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Started on 24 January 2015 by qwertyman
Latest Reply on 24 January 2015 by qwertyman
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Following an appeal from a very long time ago by Sheffield United, they have now been allowed to join the Premier League at the expense of Burnley.

This appeal was made following the Tevez saga, in which Carlos Tevez, signed illegally by West Ham, put Sheffield United to the sword in the 2006/07 season. Originally, Sheffield United received compensation from West Ham United, but that was it. No points deducted, and Sheffield United remained in the Championship.

However, in a shock twist, the original appeal (that was considered thrown out by the English legal system) has now been accepted, putting Sheffield United back into the Premier League.

It is unlikely that Sheffield United chairman, Dave Green wanted this for the club, but he has not appealed against this decision. Nigel Clough has since resigned, and a new manager, unknown Thomas Donaldson (an ex-Blades player) will take over.

In the event that Sheffield United win the Premier League, a person who bets £1 will get £1000 in return with SkyBet. Even their survival will earn the same person £400.

That was the first word that was said in my job interview by Dave Green, the chairman.

"This is an awful situation for the club. Are you up for the job, Tom?"


"Fine. You'll do."

Bloody hell, he is desperate. My dad's job interview at KFC must have been harder than this.

So, I've grown up supporting the Blades all my life, and I was devastated when we were relegated from the Premier League. This devastation turned into complete fury when I heard we were cheated out of it.

But then, after being in League 1 for a while, the last thing we needed was to get back into the Premier League now. I didn't want this for the club, nor did anyone.

I'm not complaining, however, since I have got the job. It is an impossible task, but I will do my best.
Just a heads up: You've created this thread twice mate - you may need to ask a mod to delete one of them. Also - why Burnley? Surely it should've been West Ham or at the very least QPR.
Have I? Sorry, I'll get Stam to sort it out.

I guess Burnley were the worst promoted team. I would have preferred the game to put down West Ham to the Conference TBH.

You are reading "BlameTevez".

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