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When The Oil Runs Dry: Man City to Skrill

Started on 15 May 2014 by sa3vat3
Latest Reply on 15 May 2014 by sa3vat3
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G'day guys first post here. I've been a Manchester City fan since before the cash came and have always felt like I was missing out on that extra aspect in LLM of being able to use a team close to my heart, as opposed to choosing one at random, to personally take to glory! So with a vague story of the Abu Dhabi Group abandoning us and the team subsequently falling into decline, I decided to create the scenario.

I haven't really seen this done before apart from simple swaps. It's not overly exciting and it's still pretty basic, but this wasn't just a matter of changing the reputation and moving them to Skrill, so I thought I would give a bit of detail of what I have done and maybe throw it open to requests if people would be interested in a similar database with other teams.

The decline was slow at first as money got tight and big names started leaving, which slowly ground away at their reputation in the footballing world. Cheap, rushed signings to fill the gaps never really integrated into the team and a long downward spiral of continual relegation was cemented.

I have swapped City with a team predicted for promotion, in each tier, leapfrogging the way to the bottom. This was to maintain some realism instead of a straight swap. Reputation and finances have been put at around the level of the top 3 teams in the lowest tier. The entire squad and staff have been replaced with similarly reputable counterparts as it has been several years and the team has dwindled its way down.

EDIT: 'similarly reputable' as in, to their new reputation.

A lack of funds caused the termination of the lease contract at the Etihad, and as such City have had to move into more modest facilities across the board, including their training ground and youth setup.

Pretty much everything has been bought in line with top Skrill North teams, to provide a fair, but solid, start. Billion dollar loans removed, ticket prices, sponsor deals, UCL qual removed (from qualifying in 2013 in game), etc.

I contemplated putting in fake results over the years in each league on their way down and make the game start in 2020 or whatever it would be, but then every other team on the planet would have the same roster etc in 2020, as they do now. Along with half a decade of nonexistent results. So I've left it as 2013 start and you'll just have to use your imagination.

If anyone is interested or can think of anything else they would like changed etc, let me know! It has been really fun playing an LLM save with a team that I know and love, and having the pressure of returning them to worldwide reputation and the top of the league. I'm currently fighting for promotion in the Championship and it's been a difficult but rewarding journey!

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