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Dennis Bergkamp - The Legend That Stands Alone

Started on 17 December 2014 by MisterLister
Latest Reply on 21 December 2014 by MisterLister
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The Legend That Stands Alone

Breaking news:

“Current assistant coach of Frank De Boer in AFC Ajax, Dennis Bergkamp, anonymous insider in club says that De Boer alongside with Board of club, had a big argue with Dennis Bergkamp who has decided after argue to resign from assistant coach position. “Frank and Dennis were really loud yesterday and everyone from club could hear them. There were a lots of bad words from Frank to Dennis and as Dennis isn’t a guy who can keep that in him, he resigned and finished with Ajax job as he said to president of club Mr. Henrichs” said anonymous insider.

No one actually knows were will Dennis Bergkamp finish at the end, but there are a lots of speculations that big number of clubs wants his service as manager of team.

Hold on with this sport news and find out what clubs wants Dennis Bergkamp as their next manager.”

Where will he go?

Sport News:

“After unexpected resign of Dennis Bergkamp as assistant coach in Ajax, we have tried to contact De Boer and Bergkamp and we got from them a quick answer.

De Boer said: “ Yes it is true. Dennis resigned as my assistant because we were arguing. He was angry at me because I didn’t want to listen to him in our match against PSV. We started to shout at each other and in middle of argue he left to president of club and ripped his contract in front of him. That’s all I can say at this moment."

Bergkamp said: “I was absolutely furious at him because he was really rude. I just wanted to tell him what is the best option for match against PSV and how to win. He started telling me how I’m not manager and that he is with lots of bad words involved. I realized that enough is enough and went to chairman and resigned. About were am I going to go, you’ll need to figure that out alone. But currently I’m in talks with PSV, AZ, Genk and Fulham. That’s all that I will tell you".

After that conversation with Dennis Bergkamp we contacted all chairman of those clubs:

PSV, Peter Swinkels:” I just can say that we are currently in negotiations with him and would like to have him on our side."

AZ, Rene Neelissen:” We are in talks with him and he is our strongest candidate to took our club. Hopefully he will accept."

Genk, Herbert Houben:” He is a legend and we would be stupid if not considering his appliance for job. We are negotiating to get him here at any needs necessary."

Fulham, Shahid Khan: “ We were really surprised when we got call from him. He said that his second favorite English club is Fulham and that he would like to get us back to Premier League. Hopefully we will get his signature at paper."

In next few days we expect a final of this saga. Where will Dennis Bergkamp go you will need to stay tuned and find out”
Love to see Bergkamp in the Eredivsie with PSV wishing the best on this story. Can Bergkamp be as good a manager as he was a player? Lets hope so.
Iconic-Yeah it's good about PSV but tomorrow you will see where is he gonna be. Thanks for following. Hope you will continue. Cheers mate
If he goes to PSV, he'll be Public Enemy Number 1 of Ajax :P
I hope for Fulham :)

Sport news:

Dennis Bergkamp denies job in Fulham:

“I won’t go in Fulham for only one reason. I am scared of flying planes so I’m not going to go to Fulham as they are not connected with Europe. I want to say sorry to all fans of Fulham who wanted to see me there. Maybe one day when I get over with my scare of flying, I get job there in England.”

For Bergkamp it is known from past that he has Aerophobia after an incident on Netherlands flight 1994 on World Cup and after that he was called The Non-Flying Dutchman.

On our question where is he going to get job, he answered: “At this moment I am still in negotiations with PSV Eindhoven, AZ Alkmaar and K.R.C. Genk. Where I am going to go you will need to wait and see.”

When asked about one day becoming Ajax manager he said:”Never! We shared some great moments in past and that club really got a big place in my heart but at the moment I feel like someone shoot me right in heart. Frank showed me his true face which made me really disappointed. What happened you all know so at this moment this is all I can say.”

