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GS14g for 14.3

The "g" version of Genie Scout 14 is now compatible with the latest 14.3.0 patch. Available earlier than the public version.
Started on 5 March 2014 by Stam
Latest Reply on 3 July 2014 by rafa_guerra17
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Stam's avatar Administrators Stam
8 yearsEdited
I'm posting this to clarify what's going on with Genie Scout 14 and the latest 14.3.0 patch, because there's some confusion among our users.

Is there a version of GS14 that works with 14.3?
Yes. The new "g" version (also known as ads-free version) was made available 1 day after the 14.3.0 patch was released. Everyone who donated to Eugene for GS14 got access to this version with immediate effect.

Where is the public version for 14.3?
It will arrive a bit later. There's no release date set, but hopefully it will become available sometime during March.

Why the delay with new public version?
For all previous FM14 patches, we were able to release new GS14 versions (both "g" and public) within a day or two. This time Eugene wanted to thank his direct supporters first.

How can I get the new "g" version?
You may donate to Eugene at any time, he will see it and send you "g" version and the needed key-file. He's the only one involved in donations and the delivery of this special version.

What happens after I donate?
Once your donation is completed successfully, you will receive your 2 emails. The 1st email will arrive almost instantly and will include a download link for the "g" version. The 2nd email will arrive within a few hours (or sooner) and will include your personal key-file. The key file is necessary to activate the "g" version.

I donated but I haven't received an email yet!
Allow for a few hours after donation to receive the 2nd email with the key-file. If more than 1 day passes and you still haven't received anything, please check your spam/junk folder (and your promotions tab if you're using Gmail). There's a good chance you already have the email and you didn't notice.
If you're still having trouble, please email Eugene directly at: genie @ fmscout . com

I'm a GS14g owner already but I can't get this new version.
Every time a new "g" version becomes available, Eugene sends out an email to all GS14g owners that includes direct download link. But if for some reason you haven't received that email, you can use the "check for new version" option from within the app.

Where to find my Unique ID?
- Open GS14 (or GS13, or GS12, or even GS11)
- Click on the round button with the letters "GS" at the top left corner
- A menu will appear below the symbol. Move cursor over "Help and Support"
- A second menu will appear to the right of the previous menu.
- Click on "Donate" (icon is money in an envelope).
- A pop up box will appear in the middle of the screen.
- Your Unique ID is in a box at the bottom right of the pop up.
You will see something like this: "Unique ID: XX-XXXX-XXXX"
i already donate to g. how can i download the new versiyon for 14.3?
2014-03-06 18:50#164170 obdormul : i already donate to g. how can i download the new versiyon for 14.3?

Same here. I downloaded 2 days ago and got nothing. I also sent a mail asking about this, but haven't gotten any response thee either?

Where is this link?
Hi there Stam.
I already donated and i already receive the g version email with the link. However, when i open the new version, the values (age, rating, and other values) are all wrong and dif from what they should be.
Can you send me another key file to get this fixed?

I can't find my Unique ID as well, I also tried by clicking on the load button to get the donation screen where it meant to say in small little box right hand bottom but I don't get that anymore.

is there another way to get that Unique ID? plz
I have already answered all possible questions in the first post of this topic. Please read them carefully before asking the same questions over and over. :)

I downloaded 2 days ago and got nothing.
What exactly did you download and got nothing? That doesn't make any sense to me. :(

when i open the new version, the values (age, rating, and other values) are all wrong... Can you send me another key file to get this fixed?
Did you really receive the 2nd email with the key-file? It can take up to 24 hours until you receive that. Without a key-file, all values will appear wrong. And no I can't send you a key-file, only Eugene is involved with donations and the delivery of the "g" version. If you have a problem with your donation or your key-file, I have provided the his email address in the first post.

I can't find my Unique ID
I've added instructions for that (yet again) in the first post. It's not that hard? ;)
Ok. Thanks stam. And yes, i received the keyfile e-mail. The first updates worked fine, but the last two didnt. ill send an email to Eugene.
Thanks for the reply tough.

The first updates worked fine, but the last two didnt.
Perhaps you formatted/re-installed OS or changed your computer before the last 2 updates? I can't think of another reason why this happened, the only explanation is the change of Unique ID.
BrunoDias82's avatar Group BrunoDias82
8 yearsEdited
well, i dont remeber doing anything like that. its changed when the last version came out.. when genie was uptaded, it stoped working. already sent email to Eugene. hope he can figure that out...:)

well without the key file genie doesnt work. in my case is dif. it works but the everyhting is messed up. ratings are lower, nationalities are mixed up, ages also...everything is diferente...
well without the key file genie doesnt work
That's not true. Without a key file (or with a wrong key file) the program works, but it shows incorrect data.
humm...yes ur right. ive just tested it with and witout the key file. its the same thing. its not recognising the key file...even when i have the key file in it, it shows me the same odd values...
eyvallah aga sağolasın ciğerim :D :D
how can i receive a new key file?
Sorry... I meant to say that I donated! ...not downloaded..

I have yet to receive a mail with confirmation and link?

[email protected]
I have yet to receive a mail with confirmation and link?
[email protected]
I just asked Eugene and he says he didn't receive any donation from that email address. Are you this is the one you've used to donate?
Make sure to check your spam/junk folder in case the email is already there.

how can i receive a new key file?
Send Eugene an email with your new Unique ID and explaining what happened. I've provided his email address on this topic and on the other one you started.

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