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U.S.A: 100 years later

Started on 22 June 2014 by JasonRM
Latest Reply on 27 June 2014 by squirmy420
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The date was July 6th, 2106, and I was standing on the 2 train, headed back to my apartment on West 90th. The train was deathly quiet. I was on my way back from the U.S.- Italy viewing at Times Square. The match was a World Cup Round of 16 match and for the new generation of U.S. players, it was a way to make a stand to the rest of the world, to tell the World that the U.S. team was finally ready to make it on the global stage. 100 years ago, in 2013, we were viewed as an upcoming country in the world of football. Now, after failing to progress past the quarterfinals since then, we were viewed as a team spiraling downwards towards irrelevance. The game against Italy was supposed to change that. Instead, we were beaten down by the Azzurri. The team with the most World Cups ever at 7 completely dominated our domestic based roster. The new generation was crushed, 3-1. The game started so perfectly too. Emanuel Sacomani scored a screamer in the 16th minute. But from then on, it was all Italy. Jacopo Camillo Caglioni, a young forward at Padova, came on at half time and scored a spectacular hat trick to win Italy the match. The train full of people were there to witness what was supposed to be history, but instead was another failure in the history of United States Football. Like always, they came home disappointed. At that point in time, I was attending the Tri-State School of Football Management, an institution created in 2037 to help aspiring managers make their way into the MLS. In 2108, I was offered the Toronto FC job after finishing top of my class there. My move to Canada was a good appointment. I turned them from bottom feeders to Eastern Conference champs in just 6 years. Unfortunately, the U.S. did not take part in the 2110 China World Cup. It was disappointing for all Football fans here, but it wasn't my job to be concerned then. Now, it is. When Julen Sanz, a Spaniard, was fired after a loss to Jamaica, I was offered the job. Now, I, Felix Rymer, am manager of the United States of America, and I'm going to win the World Cup for my country.
OOOO! Go USA! Insane how far into the future this is...
woah, interesting. will be following!
Good luck Maddy!
JasonRM's avatar Group JasonRM
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Looks a good squad, hopefully you get them to achieve!
Great idea, good luck m8!
Can we see the world rankings?

Welcome back to coverage of the CONCACAF 4th phase World Cup Qualification. Today we have the United States of America vs. Curacao in Felix Rymer's first managerial match. Rymer came from Toronto FC, who are currently first in the MLS Eastern Conference, after Sanz was just fired after a humiliating loss to Jamaica. Now, the U.S. need to bounce back and grab a win against Curacao in order to bounce back into 2nd place in the CONCACAF qualification.

Here we have the lineups for the U.S. team, and Felix Rymer has decided to go with a flat 4-4-2 in his first match in charge. Our key man to watch is Ignazio Lo Piccolo, the 30 year old forward for the New York Red Bulls. He's the top scorer in the MLS with 8 goals to his name and Rymer will be hoping he can make an impact tonight. Also in the team is Juan Angel Jimenez, who is makeshift captain for the match. The Rangers player is one just 2 not-domestic based players in the team. Now, the national anthems have been played and we are ready for kickoff

1' Straight from kickoff, Ignacio has a shot on goal from just outside the box. It's parried by Sergio Garcia though, and Curacao have a corner.

37' Corner played short to Roger Holmes, whose found Lo Piccolo at the top of the box. Piccolo shoots! Blocked out to Stevens and he scores! GOALLLLLLLLLL for the U.S! Stevens from close range gives the U.S. the lead.

Half time now and the U.S. are leading by a goal, but they need to press more. Substitutions must be made soon because the U.S. need all three points here.

51' Batchelor throws it into Suarez now. Suarez back to Batchelor, crosses into to Lo Piccolo. Headed away to Glazer. Frank Glazer on the volley! Saved! Should be a goal and Frank Glazer is shaking his head.

60' Glazer on the ball now, finds Roger Holmes. Holmes feeds Zelaya on the right wing. ZELAYA! GOAL! Upper Left Corner for Zelaya and the U.S. have a 2-0 lead!

73' Batchelor throws it in too Zelaya. Zelaya finds Lo Piccolo. Lo Piccolo with a beautiful ball out too Roger Holmes! HOLMES AT THE NEAR POST! HE SCORES! 3-0!

81' Neri Catalan comes on for Jimenez and Pedro Maidana for Nicolas Zelaya now.

That's full time now, and the U.S. beat Curacao 3-0 in Felix Rymer's first game. Good result for him and the U.S. and they're just 1 point shy of Jamaica now.
Great start, but in all fairness, it was against Curacao. Oh, and why the f*ck aren't you using Galloway as a TM?!?
a very interesting idea! good luck with this story mate!
2014-06-22 23:30#181161 Pauker : Great start, but in all fairness, it was against Curacao. Oh, and why the f*ck aren't you using Galloway as a TM?!?

Galloway will play TM for all the most important matches. Because this was against Curacao, I decided to give Lo Piccolo, who is on good form, a start to see how he would do.


U.S.A. Lineup

Samuel Garcia, Jose Antonio Ramirez, Dacio, Josh Popovic, Dan Stevens, Stefan Ritterbach, Issac Suarez, Roger Holmes, Juan Angel Ramirez (c), Frank Glazer, Craig Galloway (4-2-3-1)


Krastyo Urumov (15)
Juan Angel Jimenez (46)
Krastyo Urumov (62)


Shots: Bulgaria 16-7 U.S.A.
Clear Cut Chances: Bulgaria 2-1 U.S.A.
Possession: Bulgaria 47%-53% U.S.A.

Man of the Match
Krastyo Urumov (8.8)


U.S.A. Lineup

Samuel Garcia, Jose Antonio Ramirez, Dacio, Josh Popovic, Dan Stevens, Stefan Ritterbach, Issac Suarez, Roger Holmes, Juan Angel Ramirez (c), Frank Glazer, Craig Galloway (4-2-3-1)


Craig Galloway (2)
Craig Galloway (9)
Craig Galloway (32)
Pavol Szabo (65)
Craig Galloway (90)


Shots: U.S.A. 12-12 Slovakia
Clear Cut Chances: U.S.A. 2-1 Slovakia
Possession: U.S.A. 54%-46% Slovakia

Man of the Match

Craig Galloway (9.8)

Felix's Notes

After that victory of Curacao, I was hoping that the team and I could get 2 victories out of 2 in the upcoming friendlies against Eastern European sides Bulgaria and Slovakia. Bulgaria put us back in our place in an embarrassing loss though, and it was clear that the team was not comfortable in the 4-2-3-1 I had implemented, and it didn't help that Bulgaria was sweltering at 25 degrees celsius. Our defense had a really difficult time dealing with Krasto Urumov, who broke through twice and had no trouble slotting past Samuel Garcia, who was stellar throughout both matches. The attack was stagnant though, and Frank Glazer especially was dreadful, and his 5.6 rating reflected that. I kept faith in the same side for the next match and was rewarded at home in Denver, as Craig Galloway scored a remarkable 4 goals for the side. We dominated possession and always seemed in control of the match. In the end, all the crossing to Galloway paid off and we came away with a comfortable victory. Up next for us is the Gold Cup, and we'll have to beat the mighty Mexico, rated 5th in the world, and Jamaica, in order to win.
Good bounce back! Time to topple El Tri!

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