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David Beckham - Where are our talents?

Started on 21 July 2014 by TaroMisaki
Latest Reply on 27 July 2014 by TaroMisaki
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Want to be a Top-Manager

Ladys an Gentlemen,
I'd like to introduce myself, maybe some of you may have heard something about me by now and I want you to know that I'm aiming to be a Manager who can make a change in the structures in todays football world!

That where the opening words from todays Press-Conference at the FA-Headquaters. Many of the attending reporters where surprised by todays announcement and from now on lots of rumors will be spread into the world!
But first let us Introduce the Man the whole world is talking about at the moment!

David Beckham - Champions League winner and "Officer of the British Empire"!

David Beckham was a professional football player for the likes of Manchester United, Real Madrid, Los Angeles Galaxy, AC Milan and Paris St. Germain.
He is a highly decorated player as he had won the Barclays Premiere League severel times, the FA Cup, Liga BBVA, Ligue 1 and of course the Champions League just to name a few of his titles!
He also was the Captain of the three Lions and played 115 times at an international level.
He is the Chairman of a new MLS club in Miami which will be in action in a few years, but he wants more!
What he wants he announced on a press-conference earlier today!

Press Conference

Beckham:Ladys an Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce myself, maybe some of you may have heard something about me by now and I want you to know that I'm aiming to be a Manager who can make a change in the structures in todays football world!
I'm David Beckham and will be looking for a club that wants me as there Manager to show you all my abilities as a Manager!
Reporter: Mr.Beckham, that is a hugh announcement and you set yourself a goal which is sky high, don't you think that your goals may be set to high?
No not at all, if i think that i can't be a good Manager i wouldn't even want to manage a kiddies team!
Do you already had some offers coming in your office?
I had one or two offers handed by my agent, but there weren't what I'm looking for and I rejected them, but as I made up my mind about the offers, it was totally clear for me that I want a job as a manger!
Do you have a team in mind which you would prefer? And what will be your approach as a manger, do you like ballpossesd football, balanced football or anything else?
Football is about Goalscoring! If you don't score you can't win! That said my first ever trainer to me and I never forgot that and that will surely be my tactical approach. I want to make every game special for our fans!
That's really good to hear as more and more managers like the ballpossesed style. Eventhough that is a nice approach every Premiere League team has a manager and it doesn't look like one of this teams could sack there managers in the next few months!
Who said, that I want a Premiere League team? I hope to be a manager in a top league, that's for sure, but i can also imagine to build a team and help them to get to the Premiere League. That would be something i like to do!
Are there anymore Questions?
Mr.Beckham almost every club from the BPL and Championship has a squad full of foreign players, what is your thought about that?
As a former Three Lions captain i really need to say something about that! We need to rely on the homegrown, as we have some good talents here in England and we need to let them play, to gain some succes with the national team!
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First clubs to negotiate with Beckham

After David Beckham held a press-conference earlier today to announce his Manager careeer start, the first teams spoke about their interest in talks with Becks.

On of the teams seems to be former Premier League team and FA Cup winner Portsmouth, as they're interested in giving Beckham a chance to step into the Manager world.
The other team is sadly unknown, but it seems that it is a semi-professional team, that might try to gain some press attendence to raise their reputation!

Beckham seems to be interested!

Beckham already announced at the press-conference, that he also is willingly to start at a lower league club and Portsmouth could be an interesting start to his journey.

A Beckham near source otherwise claims, that he isn't interested in the Portsmouth offer and seems to try to get a shot at a Championship team in the next few weeks!
Good luck mate!

My Agent calls!

I had a nice lunch with my beautiful wife and my adorable kids, as suddenly my phone rang!
It was my Agent who wanted to tell me some big news!

A few days have passed now, since I brought the news about my starting managerial career.
Some lower league clubs and Portsmouth seemed to show signs of interesst in signing me and i thought a lot about that.
Portsmouth seems as a good choice, as they really need a rebuild after there horrible last 5 years! I could include loads of young homegrown into the squad as there wouldn't be loads of money to spend.
Then suddenly my Agent calls to tell me, that Leeds United seems to have a major interest in your services. Also a Staff member of Middlesbrough talked to me about you and your career start!
I was buffed by that news, this are two big clubs with a long history. Both teams really belong in the Premiere League and I hope their interest in me will follow some meetings and talks with the board!

