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[FM13] 2014 World Cup Sim- All in One Rhythm

Started on 1 June 2014 by Feliks
Latest Reply on 15 June 2014 by squirmy420
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I'm actually really enjoying this, it's nice to see all of the perspectives, great idea.

Chapter 4- Done my duty
My country was brought up on heroes. To others, we seem mad, violent, unstable. Even I daren’t go back. But to the people I am a hero, and I am revered no matter where I reside. I came to the World Cup alone, surrounded by hostility, but I played. We played badly, it was not the best tournament. But I made my mark, kicked my 2 goals, received my letter from the leader of my nation and it was done. Now, I want to move to Europe. My affiliation with my nation is done, I have done my duty. I will always be a hero.

very good :)

Chapter 5- Both sides of the coin
Boredom can be a killer in football, and it wreck havoc on us. In goals, I conceded 2 but at the other end we scored 2. For a team of our calibre, under a manager of such calibre, it was frankly disappointing. For me, it was fun. I got a month off and barely broke a sweat we were that good in defence. But for the team, for our nation, it was simply boring and next time we will be hungry for more.

I hate Russia so lol and enjoying this set out a lot.
@bosola- this entire cup is interesting!

@cfc- thanks, it means a lot

Chapter 6- Dour in defence
I see Russia complaining about lack of goals, and I laugh. I see Igor Akinfeev bask in the fact he conceded only 2 goals, and I laugh even harder. They want to whinge about not scoring enough goals, we didn’t score a goal! It was disgusting. I go out to play attacking football and they can’t even muster a clear cut chance. The opposition shut us down every time, and although we did as well we conceded 1 goal which was the difference between qualification or not. Surprised I stayed on, actually.

Chapter 7- Obscurity
We were shrouded in obscurity. Personally, I reckon we had it in us to go further but no, the football gods gave us a group of death and we pack our bags back to our homeland having lost all 3 games. And conceded the second most goals. But not to worry, for we will be back for more! Africa has always thrown up a dark horse and come 4 years time we will be up there with the best, mark my words.

Chapter 8- The Raspberries
It’s like the World Cup’s Golden Razzies. In a FIFA poll, I was voted the Worst Player of the World Cup. Some ‘fans’ even sent me a little trophy to commemorate. In a few years time, I will laugh about this but now I am angry. We topped our Euro Quals group, we stopped Belgium from getting here. But the World Cup was an entirely different matter and we couldn’t even defeat Canada. If I wasn’t picked in the squad, I might have been forgotten. But now, I will be remembered as the worst player of the 2014 World Cup.

This is a brilliant idea and I'm glad I took the time out to read it all. Very unique style and individual outlook on an FM Story. Fantastic Degsy mate.
Very interesting approach, I am enjoying the updates.
@fm hunter- Thankyou very much for your kind words, and for reading this entire story!

@Griffo- I am happy you are enjoying this as much as I write it!
Really Quirky and unique idea well done

Chapter 9- The Minnow Killers
Everyone remembers a giant killer. Especially at the World Cup. Immediately springing to my mind is the North Korean team of '66, who almost beat Portugal and did beat Italy. Croatia, the 3rd placed team in 1998. And the duo of South Korea and Turkey, the semi finalists from 2002. But no one remembers a minnow killer. Thats all we were, beating Morocco 4-0 and losing to good teams. It may have been a group of death, but we had just as much chances as anyone else to advance. We even got a better goal difference then 2nd placed, buts that just because we're a minnow killer. No one will remember us.

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