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Some questions

Started on 14 February 2009 by Fmpanda
Latest Reply on 21 May 2009 by RedArmy20
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Hi ya, sorry im not all good with this behind the scenes marlarky on games

iv downloaded some facepacks and logo pack for my fm09 and dnt kno how to put them into the game

i downloaded a new skin and installed tht wit no problem using winzip but i dnt kno where to add the pics and logos? so:

1, where do i extract the files too?

2, would these pics and logos wrk on a already saved game or would i have to wait for a new game to begin and because im three seasons in with transfers going everywhere ( meaning i install spurs facepack but bent somewhere else, would tht photo go there?)

sorry if stupid questions

using winzip just extract the files into document/sports interactive/Football manager 2009

That is what i do and it works fine, and yes, referring to your Bent question, it will still work fine.

Also check that you have unchecked 'use skin cache' in preferences in the game for the facepacks/logos to work.

Hope that helps!
hello mate, hope you can help me...ive downloaded a skin, its in the skin folder, ive extracted the data, but when i go to preferences screen and use the skins dropdown menu, all thats there are the default game new skin is nowhere to be seen...the correct boxes are checked/unchecked, im up to date with a 9.3 patch...have i missed something/done something wrong?
any help would be appreciated
you probably havent put the skins in the right place.
ok then, ive put them in the skins folder, so if thats the wrong place, where is the right place?
Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2009\skins

there i would guess? in there you should have skins folders: like "flex" and "flexright" or something. make sure you have folders in the "skins" folder.

shouldnt be a problem
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is there a way to erase the hall of fame?
its buggin me, and cant find a way to delete it?

rhys : is there a way to erase the hall of fame?
its buggin me, and cant find a way to delete it?


well yeh if you uninstall everything remove everything and then reinstall.

i remember before in fm06/07 i had to format my whole harddisk for the hall of fame to be reset.

i think re-installing should do it, as long as you remove all the FM folders from the installation path etc.

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