do not report bugs in the comments below!

How to get Genie Scout 14 public edition earlier!

We will make the public edition available for download earlier for people who have signed up for our newsletter. All you need to do is give us your email and verify it by clicking the confirmation link in the email you'll receive.

You will receive an email with the download link to the first Genie Scout 14 beta version of the public edition a bit earlier than everyone else.
How much earlier? Well, it could be for half a day or two days. Once that time has passed, it will be available for free download on our site of course for everyone else. Why lose a single hour though? Signing up for our newsletter is free!

Sign up to FM Scout newsletter now

  • We promise not to spam you and not to sell your email to anyone.
  • We won't be sending you more than 4 emails per month, unless there's a special occasion such as Genie Scout new versions.
  • Our newsletter messages include useful tips and valuable resources once a week.

pushI speak my mind and I speak the truth. FM Scout is my brainchild and I try to make it a better place every year. I consider myself a lucky man for being able to turn this website into an engaging and vibrant community.


Discussion on "FM Genie Scout for FM14 is confirmed"

Truegunner2013-12-02 23:38
Been coming to this site for the last few years downloading the genie scout and live editor tools and just wanted to say thanks. It must be a difficult job making the programs (Eugene) and moderating(Stam and the other mods) the community as well as keeping this tool free, I appreciate the work put in every year.

Sikimashu2013-12-02 23:33
its working now

Andrizovic2013-12-02 22:17
Thank you a lot Stam and Eugene!

krlj19872013-12-02 22:07
Now its public, where do you go to download?

bluemoon782013-12-02 22:05
Thanks Stam NOw I have GS 14 on madmimi site.

mizie2013-12-02 22:03
It's not a direct link you've sent out in the newsletter. It's a redirection so we can't
"save as" it.

UPDATE: so the Madmini site is down so no one could access the link :)

delfimmachado882013-12-02 22:03
All the links from the e-mail are down. Fan from Portugal

gf_bay2013-12-02 22:02
DL works fine for me.

Group Stam2013-12-02 21:56
I've tried the download link a dozen times and works fine for me. I guess I'll just add it on the GS14 page here because it wouldn't be great to send another 18,000 emails :(

MinistryOfDarkness2013-12-02 21:56
Can't download the Genie it won't open the link :(

rino82013-12-02 21:55
thanks Stam............

bornnslippy2013-12-02 21:54
Here is the download link for you:
GS14 Public Build 411

For details please refer to this page:
GS14 Official Page

If you encounter any, please use the Genie Scout forum to report it:
GS Official Forum

None of the above links work lol

Galatasarayy2013-12-02 21:51
link doesnt work plz handle it stam :)

bornnslippy2013-12-02 21:47
Anyone manage to get the link working?

As most of us are getting Problem loading Page


berkbesim2013-12-02 21:47
the link is not working within the e-mail you sent.

please solve this problem stam.


bluemoon782013-12-02 21:46
thanks Stam for e mail but website doesnt work... solve pls.... :)

madridista72013-12-02 21:45
Link doesn't work for me :/

bornnslippy2013-12-02 21:45
the downloading page is not responding :(

Group Stam2013-12-02 21:42
GS14 public edition is being emailed to our newsletter subscribers as we speak :)
It will appear here a bit later for everyone else.

@Braun @mizie: There's a direct download link in the email. Use that!

Galatasarayy2013-12-02 21:41
ty stam and eugune :)

mizie2013-12-02 21:41
Same here, the downloading page is not responding :(

Braun2013-12-02 21:39
Well, it's here, as promised (for those signed up to the newsletter)

Only too bad the download page doesn't load... /Sigh

just letting y'all know

thomaslancaster2013-12-02 21:36
Thanks Eugine and Stam great work unfortunate about the select few who spoilt it

gico862013-12-02 21:30
FRMTE and editors don't give the Position Ratings and that's more important than the CA/PA.
It's actually really annoying how imprecise the game scouts and staff are.
You can have a World Class player with 50 goals in a season having a 2-star rating while the scout precisely gives a rating bigger than 80% per cent, which classifies him as one of the best in the world.

daggerzrule2013-12-02 21:30
I still prefer Genie. For me, being able to see what stats a player would develop in the future (though not 100% accurate I suppose,considering different training regimes etc. but it gives you a main idea) plus the rating system for whether the player will or won't reach his potential are just incredible. FMRTE from my experience has none of those, plus I don't like the program visualy, just looks a bit too all-in-one for me and I get kinda confused.

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