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Has anyone tried it??
Started on 8 January 2015 by bergkampwonderland
Latest Reply on 20 January 2015 by mike14991499
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Hi guys,

looking at doing alot of travelling in a few months and looking to buy a surface to play FM on. Just wanted to ask has anyone tried it and if they had how was it??

I might buy a Surface pro 3, but if I can play fm on a surface pro 2 properly then that'll save me some dosh.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
i'm in the exact same situation, looking forward for any feedback
From what I've read while Googling this, there are 2 versions of Surface Pro. The one with Windows RT I think Steam doesn't work on it. The other one with Windows 8 Pro might take it, but make sure to research further about it yourself. Other than that, the specs look fine.
Hey guys,

I have a SP3, the i7 256gb model.

Regarding playing FM15 on the SP3 I have to say its definetly not the best option out there but it does work. Im doing it myself as my desktop computer broke down.

I had to tweak some settings in FM15 in order for the game to run smoothly (mainly, lowering the screen resolutioN..) in 3d mode. The SP3 also have heating issues when playing games which will throttle the processor etc but after tweaking the settings the only noticeable issues would be that the fan kicks in and the tablet can get pretty hot at some areas. Battery life is suffering alot when playing FM so I would recommend playing with the power cord connected.

Next up is the issue with FM15 itself. Although the game is not made for touch screens it does work out great in most scenarios. Most scenarios I say? Well, buttons can be too small, scrolling lists of players are more or less impossible with the touch gestures, selecting multple players is another annoying thing when using touch. However, most of these issues are solved by just connecting the keyboard. I usually get around pretty well without the keyboard during seasons but during transfer windows I always connect the keyboard for a less irritating experience.

Although this may sound pretty bad, I must say the SP3 is an amazing computer/tablet and would recommend it for anyone interessted. However, if the sole purpose of getting the SP3 is to play FM15 - there are better options out there.

I have so far played maybe 10 seasons of FM15 on my SP3 and have since got used to what works best (touch vs keyboard) in different situations and these quirks are not really bothering me anymore.

Let me know if there is anything else I can answer for you regarding the SP3.

FM15 works just fine on most of the Windows (not RT!) tablets, if you tweak the settings. I have a $200 tablet with Intel Atom 1.33 GHz and 2 GB ram, works ok for me, also got used to it pretty quickly.

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