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Tactics Advice

4-3-3 CWB or no CWB
mwirmm's avatar Group mwirmm 2013-10-29 08:53
00 8 posts joined Oct 29, 2013
I run a 4-3-3 fluid/attacking formation with my Partizan time (the team has a lot of work put into it and is now a solid team). Just wanted to ask you guys if you feel this formation is too vulnerable defensively. I have one BPD Stopper, One CD cover and 2 CWB's in defense. IN the Midfield i use one BWM/D, one AP/S and as an AM I have an enganche.
Left AM set to inside forward/A while my right is a support Winger. My forward is set to complete forward. Any opinions would be appreciated thanks.
RedArmy20's avatar Group RedArmy20 2013-10-29 14:41
se 3013 posts 16 likes joined Dec 22, 2007
well if it's working it's working? lol

but no, i suggest you make sure your DM is more defensive and always there to cover in the defense.
In that formation Positioning is the key, ur WB's and DM really need good positioning to make sure they are quite solid at the back and u let the attack do their jobs. because u wont get too much help from the wingers.
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Kane's avatar Group Kane 2013-10-29 16:05
gb 1562 posts 163 likes joined Jan 10, 2013
Agree with RedArmy, you need a more defense based midfielder. Eventually teams will get used to the tactic if you use the same one all the time, so also try and find little tweaks that could alter your tactic but still work in order to prevent it from happening.

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