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[FM14] Liverpool FC: Winning With Kids

Started on 26 August 2014 by InvertedWingbacks
Latest Reply on 6 November 2014 by Ziechael
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Suarez Still An Issue For Reds

Departing: Suarez Bids A Fond Farewell To Anfield

Former Liverpool favourite Luis Suarez landed himself in a bit of hot water last season, for biting Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic. Although the Uruguayan apologised, and manager Brendan Rodgers said the club would stick by the 26 year old Striker, so long as he cleaned up his act, it seems that he is still something of a loose cannon; and that cannon has just misfired.

While the Uruguayan has since departed Anfield, BBC News understands that FIFA have received knowledge of irregular payments to the player, thought to have been behaviour-based incentives, which were not stipulated in his contract. While the matter is investigated, the club have been banned from any transfer activity, and temporarily suspended from playing league football.
Deal: Suarez Signed his Barcelona contract last week

With their club in turmoil, many Liverpool fans have been quick to man the social media weaponry, heaping abuse and support on the board in equal measure, but all are wondering the same thing: What exactly happened at their club, and what does the future hold?

Interesting idea, good luck :)
Good luck
A nice and interesting idea, best of luck TAT.
Good luck!! :)

Liverpool Left Reeling by FIFA Ruling
To The Exit: Rodgers Announces His Departure Yesterday Evening

The new season is going from bad to worse for Liverpool fans, as FIFA hit them with devastating news: Their team, one of the most successful in England, will be relegated to the very bottom of the English football ladder: playing the 2013/14 season in the Skrill North, after the irregular payments made to Luis Suarez from the club, outside the stipulation of his contract.

Speaking to the media in Zurich, Sepp Blatter was unequivocal in his criticism of the Anfield side:
"There is no doubt that the payments made from Liverpool Football Club to Mr. Suarez, purely for good behaviour, were not stipulated in his contract, and have therefore breached our rules on the paying of football players. As a result, Liverpool FC have been demoted to the bottom of the league pyramid in England, and will have to rebuild from there.

As the payments were not in relation to transfer activity, it is outside FIFA's remit to ban the club from any transfer activity, or indeed to demand the sale of any assets, be that players or facilities. However, it is our firm belief that the loss of earnings from Television Rights, European Football and matches against teams in the top tier of World Football will be ample punishment for the club for this incident.

We will continue to monitor the situation, and investigate further if it is deemed appropriate."
Judgement Day: Sepp Blatter Explains Liverpool's Punishment

Back at Anfield, the ramifications of this ruling are sure to be felt far and wide: and indeed, manager Brendand Rodgers has announced his resignation with immediate effect, as the board seek to limit the damage done to the club as they prepare for life in the Skrill North.

"I never wanted to leave the club, but this is well over my head now: The club need to go right back to the drawing board, and create a plan to improve, and return to the top of European football."

What now for Liverpool?
Nice idea good luck
Interesting Idea will be following this story for sure

Liverpool Announce New Manager As Players Depart

The Welcome to Steven Gerrard Displayed On Liverpool's Site

In the aftermath of FIFA's ruling on Liverpool, and Brendan Rodgers' departure, Liverpool fans could have been forgiven for giving up all hope ahead of the coming season, and it all got worse, when it was announced that the board had terminated the contracts of the club's first team players, including, but not limited to, Jordan Henderson, Joe Allen, Simon Mingolet and Daniel Agger.

In fact, the club are down to the bare bones now, with only the Under 21s and Under 18s left at the club, and many fans are sceptical about the strength in depth at the club, even in the Skrill North, with many of the remaining players lacking any real first-team experience.

Until an hour ago, the question of their manager also hung over the Liverpool club, until Liverpool's long-term saviour Steven Gerrard stepped in, saying that "Even when the board terminated all our contracts, I knew, in my heart, that i'd be staying at Liverpool: even though we're in a tough place right now, the only way we can possibly go is up"
Talking Football: Gerrard Meets The Media

"There is still immense quality at this club, and we've still got players out on loan, like Suso and Andre Wisdom: the boys in the youth teams are boys i've watched grow up, and I know they'll give their all for this club; They'll shed blood, sweat and tears in training to pull that red shirt on at the weekend, week in, week out.

Yes, we do need to make a few signings in key areas, just to shore up the squad, but those moves will be minimal: I'm putting my trust in these boys."

Only time will tell if Gerrard's faith is well-placed.
What a challenge this will be! Sad to see us in this position but I've faith captain fantastic can work his magic ;)

Duo Pledge Future To Reds

Liverpool youth duo Jordan Rossiter and Harry Wilson have today told Liverpool fans that, despite the club's current position in the league, they're prepared to stick by the club, and build back towards the Premiership football that the fans deserve.

In an interview with BBC Sport, the two youngsters put forward their reasons for staying at the club.

Harry Wilson:"For me, Liverpool have become a massive part of my life: It's only my first season playing at a professional level, but i've always admired the set up here, and the way the team plays - it's an ethos; pass and move, keep the ball; it's the Liverpool way. I want to stay here and help the club return to the Premiership as fast as possible - and to do that, we all know we're going to have to knuckle down and work hard. Harder than we've ever had to work before."

Jordan Rossiter:"It's a strange time for everyone at the club, but Steven has always been an influence on the way I play my game, and having him in charge has restored some faith amongst the young guys: We're starting to believe that there is a way back from all this, and I want to be a part of that: I want to be at the heart of what could well be the most exciting rejuvenation in football history."
A great idea, and will be a fantastic challenge for sure will be to follow.
Good luck!

Flanagan: We Can Come Back From This

Sitting in front of the media tonight at Anfield, Liverpool's newly-minted Captain, John Flanagan, has expressed his views on his club's future. Flanked by manager Steven Gerrard, and vice-captain Jordan Rossiter, Flanagan took several questions on both his future, and that of Liverpool, before calling proceedings to a close, ahead of the club's first pre-season match on Wednesday.

(Sky Sports News) "Hi John, firstly, congratulations on being named Captain for this season: As a local lad, exactly what does that mean to you?"

(Flanagan) "It's a dream come true, honestly. I've always supported this club, and i've worked hard to come through the Academy and youth teams in the past 4 or 5 years. Of course it's sad to see the club in the position it's in now, but for us, the only way is up; and to be captain at this stage is something i'm very proud of."

(Mailonline) "John, what's the long-term plan? Will you stay at Liverpool indefinitely, or d you have a move away on your mind?"

(Flanagan) "That's a loaded question, really, isn't it? My long-term plan is, and always has been, to stay at Liverpool until the club decide they don't want me anymore: This club is my home, and I'd never ask to leave, and certainly would never court any other side; there's been talk of Newcastle wanting to take me back to the Premiership...and this, right now, is me politely declining that offer: I'm staying with my club to the very end."

(BBC Sport) "This one's more for Jordan: At just 16, you find yourself with the title of Vice-Captain: how much pressure has that added to your development?"

(Rossiter) "In all honesty, i'm not seeing it as a bad thing: i've always thrived under pressure, and before all this happened, I was captain of the Under 18s for a short while: So it's not like I've not worked as a leader for a lot of these guys before: Pedro, Luis (Alberto, Sheyi, Jerome Sinclair...we all played together in the Under 18s, and even though i'm younger than a lot of the guys now, I'd like to think they judge me on my football, rather than my age.

All in all, an interesting press conference, with manager Gerrard staying quiet, and allowing his captains to do the talking. Ahead of the pre-season opener against Slovan Liberec; have they convinced the world that Liverpool know what they are doing?

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