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How player PERFORMANCE effects development

Players actually develop faster on the bench in the first team rather than on the field?
Started on 2 August 2011 by l3nnart
Latest Reply on 3 August 2011 by Giorgos
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l3nnart's avatar Group l3nnart
12 yearsEdited
I've always been keen to bring in young somkin' guns and giving them loads of space in the first team with tomorrow in mind. And from what I've seen most debates regarding the development have mainly been discussions on weather you should keep your players or send them on loans for the soul purpose of getting minutes played... However, according to what I've observed though out the 40 or so seasons I've played through on FM11, playing well is even more vital than playing a lot... For example I've brought on Luc Castaignos on various saves and noticed something most people oversee as far as I understand. To gain maximum development he of course plays in the first team and doing well. However, if he isn't doing well his attributes will drop regardless of how many minutes he gets. So here's the trick, if you make him 'available for reserves' he'll actually develop faster on the bench in the first team rather than on the field! His far from the only example... But this raises the question on whether I'm doing something strange or if you guys are seeing the same thing?
Evo's avatar Group Evo
12 yearsEdited
I agree with bringing them into the first team early, their development rapidly increases. I'll often sell a key player who is first choice in his position so I can get a promising youngster into the first team and give him a chance to reach his full potential even if the youngster is 1 or 2 seasons development behind the key player. The main benefit comes after a few years when the young player has exceeded the ability of the former key player. This tactic works really well if your a smaller team moving up the leagues.

Also a youngster will often play better than his current ability if there is a great deal of potential left in him.
Well I think you might have missed the point... it was not weather to bring them up or not, more a question of if they'll develop on the field if they don't preform well
This seems like a tricky one, as if they are really young/ not so talented for their age they will not do well in the first team, say if you play in a strong league such as England/Spain, but I always felt that coming off the bench in the last 10 minutes is better than nothing, even if they don't perform well, or sometimes they don't even get a rating for the game.

I generally give youth more time on the field in the cups, as the competition is weaker, so they have a chance to perform better. I am not sure if playing well is needed in order for him to develop faster :/ , as I've had young players having ratings of 6.2/6.3 but their attributes were increasing okay, but still it might be, will keep an eye on this!
well as I said earlier, regarding my example Castaignos, he would have these emesnse goal-draughts even though I played him regulary in the first team, during these periods he would actualy decline as a footballer, but as soon as he started scoring he got back on track with the development as well!
i'm going to go with l3nnart here. i bought eden hazard many times and when he gets a starting 11 position he gets better much faster. if he sits on the bench or if he is in the second team, he develops slower. this feature is also mostly available in real life since is better to train/play with older more experienced players then train/play with players you;re own age and be the best player in a lower league
sun_chris, you are totally missing my point right now! What I'm trying to say is that in my experince players who play alot but don't preform well don't develop either. But if the same guy is dropped to the reserves and plays well in there he will develop better in the reserves than in the first team even if he gets the same amount of playing time, you follow ?
yes, now i follow, but it's not always as you said.some players develope like you're example with castaignons and other develope like hazard. i think there are many factors making a player reach his facilities, coaches, team mates, even his personality. different players, different results
# l3nnart : Well I think you might have missed the point... it was not weather to bring them up or not, more a question of if they'll develop on the field if they don't preform well

Man, this event was really random most players I have played in fm 2011 aged under 20 yo won't get to play consistently and the obvious reason is because they are under development and not reaching their potential or cause they got low current ability! The players performance is not responsible for upgrading their stats or the contrary for more info get the fm guide to get an idea about youth development cause it will take me pages to give you an idea!

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