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Football Manager Retro Databases

A curated list of the classic Football Manager databases. Step into the time machine and relive football history!

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Football Manager Retro Databases
Welcome to the past!

This is an attempt to highlight classic databases, make them more visible to the community. At the same time this is an opportunity for content creators to work together more on such throwback projects.

List made with help from TheFMRetroGamer.

With these retro databases for Football Manager, you can go back in time in certain historic eras and witness legendary footballers in-game. Throwback databases like that can really make you feel the nostalgia.

You have the chance to train and coach all the legends from the beginning of the century, in the best football management simulation game ever.

FM2020 Databases

2006-07 Season Throwback Database for FM20
You can play FM2020 as if you're starting in the 2011-12 season. Go back to that season and make history. 14 playable leagues updated.

4terran's 2011/12 Season Throwback for FM20
Everything in the FM20 database, has been reverted to 2006. All the leagues are as they where back in 2006, with all the teams from back then.

1999-2000 Season Throwback Database for FM20
Take a trip down memory lane with the 1999-2000 database. Play with classic teams, remember old school managers & find wonderkids from yesteryear.

FM2019 Databases

1966-67 Season Throwback Database for FM19
This season in particular has a spot in football history forever. England have just won the World Cup at home and the Scottish team Celtic won the European Cup/Champions League. Some of the best players from around the world, is still remembered as the best of all time in their respective countries.

2003-04 Season Throwback Database for FM19
Everything in the FM19 database, has been reverted to 2003. All the leagues are as they where back in 2003, with all the teams from back then. The players attributes are copied from CM4 (2003/04 season).

FM2018 Databases

1985-86 Season Throwback Database for FM18
This FM 2018 database takes you back to the 1985-86 season. Relive & change history with some of the biggest legends of all time. Some epic teams, managers and players from around the world in the original leagues and teams from 1985/86.

1995-96 Season Throwback Database for FM18
This database takes you back to the 1995-96 season. Relive and change the history with some of the biggest legends of all time.

1997/98 Season for FM18
This is a throwback database for the 1997/98 season. The Database contains more than 10k players from all around the world with tons of wonderkids, even younger players like Messi, Ronaldo, Ronalidnho, Kaka, Tevez and many more are in the database in their original clubs.

FM2017 Databases

FM17 Season Throwback 1981-82
The database covers around 12,000 footballers of that golden era. There are full rosters from first leagues of Austria, Greece, DDR, BRD, France, Italy, England, Yugoslavia, USSR, Roland, Hungary, Belgium, Chechoslovakia, Argentina, Brazil and 70% of Holland, Romania, Switzerland, Portugal, Turkey, Bulgaria, South America teams, and most importantly teams from other countries.

FM2016 Databases

1991 - Peek behind the Iron Curtain
Explore the world as it was in 1991. Whether you'd like to try yourself in one of strongest world leagues such as Soviet Union or Yugoslavia, or competing against those mighty nations on international level.

Football Manager 1991/92
A FM 16 database starting at the beginning of the 1991/92 season. Last updated on November 18th, 2019 (version 6.2).

FM2015 Databases

Retro Database 1992 for FM15
2000 soccer players, many talents as young, The European Cup, UEFA Cup & European Cup Winners Cup have all been brought back. Previous Nations and National Leagues such as Yugoslavia and the USSR have been recreated. Trying to recreate as many club and national sides to the player rosters they had back in the build up to that years world cup.

FM2010 Databases

A remake of season 1995/96 for FM2010
The game will still start in July 2009, but the football world will have been reverted to the season 1995/96. All players and managers are as of 1995: you'll see Newcastle pushing Manchester U for the title, Coventry, Wimbledon and Southampton in the Premiership, Eric Cantona serving his suspension, players like Colin Hendry, Tony Adams, Gary Mabbutt, Dave Watson...
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