We are all waiting to see where this legend will go and get a job.

shame about fulham but I want you to manage in Belgium its a cool league and not many belgian stories

A press conference has been called in Eindhoven at Philips Stadium:

President of club:” Thank you all for coming in this number and this fast as we called 2 hours ago. We are here to present our new Manager. We are happy to say that we have agreed for one year contract worth 840 000 euro per year with former player of Ajax, Internazional and Arsenal. I believe that you have all realized who is he so only two words… Dennis Bergkamp!”

News reporter(NR) :”Mr. Bergkamp are you happy to join PSV Eindhoven?”

Dennis Bergkamp(DB):” You bet! PSV was my first choice from beginning so I am pretty happy.”

NR:”Do you believe that this will make Ajax fans angry at you as you took job in biggest rivals to Ajax?”

DB:”I just believe that they will understand my move. I have to say I’m sorry to fans because this is not their mistake that I have left Ajax. The ones who are responsible are De Boer and Board.

NR:”Can you describe your current relationship with De Boer and President of Ajax?”

DB:”I can just say that there is no relationship with them! And please no more questions about past because I am currently focused only on PSV and their players and staff.”

NR:” PSV have really nicely composed team. Do you believe you can succeed in first season and win title?"

DB:” Yes team is great and if the boys play as they know the title is not far away, so yes I believe that we can win it.”

NR:” Memphis Depay. What can you say about him and interest in him by number of big clubs?"

DB:” He is definitely our best player and no way that he is leaving club at this time when we are going to try to fight for title. Please only one question as I need to do some administrative job in club. Thank you"

NR:” Are you going to try and bring some new faces at club and are you interested in some?"

DB:” Yes, we are going to look and try to strengthen some of areas. I didn’t look who might be interested but will check as soon as I can."

NR:” Thank you for answers Mr. Bergkamp.”

DB:” No problem, at any time and thanks all of you for coming in this number."

The journey has begun and The Legend is ready to prove once again that he is greatest!

So we begin...

PSV Eindhoven


Stadium is called Philips Stadion and has capacity of 36,000 people.

Team overview


Hold on with this story and find out how will legendary Dennis Bergkamp be as manager!!!

Pre season interview:

DB:”We had really good pre season with some nice wins. Best win was against Benfica where we dominated throughout whole match."

NR:”What about Luciano Acosta?"

DB:”Happy to have him at club. He is really good young player who can help us to achieve what we want.”

NR:”Is there going to be some new signings?"

DB:”No we are done with transfers and will try to win with these players.”

NR:”You have been drawn vs Stjarnan in Euro cup 3rd qual. Round. What do you expect from that match?”

DB:”I expect an easy win for us with 5 or more goals deference. We are much better team and nothing less than comfortable victory won’t make me happy. Thank you.”

1st half of August shows what is Legend capable of

Willem II vs PSV Eindhoven

DB:"I was really scared before this match. When they scored first I thought that this wasn't good choice but boys made this feeling go away as we were really good. I am very pleased with start of my managerial career. Hope it continues!"

PSV Eindhoven vs Groningen

DB:"Wow what a match we played! My boys were absolutely brilliant and I am very happy what they showed today. Depay was outstanding and without him i don't think we would be able to win this one. If we continue to play like this title is reserved for us. Come On!!!"

Euro cup 3rd qual. round PSV vs Stjarnan(Both matches)

DB:"Great! Fantastic matches for us as we dominated and expected won by big number of goals mostly thanks to Memphis Depay. I really believe that this young boy has a big prospect in this sport. I'm really happy to advance to play offs and next opponet is Trencin and I expect another easy victory."
That is a pretty good start to the season, the fact that you beat Willem 2 so convincingly isn't really a surprise but winning with a 5 goal difference against Groningen is quite an achievement, lets hope you can keep this form going!
Wow, great start to the season. And good story writing too! Keep it up m8 :)
TheOtherSpecialOne- Yeah a good month and I was very delighted after win against Groningen hopefully it continues. Cheers

AlexSonwild- Thanks Alex will continue this story if this story get more attention, if not I might start a new one. Thanks for following and replying.

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