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¡¡Vamos Azules,Vamos Getafe, Vamos Contigo!!

A Getafe CF Story
Started on 20 March 2014 by Catalin Cincu
Latest Reply on 25 March 2014 by uni3s
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Luis Garcia sacked by Getafe. Who will be the next boss on Coliseum Alfonso Perez?

Madrid, 1st June, 2013. Luis Garcia, the man who managed Getafe in the past two season, was relieved of his duties. The announcement was made by the club’s chairman, Angel Torres, during a press conference. “Luis Garcia is no longer the manager of Getafe. It was a hard decision for both parts, but I think it’s the best thing for the club right now”, said Torres.
The dismissal of Luis Garcia is a surprising one, considering the fact that the Spanish manager lead the team to the 11th spot in Primera, during the season 2011-2012, and one place higher in the last campaign.

But while the “episode” Luis Garcia is history now, everybody is answering who’s gonna take Getafe’s hot seat. Angel Torres gave the press some hints: “I can only tell you that we’re talking with a guy who had a previous experience at Getafe. But I won’t tell you if he played for us or managed the team before”.

The editors of MARCA are already making bets regarding the next manager and they have chosen four possible picks.

Bernd Schuster (53). The former Barcelona player was one of the greatest managers that Getafe had in the last decade. He spent two years on the bench of Azulones, between 2005 and 2007, and has helped the club to achieve their best performance ever, by that time: the 9th place in La Liga in 2005-06. The performance was repeated in the next season, when the team also achieved the final of Copa del Rey and secured the entry in the 2007-08 UEFA cup. Schuster is currently unemployed, after his last job was on the bench of Be?ikta? Istanbul.

Michel (50). If Bernd Schuster opened Getafe’s road to glory, Michel was the one who lead the team to the 6th place in Primera, in 2009-10. The former Real Madrid player was appointed as Azulones’ manager in April 2009 and ended his adventure after the season 2010-11, after finishing on 16th spot. Michel is unemployed too, after he coached Sevilla between February 2012 and January 2013.

Fabio Celestini (37). Celestini is the first ex-Getafe player proposed by MARCA to be appointed as the club’s new manager. The former midfielder was never an undisputed starter on Coliseum Alfonso Perez, but he managed to play in 121 matches, between 2005 and 2010. He also played for the team in the quater finals of UEFA Cup, in 2008. He retired as a footballer in 2010, but he has already expressed his interest to return to the sport he loves as a manager and Getafe might be his first team to start.

Cosmin Contra (37). Cosmin Contra was also a great player for Getafe. The Romanian spent his first season on Coliseum Alfonso Perez in 2005-06, loaned from Atletico Madrid. He was transfered by the Azulones the next season and spent his time in the blue shirt until 2010. He retired as a footballer in 2011, after he played for Politehnica Timi?oara. He also was Timi?oara’s head coach in the season 2010-11. After a short spell on the bench of Fuenlabrada, he returned in Romania. Since last season, he is the manager of Petrolul, a team that he qualified for Europa League. Will he give up the European matches for the bench of Getafe?

Cosmin Contra returns to Getafe!
Madrid, 6th June 2013. Cosmin Contra is the new manager of Getafe CF. The former Romanian player left his job at Petrolul, the team he lead to the 3rd spot in last season of Romania’s Liga I. Basically, Contra gave up the chance to take the “Yellow Wolves” in Europa League this season just to came back on Coliseum Alfonso Perez, the place where his spent football career between 2005 and 2010.
I am delighted to be back in Getafe’s family. It’s a dream come true for me. I’m looking forward to the first matches and I will try to do my best for this club. I want to thank Mr. Torres for giving me the chance to coach in Primera Division and I promise I won’t disappoint him”, said Contra at the press conference.

Speaking about the players, the new Getafe coach said: “I know almost all of them, because we played in the same team. Together, we can bring the glory days back here. I will try to motivate them and I think the performances in the first matches will shape that”.

Cosmin also mentioned that he “borrowed” some experience from the managers that coached him in the past: “I’ve worked with some of the greatest coaches: Ancelotti, Terim, Aragones, Schuster, Laudrup. I learned many things from them”.

Contra will work at Getafe with Lauren?iu Ro?u, the man who was his assistant manager at Petrolul. Ro?u is familiar with the Spanish football, since he played between 2000 and 2009 in Spain (Numancia, Recreativo Huelva, Cadiz).

