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Tony Young: The Pentagon Challenge

Started on 28 June 2014 by InvertedWingbacks
Latest Reply on 30 June 2014 by JordTheDesigner
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Tony Young. I watched my name flash up yet again on my university graduation, 3 years ago now. A degree in sports science was what i’d wanted at the time, but it didn’t really seem to have got me anywhere...Still frying chicken at a local fast food joint, and continually saving up for something which didn’t seem to ever get any closer. Closing my graduation video, I switched my window to my CV; the CV which continually remains the same, yet which I spend so long working on...My work experience was limited; Frying chicken, a couple of internships at sports companies; mostly local, but I’d done some work experience at the SFA when I was in 3rd year, and i’d enjoyed it, gaining my coaching badges in the process.

A grin slowly spread across my face - I had coaching badges, experiences with finances and facilities...and a decent amount of savings...enough to keep myself going abroad…

It was a stupid idea, but it was a damn sight better than frying chicken with no other prospects. I called up one of my agent friends and came right out with it; ”What’s the management scene like in Asia?”

”It’s good Tony; right now, I’ve got 38 clubs I could send your CV to; e-mail me it over and i’ll get that sorted for you!

A quick check over my CV, and it was winging its way to over 30 clubs across Africa and Asia….interesting times lay ahead.
Good start and good luck!

Teun Mun Sports Association

As soon as the job offer came in, I accepted without any hesitation; Teun Mun Sports Association, a team in the Hong Kong First Division, wanted me to be their manager - £400 a week to keep them out of the relegation zone...may or may not be a massive ask, but it's a challenge i'm looking forward to.

The Facilities here aren't great, but with some money coming in they can be improved. In terms of budgets, i've been given £12.6k to spend, and have £50/week available in my wage budget, so there's not really any room to maneuver around the squad...I'll just have to make do with what i've got in terms of personnel.

Turning away from my desk, littered as it was with spreadsheets and notepads, files and folders which the chairman had left behind, I strolled over to the window, and looked out at my boys training in the stadium. They're not the most technically gifted bunch, but a few players did stand out.

Xie Silda, a 23-year old chinese striker was probably the pick of our attacking players, although he could really still use some work, but he was still head and shoulders above our other strikers in terms of his ability.

Feng Tao, our 28 year old defensive midfielder is also one of the standouts, although his passing ability leaves a lot to be desired. From looking at him and Xie, it's obvious our game will not be built around passing any time soon.

Finally, Hu Jun, another 28 year old midfielder, on loan from Qingdao, looks to be solid in the middle of the park - with decent technical stats, he might well be the man who gives us some creative spark this season.

However, technicality is not this sides' strong point, and the strength in depth isn't great, but there are some great younger guys who could develop this season: the biggest potential starlet being Lam Ka Yin, a 16 year old Attacking Midfielder, who i'll be monitoring closely as he develops, as he looks like he could be one of the best players at this club within a few seasons.
Great start, love the opening!
Good Luck Katy! I now that youll do well ! :)

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