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Revolution in the Alps

Started on 1 August 2014 by Carlo Moretti
Latest Reply on 4 August 2014 by AndySams10
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Tuesday the 25th of June, 2013.

I was led into a room overlooking the pitch. The beautiful mountainous landscape provided the perfect backdrop to what could become my first genuine break in football management. My journey here had been a visually pleasing one: a 3 hour drive across the French border, through the snow-topped mountains, from my apartment in Turin.

"Take a seat," said a visibly aging man, "my name is Alain Fessler. I'm Chairman here and I understand your experience as youth coach, as well as your success in the interviews with the Directors of the club. After considering a wide range of things including your experience, your aims for the club, what you said in the recorded interviews and other candidates - we've come to the decision that you're the best man for the job. However, in order to safeguard the interests of the club, we're only willing to offer you a one-year contract. Is that something you would be interested in, Mr Moretti?"

"That's definitely something I'd be interested in, Mr Fessler. I'm very happy to have been chosen as the best candidate for the job."

"Good, I'm glad we've come to such a swift agreement upon the length of your initial contract. On the other hand, we're glad to tell you that due to the solid financial structure we have here at the club, we're able to offer you a healthy wage of €1,900 per week. How does that sound?"

"That's a very promising initial wage, and a sum I'd be more than happy to take in return for managing this great club."

"Fantastic news," announced a smiling Mr Fessler, "we're all very impressed with your record and the way you've handled yourself. My assistant, Miss Dumont, will bring the contract to you shortly. Have a safe trip home to collect your things and say your goodbyes, the squad report back on the 2nd of July."
Great well written update! If you carry on writing like this, you will go far with this!
Fantastic OP mate. Like what tallery1164 said, keep this up and it will be a great story. I'll definitely be following.
tallery1164: Thanks - it's not the biggest update ever but it gets the story rolling!

AndySams10: Thank you! :)
Friday the 28th of June, 2013.

I'm about to board the train from Torino Porta Susa station to Chambery where I'll catch a regional connection to my new home. Mr Fessler had paid for my travel expenses after I'd decided to part with my car here in Turin.

I should probably explain a little about myself.

My name is Carlo Moretii, an Italian national hailing from Florence. My new home is Grenoble, where I'll be Manager of Grenoble Foot 38. Despite being in Ligue 1 as recently as 2010, the team now languishes in the 4th tier of French football - the CFA. Their stadium - the Stade des Alpes - is magnificent, holding little over 20,000 supporters. It's construction did, however, lead to the Grenoble's bankruptcy in 2011 which saw the club drop to the fifth tier.

I'm leaving my job as a youth coach at Italian champions Juventus to get a shot at my own managerial career. It was tough to announce my decision to leave such a great club, but my own journey has to start somewhere. I've been actively searching for a role for several weeks now after Conte's relationship with the Juve board was becoming increasingly strained. The situation at Juve stank, and Conte would be lucky to keep his job for another year.

I don't have long to settle into my new life. In little over a month, the season starts. I want an apartment, a car, several new staff and new squad members sorted by then. I'm not here to mess around.

Mr Fessler has given me a tight budget to work on. The club want to keep their cash for next season when, if I can fulfill expectations, we will be playing in the third tier. Only time will tell whether we're being realistic, but I'm a confident man.
Good story, I like it! You could at one or two photos, I guess that would be even better
Great update mate, really like the detail you've gone into. Keep up the good work.

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