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injured players training

Started on 17 January 2011 by iiiioooque
Latest Reply on 18 January 2011 by joannes3000
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when a player gets injured, what should I do? i mean, should i create a training for those players? if so, what would it focus on, physics?

does that training speed up the recovery process of the injury itself, or it just speeds up his ability to play in matches ?

other than physios, what can affect the recovery process/time of an injury ??

help me out people!
I think when your player get injured then he dosen't do training.
i don't think so...

as macdab55 said, when your played is injured he doesn't train...depending on your physios, and the type of injury your player might recover faster or slower...

but when injury icon becomes orange that meens that your player has started to train, so you can tweek his schedule and allow him to play with reserves...but i haven't messed around with that so i can't tell you for sure, but whenever any of my players is injured i wait till he is compleatly recovered and fully fit before i put him in first team, no matter of his role...
i know that when he's red he doesn't train!

i do the same, and wait till he's fullt fit before putting him back in my starting 11, i sometimes bring him has sub. when he is about +80% and i don't have anyone else available!

but i would definitely appreciate that someone could give me some link to (orange) injured players training, and give me some advice on that matter!

but thanks for the help ;)
Players automatically train lightly on their current schedule when they are "orange injured", I don't specifically how much training this is but I know you don't need to worry about creating a special "orange injury" schedule :/
:) ill try not to worry so much!
# _dusan_ :
depending on your physios, and the type of injury your player might recover faster or slower...

Is this true? I thought the only thing a higher physio rating does is give a more accurate estimate of how long an injury will last? If more/better physios really helps cut down on injuries, I'm going to sign another one right now! :)

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