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Past Playing Experience

Past Playing Experience Help
Started on 23 August 2014 by TheLuckOfTheIrish
Latest Reply on 15 September 2014 by alex8liverpool
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As you create you're manager profile, it gives you the option to choose your past playing experience. I always go for International Footballer as I'm curious to see how many goals and caps I have. But does the p.p.e determine the difficulty of the game, or is it just there for effect?
Thanks in advance
It will have an effect on who comes in to try and get you to join the club - for example, Manchester City won't hire a manager with Sunday League experience at the start of the game - the only teams that will are probably non-league teams.

Whereas if you choose international footballer, bigger teams will be in for you, but work may need to be done at slightly smaller clubs in order to attract attention from the likes of Barcelona etc.
Your players are less likely to give a good response to your team meetings and private chats if your reputation is low.
I never thought of this in that way!I always believed its just your personal info..Can my age also affect the team talks and player mentality? Which is quite normal imagine mourinho 28 years old trying to coach a team full of superstars...Iam surprised now :O
It is also like setting a games difficulty in regards to what the board expects from you based on your experience. More experience > More expectation

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