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Jumpers for goalposts

The road to glory
Started on 11 October 2014 by Mikethemanc
Latest Reply on 4 November 2014 by Bashy345
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After my FMScout FC dbc file became corrupted, I gave up hope of restarting my story. Using the pr0 database as a base to start, I'm going to add 15-20 players (all FMScout members) into the database as 16 year old free agents with their PA set at -10. I will then let the game run a month at a time, updating you all on how "your" player is doing and what decisions they have made.

Anyone interested in being a part of this?
Name : Evan Jones
Favourite club : Barrow AFC
Nationality : American / English (if a third can be added, Estonian)
Position : Striker
Just your chosen name, nationality and favourite club.

I'm not inputting any attributes apart from CA of 55 and PA of -10
yiliang99's avatar Group yiliang99
8 yearsEdited
Name: John Cheah
Nationality:England- even though i'm malaysian XD
fav club: man utd
The 510 Series's avatar Group The 510 Series
8 yearsEdited
First Name: Johnny
Surname: Program Files (x86)
Nationality: Réunion
Favourite club: Newcastle Benfield
Position: LB
Zap's avatar Group Zap
8 yearsEdited
Name: Slutty Sarah
Nationality: Albanian
Favourite Club: Sunderland
Position: Sweeper Keeper
AlexTHFC's avatar Group AlexTHFC
8 yearsEdited
Name: James Wilson
Nationality: Macedonian
Favourite Club: Arsenal
Position: ST
Name: Johnny Fartingbottom
Nationality: English/Canadian
Favourite Club: Aston Villa
Lemto's avatar Group Lemto
8 yearsEdited
Name: Leslie notaxmar
Nationality: English
Favourite Team: Manchester United
Position: AMR
tbendis's avatar Group tbendis
8 yearsEdited
His Excellency, King Timmy Bendiš I
(that's: first name "His Excellency King Timmy" and last name: "Bendiš I"
Fav. Team: OM
Pos: STC
Nationality: Croatian (declared), Monaco
Forgot to ask for your positions too! Let me know guys
Always up for these!

Name: Ziechael Tuth
Nationality: German
Fav Club: Bayern Munich
Position: AMC
Name: Otto Schenbacker III
Nationality: American Samoan/ Swedish (declared for Sweden)
Fav club: Everton FC
Position: AMC
Name: Marcus Swansonton XVII
Nationality: Irish (Republic of Ireland)
Favourite Club: Manchester United
Position: ST
Name: Dan Gleeballs
Nationality: Scottish
Fav. Club: Liverpool
Position: LB

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