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FM Scout FC -The Sign Up

Started on 17 June 2014 by No1VillaFan
Latest Reply on 18 June 2014 by NVDTahir
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There have been many attempts at FM Scout FC, which has all failed so I am going to do it. This is the sign up thread, I am looking for atleast 25 players, but me and Niko (Justice) will see how many we get.

The thing with me is you know that the story will run because I only run stories that I am going to stick too so happy signing up. Please do not all try and be strikers, we need a broad range of positions.

nationality (Any Nationality is OK)
position (1 main, 2 other)
5 technical attributes
5 mental attributes
3 physical attributes
2 Preferred Player Moves
Name: Jésús Wagner
Nationality: Brazilian/English
DOB: 25/12/1997
Position (1 main, 2 other): AMC - AMR/AML
Foot: Right
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 70 kg
5 technical attributes: Dribbling, First Touch, Long Shots, Passing, Technique
5 mental attributes: Creativity, Determination, Flair, Off The Ball, Teamwork
3 physical attributes: Acceleration, Pace, Stamina
2 Preferred Player Moves: Places Shots, Tries Killer Balls Often
basham97's avatar Group basham97
8 yearsEdited
Name - Louis Basham
Nationality (Any Nationality is OK) - English
DOB - 12/12/97
Position (1 main, 2 other) - AMC (main), AMR, ST
Foot - Right
Height - 180
Weight - 80kg
5 Technical attributes - Passing, Technique, First Touch, Long Shots, Free Kicks
5 Mental attributes - Creativity, Flair, Composure, Team Work, Off The Ball
3 Physical attributes - Stamina, Strength, Pace
2 Preferred Player Moves - Hits Free Kicks with Power, Places Shots
We are going to need defenders and Defensive midfielders too just so you all know :)
Name: Josh Slater
Nationality (Any Nationality is OK): English
DOB: 07/07/1998
Position (1 main, 2 other): RB, CDM, CM.
Foot: Right.
Height: 180 cm.
Weight: 78kg
5 technical attributes: Tackling, Passing, Dribbling, Crossing, Technique.
5 mental attributes: Work Rate, Off The Ball, Teamwork, Determination, Decisions.
3 physical attributes: Acceleration, Pace, Strength.
2 Preferred Player Moves: Gets Forward Whenever Possible, Plays One-Two's.
Name Nicolas Raven
Nationality Frech / English
DOB 9/5/1997
Position LB / RB
Foot Left
Height 179 cm
Weight 63 kg
5 technical attributes Crossing, Dribbling, Marking, Tackling, Technique
5 mental attributes Decisions, Determination, Positioning, Teamwork, Work Rate
3 physical attributes Acceleration, Pace, Stamina
2 Preferred Player Moves Hugs line, Gets Forward Whenever Possible
Tallery's avatar Group Tallery
8 yearsEdited
name: Rafael der Silva
nationality (Any Nationality is OK): Suriname
DOB: 7/1/92
position (1 main, 2 other)AML/AMR/CAM
foot: Right
height: 178
weight: 67
5 technical attributes: Passing, Crossing, Dribbling, Finishing, Long Shots
5 mental attributes: Composure, Anticipation, Creativity, Decisions, Off the Ball
3 physical attributes: Pace, Stamina, Acceleration
2 Preferred Player Moves: Get forward whenever possible, Cuts Inside
name Eoin Ó Raghailligh
nationality (Any Nationality is OK)Colombia/Brazil/Ireland
DOB 26/06/00
position (1 main, 2 other)STC/AMC/MC
foot Right
height 157cm
weight 55kg
5 technical attributes First Touch, Acceleration, Finishing, Dribbling, Technique
5 mental attributes Flair, Determination, Work rate, Aggression, Composure
3 physical attributes Pace, Acceleration, Stamina
2 Preferred Player Move Tries To Beat offside trap, Places Shots
name - Justin Casanova-Davis
nationality - Spanish/American (I declare for the US National Team)
DOB - 6/2/1992
position (1 main, 2 other) - CM/CAM/CDM
foot - Right
height - 6'2
weight 190 lbs
5 technical attributes - Long Shots, Passing, Finishing, Technique, Penalty Taking
5 mental attributes - Composure, Creativity, Flair, Off the Ball, Positioning
3 physical attributes - Strength, Pace, Stamina
2 Preferred Player Moves - Gets Forward Whenever Possible, Dictates Tempo
name Danny Cutie
nationality (Any Nationality is OK) Wales
DOB 7th December
position (1 main, 2 other) DM, MC,DC
foot Right
height 186
weight 75
5 technical attributes Tackling, Marking, Passing, Heading, first touch
5 mental attributes Creativity, Anticipation, Composure, Determination, Decisions
3 physical attributes Jumping, Stamina, Strength
2 Preferred Player Moves Tries Killer balls Often, Dictates Tempo
Name: Kyle Erdos
Nationality: French/English
DOB: 13/05/97
Position: AMR (main), CM, AML
Foot: Right/left
Height: 169
Weight: 61kg
5 Technical attributes: Dribbling,Technique,Finishing,Long Shots,Free Kick Taking
5 Mental attributes: Determination,Creativity,Decisions,Team Work,Anticipation
3 Physical attributes: Agility,Acceleration,Pace
2 Preferred Player Moves: Gets forward whenever possible, Places Shots
name - Tata Youre
nationality (Any Nationality is OK)- Ivorian
DOB- May 13th
position (1 main, 2 other)- CM, CDM, CAM
foot- Right
height- 191 cm
weight- 90 kg
5 technical attributes- Heading, Marking, Passing, Tackling, First Touch
5 mental attributes- Teamwork, Workrate, Anticipation, Off the Ball, Positioning
3 physical attributes- Strenght, Stamina, Balance
2 Preferred Player Moves- Gets Forward Whenever Possible, Places Shots
Name: Jeremy Pauker
Nationality (Any Nationality is OK): English/Italian
DOB: 05/02/1998
Position (1 main, 2 other):GK, CB & CDM
Foot: Right.
Height: 193 cm.
Weight: 87kg
5 technical attributes: Aerial Ability, Handling, One on Ones, Reflexes, Communication.
5 mental attributes: Concentration, Decisions, Determination, Anticipation, Composure.
3 physical attributes: Agility, Balance, Jumping Reach.
2 Preferred Player Moves: Is there any PPM for GK's? If so, just randomly put two, but I don't think there is any.
Name:Pierre Espimas
Nationality (Any Nationality is OK):French
DOB:May 4th
position (1 main, 2 other):ML,WBL,DL
5 technical attributes:Shot Power,Long Shots,Crossing,Corners,Dribbling
5 mental attributes:Teamwork,Determination,Off The Ball,Leadership,Workrate
3 physical attributes:Pace,Strength,Stamina
2 Preferred Player Moves:Cuts Inside,Shoots With Power
Name: Jack Lister
Nationality: English
DOB: November 3rd 1997
Position: CB, CDM, CM
Foot: Right
Height: 200cm
Weight: 100kg
5 Technical: Tackling, Marking, Passing, Heading, Technique
5 Mental: Composure, Positioning, Determination, Decisions, Creativity
3 Physical: Jumping reach, Pace, Strength
2 Preferred player moves: Tries long range passes, Dives into tackles

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