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Founded in November 2004, FM Scout delivers useful tools and content to FM enthusiasts of every level. Our aim is to help our readers enrich their experience and sharpen their knowledge in the Football Manager game series. We strive to convert our readers into active contributors, but not by force; we keep our content and downloads free for all without any limitations. FM Scout is and always has been independent.

We value user experience and community sense greatly. A friendly and enthusiastic spirit is what we consider to be the most remarkable yet overlooked aspect of any online community. Every day, literally thousands of FM addicts out there gain new insight, come up with brilliant content and then share their experience with fellow managers.

Nourished by the gratitude of its benefactors and powered by the reach of social networking, this community has produced a wide variety of high-quality articles, resources and tools, available to everybody. Every single contribution supports the entire community, and the community supports these contributors with traffic and word-of-mouth recognition.

Who Produces This Resource?

There is a group of people voluntarily contributing their time and labor towards the needs of this community to keep going forward. We are scattered all across the globe in different timezones, but our love for the game is universal.

How is this fansite different from any other?

We exclusively produce and release the world’s most popular tool in FM Genie Scout since 2008. That alone makes half a million users happier every year.
We distribute all kinds of quality add-ons for the game with permission from the original authors, while some of them are exclusively made from our team.
All of our files are 100% free to download, even for guests. Other fan sites will force you to register in order to download more than X files per day or even pay to waive some silly limitations. We have every quality file here for free, no signup no limitations.

This is not just another forum or blog like the majority of fan sites out there. We have a custom made website engine, a full blown portal which includes forums, blogs, live chat, comments, downloads, member rewards, private messages, personal file space and plenty of amazing projects to keep you engaged all day. We code most of it ourselves which guarantees to make your experience on this site as unique as it gets.

Our interface and functions are crafted from scratch with attention to details, and they are both focused on user experience.
We keep our ad inventory minimal and avoid any intrusive type of ads.


FM Scout thanks all the fans, authors and readers. We wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for you! Thank you, we sincerely appreciate it.

Thanks to Michael Nygreen for making the original CM / FM Scout tool, which inspired the birth of our website.

Thanks to Eugene Tarabanovsky for his legendary FM Genie Scout tool, and for being a good friend.

Thanks to the good people at Sports Interactive studio for producing Football Manager the past twenty years, especially the community officers since 2005. We are honored and grateful to be recognized as a star affiliate fansite.

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