I told my family the news and my kids loved the idea of me beeing the Leeds United Manager, but I think that I don't rush anything, as the first club can be a career-killer.

More and more teams to join the Race for Beckham

After Middlesbrough and Leeds United announced their interest in David Beckham, another three teams joined the race!

Derby County announced that they want a personal change and Beckham tops their possible target list.
Blackburn Rovers are anohter team for Beckham and Blackburn has already contacted Beckhams Agent, at least rumors say so.
The third team is newly promoted FC Blackpool, as their Manager in charge seems to be looking for a new challenge, as he hadn't renewed his contract by now.

Beckham announced his assistant Manager!

After a couple of days David Beckham announced that he will be have some talks over the next few days with 3 or 4 Team owners!
He also announced that he searches for an assistant Manager!

Former Teammates already talked to him about the job and he has some favourites in mind.
Rumors say, that he has someone in mind with whom he had played at spanish side Real Madrid!
The best chances seems to have Steve McManaman and Raul, but also Ruud van Nistelrooy seems interested in the job!

Assistent Manager presented!

David Beckham presented us today the assistent Manager he is gonna work with from now on!
He played alongside him for loads of years and knows him a long time!
He is someone who knows me almost as good as my family does and he learned a lot from Sir Alex, just like me. That is why we share the same point of view and we can become a great force for our first team! That where the words which described his new workmate the best!

We share the same point of view and we were one of the most succesfull winger-duo the world has ever seen, if not THE most succesfull.
If we could reach a repotation somewhere in that area as Managers!
We already have a couple of teams in mind, which could be our possible first team, some of them where named in the media, some of them weren't even named once, but it won't be a Premiere League team, as we came to the point, that we will create a squad and want to gain promotion and further succes with a squad and a team, that we build from the beginning!

First Meetings in a few days!

After revealing Ryan Giggs as his assistent Manager, David Beckham seems to be ready for the first talks with a few club owners!
As rumors say, Portsmouth will get the first talk and Leeds United seem to have a talk right after Portsmouth.

Other Clubs are also in the run, but Portsmouth seem to have the upperhand. Giggs mentioned a few days before he was announced as the assistent Manager, that he would love to be at Derby County, but we don't know if this has changed now. We can only wait and see whats next!
Leeds would be cool, portsmouth would be alright, liking it so far :)

The Meeting

Ryan and myself are now heading to the Portsmouth FC Board to discuss our phylosophies for the future. I'm a little bit nervous, as this will be my first meeting and I hope to convince the Board, that my plans would be good ones for them!

Beckham: Hello and thanks for inviting and having us here!
Chairman: Hello the both of you, it's really nice to have such highly reputated players here vowing for the Manager job!
We really hope that this meeting will be succesful for both sides!
Giggs: Wouldn't it be nice, if we both could agree to a deal at the end? A club who had won the FA Cup just a few years ago and two managers who really are looking to start their work
I couldn't have said that better!
Than let's start to talk about business! What are your plans to increase this clubs standings? What kind of style do you prefere in man management and tactucs?
I like to show every player that he can talk to me about issues and problems, my door would always be open for everyone. We like to make our own talents, we could train them so that they fit into our tactics. Talking about tactics, we like to play an attacking style, we want to show the spectators, that we play for them and what club would match better to this, than Portsmouth, as it is in the fans hands!
We know that your club isn't able to spend much money on players, that would be no problem for us, as we want to relay on the youth!
That all sounds beautful, but you can't gain anything only relaying on the youth!
And we need to gain promotion as soon as possible!

We can achieve promotion, surely not this year, but in two or three years, we could've increased the squad that much, that we can go for the higher league.
David is right, it won't be possible to get promoted this season, if you comparise your team with the others and you have to build this squad over the years, to gain something.
We don't have that much time, we won a highly reputated competition a few years ago and we need to get back there as soon as possible and we don't have years for that!
It would take years to achieve your goals and it would not be possible, as Ryan said!
OK, I will talk the the other Board members and you will hear from us!
We're fine with that, looking forward to your result and hope that we can come to a deal!