The former Getafe defender said that the team can achieve a top-half finish at the end of 2013-14 season. Even with high ambitions, the club will began the transfer window with no money for transfers and only € 2,000,000 left in the payroll. Now, club is spending €20,847,472 per year on salaries.

Contra will make his debut on Getafe’s bench on 23rd July in a friendly match against Olympique Lyonnais.

MARCA QUESTION: Will Cosmin Contra take Getafe higher then Luis Garcia did?
Catalin Cincu's avatar Group Catalin Cincu
9 yearsEdited

A look at Getafe CF squad

Madrid, 9th June. Marca has received the notes of Laurențiu Roșu (Getafe CF's assistant manager) regarding the club's players. According to Marca, the notes were sent yesterday to Cosmin Contra, Azules' new manager.


Miguel Angel Moya is the first pick when it comes to Getafe’s goalkeepers. The Spanish footballer is 29 years old and was the first choice on Coliseum Alfonso Perez in the last two seasons.

Value: € 3,4 M; Wage: € 2,1 M per year; Stars: 3/5

Julio Cesar might be a good replacement for Moya in Cup matches. He is 26 years old and he has a small wage, so he could catch a few seasons as the 2nd goalkeeper of the club.

Value: € 1,5 M; Wage: € 350 K per year; Stars: 2,5/5

Jordi Cordina is also a good replacement and he might as well be in the first line-up a couple times. At 31 years old, he is experienced and has the best aerial ability in the team (16).

Value: € 1,3 M; Wage: € 500 K per year; Stars: 2,5/5

Left backs

Roberto Lago is begining his first season at Coliseum Alfonso Perez. The Spanish

footballer is 27 years old, but he comes after 34 matches played in Primera Division in 2012-13, for Celta Vigo. He was an undisputed starter at Celta even in the 2nd division, between 2007 and 2012. He works well in the team and has good stamina (16).

Value: € 1,4 M; Wage: € 350 K per year; Stars: 2,5/5

Sergio Escudero might be Contra’s first choice as a Left Back. He played only 9 matches and scored one goal for Getafe last season, when he was loaned from Schalke 04, but now he was bought by the Azules. He’s only 23 years old and his main ability is the acceleration.

Value: € 1,5 M; Wage: € 425 K per year; Stars: 3/5

Central defenders

Alexis should play a full season in 2013-14. The former Valencia player spent his last two seasons at Getafe, but only played 38 matches (and scored 4 goals). This time, Alexis seems like an undisputed starter in Contra’s team and the future looks bright for him, as he’s only 27 years old.

Value: € 3,8 M; Wage: € 650 K per year; Stars: 3/5

Lisandro Ezequiel Lopez in another top player for Getafe’s defence. He’s young, but strong and one of his main qualities is that he can score easily with the head. At only 23 years old, he already played 4 matches in Argentina’s first team. Sadly, he is loaned from Sporting Lisbon and he could go back to Portugal after this season.

Value: € 3,8 M; Wage: € 375 K per year; Stars: 3,5/5

Rafa should be Contra’s solution if one of the two central defenders mentioned before is injured. The 28 year old Spanish footballer is at Getafe since 2008, but hasn’t played more than 27 matches in a season. He can also be used as a defensive midfielder.

Value: € 2,1 M; Wage: € 525 K per year; Stars: 2,5/5

Alberto Lopo will, probably, be Contra’s last pick when it comes about central defenders. He is 33 years old and he was a crucial player for Deportivo and Espanyol in the past. He arrived at Getafe in 2011 and he is currently the highest paid central defender in the team. This might be a good reason for Contra to get rid of him.

Value: € 220 K; Wage: € 1 M per year; Stars: 2,5/5

Right Defenders

Juan Valera is the only right back that Getafe has. He is 28 years old and he’s spending his 3rd season at Coliseum Alfonso Perez, after he already played 60 league matches for the club. He filled with succes the empty space left behind by Contra, after he leaved the club in 2010.

Value: € 3,4 M; Wage: € 825 K per year; Stars: 3/5

Defensive Midfielders

Borja is the oldest defensive midfielder at Getafe. At 32 years old, he plays on a position which Contra might not use, even he is not a bad footballer. Last season, he played 16 matches for the club, but this time he could find his way out.

