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Started on 4 December 2007 by Thorpy
Latest Reply on 11 March 2008 by MUFC_4_LIFE
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which teams are available etc?

a bit more info pls, i might join :)

thats a maybe, i play football in reality as well and our pre season will start so dont know how much time i will have now.
thorp.. just ask the rest of the lads.. i don't mind at all if the game is restarted from the beginning or continue with what we have done so far.. =)
welcome back anyway mate..
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Is it too late to join if we haven't been playing in the original game? Let me know.
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I'm still in.
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I think we should start again. This time maybe allowing the game to move forward if 2 players are on at the same time. Rather than waiting :P

Once its configured and setup i will give atleast 2 days notice.

Feel free to pick your teams mind. Arsenal/Chelsea/Man Utd. Not available.

I chose Man City :p
Woohoo! Here we go again..

Sorry folks, Liverpool is occupied! =D

Why ManU, Chelsk, Arsenal are not available? give it a go to everyone mate and see if they can live up board's expectation :wink
How often would we have to go on this? Because I'm also running a game with a friend of mine and might not be able to play both.
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I have dibs on Arsenal if they're involved. I'm shit at the game so it's fair.
im the worst fm player ever.

so let me be at man united with 600 m pounds...

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Is it too late to join whit Fulham?
Ask Thorpy.. he's da man! *lol* I think you need to read the very beginning of this thread to join in i.e. the instructions how to join, what software you need, etc.. it'll be fun..
hey just joined this, been playing footie manager a long time and a lot. is it ok to maybe join the league if it isnt too late?
i emailed thorpy but havent got a reply yet.
how is everyone?
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hey ne 1 started 1 so i can join ive been wantin 2 play online 4 ages can ne 1 help me??
i want to join to everton
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Been working away etc. so no time. BUT, back for a while to get the server going.

The problem with using Man utd, Chelsea and Arsenal is that all the bargains and descent player will go to these teams before other teams.

But, I am thinking! i could create a league with Europes top teams?

4 from England, Spain, Italy and then any others players ask for?

Or we can just stick to English leagues...?

Or we can Have Italian, Spanish, English and other leagues?

Ideas Welcome......

Also: Read up the thread for any Connection questions etc.
Time playing: Through the Day & night whenever... Basically the Game with Force continue When 3 players are playing simultaneously. Your Assistant manager will take over like your on Holiday.... However, When we played last 10am until 1pm was usually most players online sometimes 6 to 8.

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