Portsmouth made decision!

After the Meeting with David Beckham and Ryan Giggs, Portsmouth FC seems to be not interested anymore! A source of us told us, that he got this information from a staff member from Portsmouth!

"Davids ideas and concept didn't seem to catch the interest from the Portsmouth board and they decided to keep our now reigning Manager!" - That was the main reason told us our source, but it seems, that the Board isn't patient enough to give David Beckam and Ryan Giggs the time he wanted to build something new.
The duo now needs to look for other teams, as Portsmouth seemed to be their favourite!

Announcement for Next Meeting!

After his dissapointing Meeting with the Chairman from Portsmouth FC, David Beckham realesed a short notice to the press!

"After the wasted time with the Portsmouth board we would like to say, what kind of style and what our plans are!", where the opening words from the notice.
Beckham further explained that " we like to play an attacking style and we would like to build a good youth facility as we like to work with loads of youngsters."
This notice has the purpose that only clubs who would give Beckham the time to develop a club after his ideas.

First teams cancelled Meetings!

Leeds United cancelled the meeting with David Beckham and Ryan Giggs, as they would not be able to give them what they want and need.
Ralf Rangnick, Direct of Football at the Red Bull clubs, will try to work something out, as he liked the idea that Beckham wants to work with young players and wants a team with good youth facilities or a club, which would allow him to develop a good youth facility!

An interesting Meeting!

The Middlesbrough Chairman called me as soon as he read my notice to the media and asked for meeting as he looks for a new Manager!
This could be an good oportunity as Middlesbrough is an established Championship club and was in the international competitions in the middle of the last decade!

Me and Ry walked into the conference room
Chairman: Hello the both of you, did you have a good trip?
Beckham: Yes it was all good.
Giggs: Thanks, everythink was fine.
Good thing to hear. Let's move on to business! I want you two to know, that I heard about your notice and you would perfectly fit in here. We are looking to build a squad and we won't sell the club to any oil-rich man, so we need to be responsible with the finances and need to look to our youth facilities, as we can't spend loads of money to buy a whole new squad!
We surely won't burn all the money, as we would like to build a squad which can grow over the years and gain promotion to the Premiere League.
This would surely take time and we need to make sure that we get this time.
Of course you've got time, as we aren't planning with promotion or play-offs for the next year, if we reach it we'll thankfully take that chance, but we look to build a squad which can reach promotion and will make sure that we can stay in the Premiere League from then on and this will take years.
This all really sounds great! Is there anything we would need to have to do, like playing a certain style of football or anything else?
No, not really at all. You said in your notice, that you look to make every single game a spectacle for the spectators and this is what we would want you to do!
This sounds great, I can really imagine to work here and try to bring Middlesbrough back where they belong and this is the Premiere League!
Thanks for inviting us, this meeting really was a good one and we hope to here from you soon to talk about further details!

Middlesbrough offers contract!

Rumors say that Middlesbrough is going to offer David Beckham a contract over the next hours.
The Meeting between Beckham, Giggs and the Middlesbrough Chairman had been very constructiv and succesful, as it leaked out from the Middlesbrough side!

Other teams such as Wolverhampton, Bournemouth or a few others now don't seem to have a chance at signing Beckham and Giggs, but maybe they will give it a shot!

Beckham signs contract with Middlesbrough

David Beckham announced that he and Ryan Giggs signed a contract with Middlesbrough! The Meeting with the Middlesbrough Chairman convinced both, Beckham and Giggs even though as The Middlesbrough board!

The History of this club is amazing and we will aim to bring the club back to where it was a decade ago", David Beckham said in a little press conference he held a few Minutes ago!
He also claimed that he will try to go all out on his opponents and looks to develop young players in order to build a squad which can claim loads of success!
Ryan Giggs will be his assistent Manager and the both of them will start their work from now on!

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