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What's the furthest you've gone?

Started on 29 April 2009 by siebdykstra
Latest Reply on 18 April 2013 by Blue
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Just wondering how far anyone has played a single game of FM09? I'm currently in 2017/18 with Sheff Wed. I started with Arsenal, who sacked me after less than a season despite being 3rd in prem and in champs league final. I then took the job at Stevenage, taking them to league 1 before I resigned because they sold my best player for 300k without my say so.

Took over Sheff Wed in 2014/15 at the bottom of Championship, survived, promoted next season and currently top of prem by 4 points with 4 games left.

Most of my players are regens, which I think makes it more difficult cos no one can spot them for you, but I love the challenge!

Incidentaly I once played a single game of 03/04 to 2028, where at Man City I had David Beckham as my assistant and Wayne Roony as a scout.

Any stories?
ehm i don't think i have plyaed more than 2-3 seasons, surprise suprise.

but i have a few saved games though. some games i had to put more time in, and when i started playing FM i took too much time watching the 3D match before i started to dislike it.
6-7 seasons max for me usually although I got to 2016 on 06
4 seasons is the longest for me, and that is unusual.

i get bored really easy. and play a team and think. ohh they would be good to play as if i sign these players etc. so i start new ones all the time.

i really do not know how you can play for that long on same save
i went in 2015 with city ,,, i took all cups ... but bored.. finaly i got messi ... but he was ussless :( walcot ftw :D and i stoped... now again with city , but i left city to go chelsea :D now i am in 2010 and chelsea was 6th.... i took it ... and i aim at uefa cup and challege the premier ship ;) i hope i wil
I dont usually get past 2 or 3 seasons on fm09 its just not addictive whereas on fm08 i did 7 or 8 seasons with several different games.
2012 and counting with Newport County. It will probably be another 5 or 6 seasons before we get to the Premier League, and that's if we get promoted this season...
i never even finish a season anymore- my record on 09 is halfway through the 09/10 season.
I usually get bored after 4 seasons and fancy a different challenge!
Same as RedDevil.
Just gets boring after a while....
joannes3000 : 2012 and counting with Newport County. It will probably be another 5 or 6 seasons before we get to the Premier League, and that's if we get promoted this season...

wat league u in now?
good luck! :) :zito :beer
1 1/2 season max... fm 08 was more addicting

have 9 save games currently:)
i'm in 2028 with fc basel.they built an arena with my name, what more i can ask?
Hmm im Glasgow Rangers currently in 4th season have an awesome team but cant make my mark in europe best ive done is quarters of uefa cup fancy a new challenge but both Valencia and Roma have offered me job and ive rebuffed this is one of the longest games ive had and would fancy starting again with a different team but cannot walk away just yet i was in the same posistion as a lot of you after 1-2 seasons i got a little bored players that are currently shit hot get old and playing with regens aint the same but if you can get past that and go your absoulote favourite team and push to make them the best it is so much better than going a side for 1-2 years then changing game id recomend everyone who is currently struggling to enjoy the game go your fav team and stay there during the rough and the smooth low low low moments and dizzing highs follow
but my fav team is man utd. so it is too easy.

i started my second team burnley, but then went on to try winning the champ league with sporting lisbon.

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