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Your favourite FM

Started on 14 September 2014 by naff123
Latest Reply on 15 September 2014 by Cappy13
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How would you rank the FM Games in order of best to worst??

Here is mine:
1) FM2011
2) FM2007
3)FM 2013
5) FM2009
7)FM 2008
8) FM2014
It's hard for me to compare all the game I played but my top three, for me, is:

1) FM 2013
2) FM 2014
3) FM 2010

I enjoy the actual FM14 game more than the others but I have greater memories of FM13.
FM 2011 is the last one I actually played, so I hold it in high regard (last one that didn't require Steam I think). The FM 2007/2008 era was great as well (especially 2007). Also FM 2012 for being the last without in-game store.
I love the new version every year, so for me, the best yet is FM 2014. From the past, I fave fond memories of FM 2005, which was the first FM I actually played fanatically.
1. FM2012 - Have really good memories playing this one turning Southampton into on of the best clubs in the world
2. FM2010 - First Fm I played properly and have great memories
3. A draw between FM2013 and 2014 - I enjoy them as much as each other

Didn't enjoy FM2011 as much as I think I could of and I found myself playing FM2010 more

FM2009 I got then a month later FM2010 came out so didn't really have a chance to play 09

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