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FM 09 graphics work on FM 10!

Started on 30 October 2009 by RedArmy20
Latest Reply on 8 November 2009 by RedArmy20
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all the fm 09 graphics still work on FM 10. you can still copy from the FM 09 directory to the FM 10 directory in my documents, something like this:

"Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010".

dont forget to un-tick "skin cache" in the preferences.

turnstyle don't work I cant see the name of the skin on the settings display & sounds :(
skins wont work obviously, i think everyone can see that the interface has changed a lot and the older skins arent made for the new interface.

new skins for FM10 will be coming soon though, so just hang on.
So does this mean that old facepacks such as the Euro-Super Pack (I think it is called) will work if placed in the same files as previous versions of the game, 09, 08 etc????
i think they should yes. because FM uses the same config file for it and the player id's are the same.
KK good to know I might give it a try now :D
Just tried it there, doesnt look good. It didnt work for me but if anyone else gets it working give us a shout ;)
the graphics ive put in are working fine so far, the logos and facepacks are working perfectly :)
kk where did u place them....I tryed it and it didnt work for me lol
i already said earlier..................

" Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010\graphics"

create the folder graphics if it doesnt exist. just copy paste from fm 09 folder, take the graphics folder from there to fm 2010 directory in My DOcuments.

and DONT FORGET to un-tick skin cache in the game preferences.
kk thnks m8 I will give it another go ;)
Great it worked this time m8, i think I didnt chnage the Skic cache last time lol....Thnks for the help m8 :D
can't get stadium & player backgrounds to work has anyone had any joy?
some graphics might not work.

i didnt have other graphics than logos and facepacks. and those 2 work fine.

i dont know about the rest, skins dont work because of the new interface. background can probably be changed manually somehow.
hi,i downloaded and installes vitreous skin and while i was customizing atribute colours,i've noticed that beside low,normal,good and excelent atribute, there is also special atribute .any idea what's this?

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