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Database 1980-81 in the biggest league in Europe

Started on 15 July 2009 by lgotzy02
Latest Reply on 7 August 2009 by Danix
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Hello my friends.

Some people here in Greece we make a very nice and very correct and deeply database with players from the past...

One of them is me and with 4-5 more people we make the database with realistic stats,players,staff and more from 1980-81

Players like Rummenige,Butragenio,Zico,Tzoff,Maradona,Breitner,Platini,Rossi,Betega,Bonjiek, and many many more (thaousants) is with correct and very realistic stats ready to change the history of Football in Europe and in the World

All players have correct stats.
All have photos from past
All have correct ages in year 1980-81
All teams from this period in the big leagues in correct divisions
The Big Liverpool and the Giants W.Germany is the better teams in this database like the years 1980-81

Notts Forest in glory days,Real Madrid,Monchengladbach,Eintraht Frankfurt,FC Bryge,Malmoe and all the big teams of this period is the most reputated teams

The stadiums of teams of this period included and all database is like i trip to the glory past years of football

For us with 35-40 years is trip to remember ledends and for smaller is trip to past to learn the histrory of Football

In next days if put some images and in 3-4 weeks the databese is ready for download free.

Is for FM2009 with 9.3.0 patch

Soon i put images.Stay tuned for the people who remember i think is like book of history and more than only one database.

The players and staff have the ages who have in 1980-81......Marco Van years old and Emilio Butragenio is 18 years old

Pietr Littbarski is 21 years old and Platini is 26 years old and Lineker is 21.

All have the correct ages and realistic stats.
sounds good, will be nice to try it out.

when will it be available?
In 3-4 weeks all stats are ready and then i put it for free download.
so are you gonna make a team with all of them in it??or are you gonna make the db with all the teams and the coresponding players from the past?any romanians??=D
The database include in all teams and all countries the players who played in 1980.

The Romania team of 1980 have this

coach Stefan Covacs

Iordache,Tilihoi,Stefanescu,Sames,Munteanu,Ticlinau,Dobrin,Boloni,Balaci,Raducanu,Grigote,Augustin,Sandu,Multescu,Camataru,Nicolae,Lica,Dinu,Crisan,Ionescu,Iordanescu,Negrila,Stoica,Beldeanu and many more....

In leagues

England,Germany,Italy,Spain,France,Holland,Greece and some more all teams is in correct divisions and with correct stadiums who play in '80.

All national teams have the players of 1980

I think is very nice work and soon have the DB for make tests and play and tell me your opinions about this work.
Sounds good this will be waiting patiently. =D
In next week i have some images of players and list of teams in leagues in most serius championships in Europe.
any news on this??
That's a very interisting project, will there be any Portuguese clubs ?

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