Value: € 215 K; Wage: € 425 K per year; Stars: 2,5/5

Juan Rodriguez is the other ”pure” defensive midfielder on Coliseum Alfonso Perez. He is 31 years old and he only played 25 matches for Getafe, in two seasons. He could be transfered soon.

Value: € 550 K; Wage: € 600 K per year; Stars: 2,5/5

Central Midfielders

Mehdi Lacen. At 29 years old, the Algerian is starting his 6th consecutive Primera Division season. He is a quality player for Getafe, considering his great stamina, work rate, natural fitness, bravery and teamwork (all above 17) and should be Contra’s first pick in the middle.

Value: € 1,8 M; Wage: € 650 K per year; Stars: 2,5/5

Michel might be Lacen’s partner in the middle of the field, if Contra chooses to play with two CMs. At 27 years old, he gained some experience in English Premier League, Greek Superleague and in Primera Division, of course!

Value: € 2,3 M; Wage: € 475 K per year; Stars: 2,5/5

Pedro Mosquera is a product of Real Madrid’s football academy, but he doesn’t have the quality to be an undisputed starter in Cosmin Contra’s team. A decent replacement for Michel or Lacen.
Value: € 675 K; Wage: € 300 K per year; Stars: 2/5

(Attacking) Left Midfielders

Diego Castro is one of the real stars at Getafe. The Spanish footballer is 30 years old, and he’s a native dribbler. Other two main qualities are his agility and acceleration. He scored 14 goals for Getafe in the last 2 Primera Division seasons, playing in 65 matches.

Value: € 2,6 M; Wage: € 400 K per year; Stars: 4/5

Jaime Gavilan plays for Getafe since 2007 and he’s also a key player for the team. He’s two years younger than Castro and he’s also a high profile footballer. It’s gonna be hard for Cosmin Contra to choose the first AML of the team.

Value: € 2,8 M; Wage: € 700 K per year; Stars: 3,5/5

Pablo Sarabia is Contra’s gem. Even if Castro and Gavilan are mature players and might play more this season, the young Sarabia (21) will start in some matches, for sure. He is at the third season for Getafe, and he played 31 matches before and he can be used as AMC, MC or AMR as well.

Value: € 2,4 M; Wage: € 425 K per year; Stars: 4/5

(Attacking) Right Midfielders

Perdo Leon is probably the most important player at Coliseum Alfonso Perez. He passes very well, he’s creative and technical. Plus, the fact that Real Madrid bought him for € 9,25 M in 2010 says all about him. Definetly the starting AMR for Contra!

Value: € 6 M; Wage: € 3 M; Stars: 4/5

Angel Lafita will spend his 2nd season at Getafe, but if Leon will remain at the team, he might not start in too many matches. He’s a good player, and he’s not old (he’s 28 years old), but he’s definitely under Pedro Leon’s quality.

Value: € 4,6 M; Wage: € 900 K; Stars: 3,5/5


Adrian Colunga is one of the club’s two strikers. He didn’t scored a lot last season (6 goals in 22 matches), but this time he has the chance to show his real talent. He’s not a world class attacker, but he can do a good job for Contra’s team.

Value: € 3 M; Wage: € 1,2 M; Stars: 3/5

Miku is the other striker at Getafe. Even his finishing is a little bit higher then Colunga’s (15, comparing to 14), the Venezuelan has never scored more than 12 goals in Primera, in his three seasons spent at Getafe.

Value: € 3,8 M; Wage: € 1 M; Stars: 2,5/5

Taking a look at the team, Cosmin Contra has stated that he needs:
One Right Back (Solutions: Anthony Reveillere, Patrick Owomoyela)
One Central Defender (Solutions: William Gallas, Manuel Friedrich, Javier Paredes, Wilfred Bouma)
One Central Midfielder (Solutions: Issa Ba, Papa Bouba Diop)
One Attacking Midfielder– Central (Solution: Yossi Benayoun)
One Striker (Solutions: Ciprian Marica, Marko Pantelic, Ivan Klasnic)

Any suggestions?
Great start.. You might want to consider Vellios from Everton on a loan spell. 18 goals in 22 Premier League matches for my Blackpool side.
Great one mate :) Good luck

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