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The Career of a Rejected Journalist

The adventurous journey of a failed footballer and journalist turned manager.
Started on 2 December 2013 by Kane
Latest Reply on 3 December 2013 by Hibee1875
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Kane's avatar Group Kane
10 yearsEdited

From a young age I had one dream in life - to become a sports journalist. Ever since declaring my love for non-league football, the foundations of the beautiful game, I wanted to write about it, analyse it, be part of it. My career as a footballer stopped at the tender age of 16 due to injuries at a local level. My career as a journalist never really took off, and altogether ended at the rougher age of 25. With not much else to do, I decided a venture into management could work. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

So this is my new story. I wanted to do a story I've never done before. Yet to write about a dedicated non-league save, it's something I have always wanted to do. I am always yet to venture a good few years into a story, and this should allow me to manage longer than I ever have before. I am expecting to start at a Skrill North/South level, but hope to soon develop into Premier League winners!

The Manager

For this I shall be Ryan Griffiths. Made up with no involvement in my life. Although I based some of the storyline on the myself, I will be writing as a fictional character. Born on the 17th October 1988, Ryan is an unknown Englishman hoping to pursue a successful career. A fan of Nottingham Forest, his predominant aim will be to become better than his beloved side, despite being born and raised in Guernsey with Italian heritage.

Next Episode: The Career of a Rejected Journalist
Will be really looking forward to this Kane, always love your stories!
I love Kane stories and I love supernatural
Good luck, will you be trying to stay at one club and take them to the top or will you be open to moves to bigger clubs?
Good luck :)
Of course I will be following!
Sounds like an interesting story. Will be following :)
good luck im excited
TVDLC123: Thank you :)

TK69: I love TK comments? Thanks!

NVDTahir: It all depends on the club and their players. I'll just go with the flow, I suppose.

PompeyBlue: Thank you!

Storrie: Cheers mate :)

Inquisition: So am I! :P
Kane's avatar Group Kane
10 yearsEdited

The Career of a Rejected Journalist

So this is what it had come to? At the age of just 25, the two things I wanted to do in life had slipped out of my grip, and I was clueless with what to do. I had began my optimistic career as a footballer as a 9 year old. I supported Manchester United, then Nottingham Forest. No particular reason as to why for United, not even glory hunting. With minimal knowledge on anything to do with football, I unearthed a sticker book that came free with a newspaper. I decided to turn to a random page.

Being a 9 year old lacking some general intelligence, I went straight to the middle, and found The Red Devils. I thought why not give them a go, they were red, and that 'Ruud van Nistelrooy' fellow looked alright. I soon got bored of them though, and a few years later, fell in love with Nottingham Forest when I began to write about them regularly.

My career progressed, and managing to play for the same club for an extensive 9 years, found I thoroughly enjoyed playing. Nevertheless, my final season before our team disbanded was plagued with injuries, recurring little knocks that dampened performances every week. With my team disbanding after a long 9 years, having played since the creation of our little posse, I felt it was time to give it up.

Then I found my love for writing. I began writing small pieces on players and teams I like. Looking back they were fairly poor, but I vastly improved. I found myself writing match reports for non-league sides, and worked my way up, writing about Skrill, or Blue Square, sides, and even the odd Football League game. However, I couldn't achieve what I wanted, and decided it wasn't the career path for me.

So this is where I am at now. 25 years old, with nothing to do and no income. Any job will do me now. But I wanted to stay in football somehow. I pondered on my times when writing about numerous clubs with little importance to myself. I always wanted to be a football manager at some point in my life, taking to the video game quickly, but never felt I had the talent. Considering I seemed to lack talent in everything, I couldn't do much worse than before. That was it. I was to be, or attempt to be, a football manager.

But who would hire an unemployed manager with no experience in managing, or even coaching. A nutter, that was who. But it seems there are many nutters out there, and one may be willing to take me on.

This is the Career of a Rejected Journalist.

Next Episode: Griffiths Rejects Stockport Offer

Hehehe, good update though Kane, liking it a lot
TCO: Yep, that's Griffiths! Thanks :)

Griffiths Rejects Stockport Offer

With my next drea, set and ready to take off, I got down to the nitty gritty aspect. I had to get my name out there, and get recognised for my positive contributions to the sport, however minimal. I managed to hook up an interview with The Non-League Paper, which helped me dramatically. Thousands of non-league fans across the country would know who I am, and some even recognised me from my short time as a reporter for the paper. It didn't last long, but was enough to ensure I could easily go back and dominate pages 4 and 5 of the paper. Sky Sports News gave me a small mention within their caption area, and many local papers reported on my comeback to football, after a hefty 6 months out!

I was unsure whether the week would help, or just become an utter waste of time. However, it didn't. I said that I would need some nutters to help me along the way. And well, it seems football is full of them. Just a week into my pursue for a managerial position, I was handed my first opportunity. Stockport Country, currently in the Skrill North, approached me and offered me an interview for their vacant role. I didn't even need to stir rumours in the media about interest, they came up to me, obviously desperate. The problem was, I was also desperate, so hastily accepted the job interview.

Much to my surprise, the interview began very well. The chairman and I saw eye to eye very well, and I felt I could have found my new home for the next couple of months. That was until the chairman decided to hand me the sentence that would tell me I'd be out of a job in a month, with all little reputation lost.

With a squad like they currently had, no transfer budget, and a wage budget enough to bring in one player from two leagues below, it was a goal not even the mighty Sir Alex could achieve. I laughed the offer of, and walked out from the interview baffled, leaving the chairman confused to why I had departed. They must have thought I was a fool. I saw the contract they had previously placed on the table I had picked up to read, and ripped it up into 4 evenly sized pieces, before sliding under the door of the chairman. "Classy" I thought to myself.

Thinking that would be the end I'd hear from the Hatters, I was wrong. Just two days later I received a second contract offer from the club.

The wage budget had been increased dramatically, but I still took much pleasure is cautiously inserting the documents into the shredder. Even I wasn't that desperate for a job.

Next Episode: Coming soon
Would be interesting who you take, but if you choose 'you know who', Hayley surely will be an add-on.
Walter's avatar Group Walter
10 yearsEdited
Good luck Kane, if this lasts you could win your second SotM in a row! first story of the month, without a doubt!

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