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FM2011 giveaway for old timers

Win a free copy of Football Manager 2011 as a member of
Started on 19 January 2011 by Stam
Latest Reply on 25 January 2011 by micah
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Stam's avatar Administrators Stam
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In case you didn't know, is a gold tier SI affiliate. However, we didn't receive any items for free giveaways, while other fansites did get at least some collectibles and a couple of FM11 copies.

I had to make a request personally to the community officer to send us something for a contest. I was hoping for some collectible that would matter more to FM fans, since most of them would already have bought the latest installment in FM series. He sent me one FM11 DVD copy though.

So I figured only 1 possibility would make sense in this case. Give it to an old timer here rather any random member as part of our effort to reward our old time regulars. Basically, I wish to give this copy to someone who has been a member on for at least 2 years, and has a financial difficulty to buy FM2011.

You can declare your interest on this thread. The final choice will take place during the weekend and the copy should be shipped on Monday.

The candidates to win so far are:
  • _Bole_
  • micah
  • mischievous
good thinking. cheers
me me me :)
Out of interest, do you decide who gets it Stam?
Not only me, the whole team who are part of the FM Scout staff. We'll run an internal vote for it.
When Does This Get Decide Stam?
micah : When Does This Get Decide Stam?

Tomorrow mate :)
Cool Hope I win :P
good one stam

best luck for the candidates with an extra to mischievous!!!
good luck to everyone entering esspecially bole :)
Alright, we have a winner!
The votes have been in favor of Bole, but he suggested I give it to micah. I agreed because I believe he actually needs it more.
So micah, please send me your mail address in a PM and I will ship it to you first thing on Monday.
micah good luck playing it :)

stam i want FM 12 when it comes :P
# Bole_ : micah good luck playing it :)

stam i want FM 12 when it comes :P

Thanks Matee You Deserve The Nextt Onee

Thanks Alot Stam Can't Wait Pmed You

congrats micah, now you can become more active again :)
to be fair just noticed micah wasin the first 10 registered users of fmscout that didn't get deleted in the inactive sweep

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