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Started on 27 December 2014 by Iconic
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Hello and welcome to my 2nd story on FM Scout 'Lyonheart' (thanks to Basham97 for the title) this story does does not spell the end of my Borussia Dortmund story however it means I will be juggling both these stories so also a quick thanks to every single person to read my story 'Borussia Dortmund: Life after Klopp' whether it was only a quick glance or you've been keeping up with it from the start, thank you for getting it over 2,000 views you peoples are what makes these stories possible.

Anyway lets crack on my choice of manager may be know to some peoples before this update nevertheless my choice of manager is Olympique Lyonnais legend and set piece specialist, Juninho. He will take over from Hubert Fournier for the 2014/15 Ligue season.

You may well know I held a straw poll for which team I would use (results for the straw poll are here: Lyon won and the story now starts I am happy to have started a story most of the peoples wanted and look forward to writing and playing this story I hope your brilliant support continues with this story as it has with the Dortmund story.

Thank you for taking the time to read this comments are very much appreciated whether they be support or how I can improve. I will draw up a transfer targets list soon and please leave in the comments who you would like to see play for Lyon again thank you for reading this intro to this story and I will update as soon as I can
Looks decent :) Although I would make the picture bigger and centre it.
Hope he's as good as management as free kicks ;)
2014-12-27 21:33#204643 RD17 : Hope he's as good as management as free kicks ;)

Yes let's
Good luck :D
I personally think it is difficult to juggle more than one story but I hope you can prove me wrong! Good luck.

'Welcome back to the 'European Football Show' here on BT Sport. I'm James Richardson joined here of course by Julien Laurens, Rafa Honigstein. Now Julien I hear there are some interesting developments at Lyon this afternoon.'

'Well yeah there has been a lot of talk about Lyon and about them sacking Hubert Fournier after a a pretty good 2013/14 season, I mean they finished fifth which was good you know they're a good young side, but after third place in 2012/13 I think they wanted to at least stay top three. And they didn't obviously, they have a lot of good young players and they've made it clear that they want young players to be developed, and that's something really good because of course Monaco and PSG are spending the money and Lyon want to produce the next generation of French talent and with Fekir, Lacazette and Benzia-'

'Going to have to cut you off their I'm afraid Julien as a blacked out Range Rover is heading into the Lyon training complex, it appears to be whoever is in there is Lyon's new manager.'

'A press conference has been called at the Lyon training ground to annonunce who the manager will be'

Olymmpique Lyonnais chairman Jean-Michel Aulas strode briskley into the crowded Lyon press room and quickly sat down on a cushy dark blue chair he steadied himself to announce the new head coach of a Lyon, the luck journalists who had managed to grab a seat sat ready to scribble down his every word, several TV cameras were poised to pounce on what was to become of the next half hour. 'Ladies gentleman I know you want this done quick so I will announce our new head coach and you nbe able to ask no more than ten questions and then this press conference is over' Aulas said forcefully. We have parted company with Hubert Fournier due to certain expectations not being met, however we wish him the best in his future endeavors- so long as he doesn't beat us.
The media chuckled at this remark easing the tension in the air. 'It is my great pleasure to announce our new Head coach for the forthcoming 2014/15 Ligue 1 season, I am sure the fans will be pleased that our new manager is...' the audience held their breath 'club legend Juninho!'

A round of quite applause was observed for the set piece specialist

'Thank you Jean it's great to start my managing career at a club so close to my heart, I hope to grow as a manager, whilst taking Lyon back to the peak of world football.'

After a round of questions surrounding the future of players at Lyon and staff along with the relationship with his chairman and directors time was called on the press conference.

As I walked to my car I felt a cold hand grab on the back of my neck I turned round in suprise and saw Aural

'You did good today Juni you answered questions with integrity and you were assertive, that's good. Together I believe we can deliver great things for Lyon as long as you and I have faith and trust on each other'

'I agree Mr.Aural'

'please call me Jean'

'Okay, Jean, I agree we can deliver great things for Lyon I love this club and will give my all.'

'Don't let that get in your way of becoming one of the all time greats in management, I'll see you on Monday 7:00pm sharp for training.'

I walked back to my car and shivered as the cold breeze of France hit me and turned the key in the ignition to start and the headlights turned on their beam as did the rest of the lights on my dashboard, my eye caught the beauty of the night sky in Lyon which helped my thoughts drift away to the back of my mind I pulled out onto the main road and road back to my suburban home to plan out Lyon's future.
love the detail :)
My god Juninho was an amazing player, hopefully an amazing manager too
Wonder if you can take the free kicks for them :').
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Basham97- I'll try but I may be needing some help.

Wellsy1498- Thanks Wellseh *tips hat*

Jamesg327- I will (hopefully)

RD17- Thanks I really tried to make it that way.

iroba- He was a brilliant player wasn't he?

Toon- :)) Unfortunately not
Great to see a legend like that in management :D
Good luck Lyon is one of my favorite FM teams to play as

Monaco after OL captain

After buying Centre Back Bakary Kone from OL for £10,000,000 it seemed Monaco were done trying to buy Lyon's players, they had previously attempted to lure Alex Lacazette from Lyon but were rejected, it seems we were wrong with numerous reports coming in that the Lyon captain (Maxime Gonalons) is unhappy at his current club's lack of success and wants a change of scenery and a move away from the Stade Der Gerland.

'It is a professional issue and the club knows why that's why I haven't celebrated the goals in Pre season, I am unhappy.'

Those were the words of Maxime Gonalons as he was ushered into a dark red Audi TT parked near the entrance of the Centre Vola Vologe. With the beginning of the 2014/15 season drawing ever closer Olympique Lyonnais have been plunged into a stick situation with captain Max Gonalons reportedly unsettled Monaco and LOSC Lille have both been heavily linked with the midfielder to add some grit to their midfield.

Our team to watch this season have released an official statement saying 'We are, as of yet, unwilling to release any information on the state of our club captain Maxime Gonalons. We can confirm he has travelled with the squad to Slovakia to play our UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE match against FC Spartak Trnava.

'I have been told by the board that everything is fine and that it is just media speculation and the player in question is happy and settled.'

If Gonalons is to move on however how will Lyon replace their captain? Will they splash the cash on a big name signing? Or will another player from the club come in and take his place? The Lyon supporters are calling for twenty two year old Jordan Ferri to be in the team, as Lyon have already wasted no time in giving their prospects a go in the first eleven it looks a possibility that young Ferri may be a possible DM for years to come.

Author's note

Please tell me who you would like to see me attempt to sign and why or whether you would like to see me use Jordan Ferri and why. Your support is greatly appreciated thank you for taking the time to read this and peace my friend.
Bring in a new cm but use Ferri aswell he has talent and great work Up The Lyon

You are reading "Lyonheart".

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