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Which is more important? CA or role rating?

Started on 14 December 2014 by Jordz95
Latest Reply on 30 December 2014 by faizangmc
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Firstly, I apologise if this post is in the wrong section, I am a new member.

I am unsure which is more important; CA or a player's role rating. For example, on genie scout Marcelo (Madrid LB) has a CA of 163, which is considered to be a "good rating for the senior team." However, his actual rating in the full back role is relatively poor at 70%.

Another example would be Arbeloa who has a CA of around 130, which is considered "average for the senior team." Despite this, his rating at full back is very high (87%).

Please could anyone provide their input on this. Thank you.
A players current ability is however good he is in his best position so when you put him out of his best position or role he's not going to play as well

As an example lets just say you have Messi, best striker on the game, and you play him in LW. He could be one of the best LW's in the world however he will always perform better if you play him in his main position striker

in your situation you will have to check the circle next to the name and see which is higher to find who is best combined, however, if you do end up playing marcelo some of his ta;ent would be going to waste
Thank you for your reply. I understand that players will play worse if out of position.

However, I wish to know why some players have very good CA but low role ratings in their best position and vice versa.

Another example would be Sergio Ramos who has a CA of 170 (very good), however he is only 79% at CB. Yet Dante has a higher rating at CB (81%) and a lower CA of only 155. Why is this?

If differences are big like Sergio Ramos 170 and Dante 155 , then Ramos is better, but if Dante for example have 165 CA, then they will be the same
According to me, CA is his overall ability but the role percentage is the best predictor how a player plays in that particular position and role.
If a left back has 150 ability and 75 pc rating
and other left back has 170 abiity and 70 pc rating then I have seen that 150 one performs better also ai top clubs tend to sign players with higher rating and does not decide on ca/pa.

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