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It just never works..???...!!!!!

Started on 23 April 2014 by tim cooke
Latest Reply on 28 April 2014 by tim cooke
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Had fm14 since xmas and its never worked..!! Iv had fm10,11,12,13 and never had a problem on my laptop. It loads fine, spend a week sorting training, pick my team for the first friendly then as the teams are warming up......BLANK...Nothing... Had my computer looked at, fixed some missing drives, works straight away in my missuss laptop, no probs, straight into the match. Dont know what to do apart from hurling the disc out of the f%$king window..HELP>>>>>!!!!!!!!!!!!
Charm the missuss and play on hers :)

Im no pc expert but probably a memory or graphics card problem ,check disc requirements against what your pc has if you haven't already should point you in the right direction ...what specs does Missuss have compared to yours...
Iv got direct x 11 card, it says it requires direct x 9...but noticed I have an intel pentium duel-core 1.8ghz, on the box it says intel pentium 4 but, 1.6 ghz. is my laptop just to old. its about 6 years old. I guess all the other versions were not as detailed...?? may be. MY missus laptop is about 3 month old hp.
Your laptop definitely too old I reckon ,6 years ,for it to be able to play this game now 6 years ago you would have had to purchase 1 of the top of the range pc's ....happened to me to ,pc played fm 2009-to 2013 and than bang couldn't play the next 1....know the feeling,at least u got the missus charm her to swap if she doesn't need hers for high end stuff and cause FM is really important for you to play lol
Got it working in the end...!! I know u said it is was not fast enough to run fm14, so I decided to try and switch the match engine off (3d). Went to preferences and match graphics, theres a tick box that say "run game at best my computer can manage". switched to just stats veiw and it works....!!! try it.

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