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PA/ CA and attributes ?

HOW do they correlate?
Started on 18 January 2014 by ceschavoc
Latest Reply on 21 January 2014 by ceschavoc
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I'm an FM newbie and I have a question concerning the theory of the relation between
PA/CA and attributes :

We have TWO identical twins (same pysical abilities, age ; attributes in football and mental ) both with the same PA .ONLY difference is their starting CA in the beginning of the game . PLAYER X1 is 15 away from his PA while PLAYER X2 is 50 away from his PA mind you they both have identical attributes in football, mental and physical.

My theory is that when they both reach their PA (if they are trained well,play a lot and don t get injured) PLAYER X1 will have lower final attributes then PLAYER X2 . Please correct if i' m wrong. THANK YOU FOR at least reading
If they have the same PA ability and are basicly the same in every way bar CA, then they both should hit potential and stay at the same level or thereabouts. I presume
When they both reach their full PA in theory they should both be of the same ability. Ability with both feet takes a alot of CA, you may find that PLAYER XI with higher CA is also good with both feet while the lower CA player will be one footed.
I think I m wrong when saying they will both have the same starting attributes when they have different CAs: The game will lower the abilities of a player with low CA even If you set them up on the editor to be very high.So I guess I m wrong.

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