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SL Benfica - National Pride

Started on 24 May 2015 by TheNewPolicy
Latest Reply on 30 May 2015 by TheNewPolicy

- The depart of Jorge Jesus -



After 6 seasons serving Sport e Lisboa Benfica, the comical manager known for his constant grammar mistakes has departed. This decision was taken by SL Benfica's SAD due to the high salary and a rejection by Jorge Jesus to sign a new contract with lower income.

Jorge Jesus arrived in 2009/2010 making a 'stop' to FC Porto's domination from winning their 5th consecutive Liga Portuguesa title. Since then, the 60 year old manager has only won it again last year 2013/2014.

The 2013/2014 season was the highest point of his career, when he won the triplete and sadly lost the Europe League Final againts Sevilla in the finals via penaltys.

The 2012/2013 was the worst time of his career at SL Benfica, as he could have won yet another triplete and the European League. Liga Portuguesa was 3 minutes away to be handed to Benfica when FC Porto made the winning goal (92) making Jorge Jesus get on his knees and crying. ''We still have 2 finals left, European League and Taça de Portugal.'' he claimed, after his loss.

Benfica played Chelsea at 2012/2013 European League final, and it looked like the red side was dominating the blues, but then Benfica's side suffered a goal by a corner at the extra time.

There was one last final and that was Taça de Portugal, Benfica was leading 1-0 and there was 10 minutes left when Vitoria Guimaraes scored 2 goals in 5 minutes being crowned champions of Taça de Portugal.

This was the resume of our manager, Jorge Jesus, season with Benfica.

''We're currently studying various options to take our club to the top stages of the World, we will take our time to decide who's best or not to our side.''
Great start mate,

Ill be following
Well written first update mate!

And welcome to the site!
@The Motivated One

Thank you alot, bud. Hopefully you won't regreat following my long journy with Benfica !


Cheers, mate ! Hopefully my writting will remain like this or even get better as my journy continues...

- The replacement of Jorge Jesus -



Recent news have appointed Marco Silva and Paulo Sousa as a high expectation to replace Jorge Jesus at SL Benfica. Both managers are making a wonderfull season with their respective club, Estoril and Maccabi Tel Aviv. We tried to contact Luis Filipe Vieira (President) and Benfica's SAD to look for answers of this rumour and we were able to obtain some exclusives replies.


Luis Filipe Vieira - 'Yes, we're trying our best to look for a replacement after Jorge Jesus farewell and we took those 2 managers into consideration. They are both making a wonderfull season at their club but SL Benfica, as we said before, needs to be at top level. Moving from Estoril or Maccabi Tel Aviv to Benfica will be shocking as they will find diferent estructures and high demands.

When we asked if SL Benfica was going to sell any more players for the rest of the transfer window, we came up with great news for their fans.

Luis Filipe Vieira -'No, we're not gonna make any more transfers unless someone's realese clause is beaten, we already made a profitable ammount of money (16.5M) after selling Markovic, Rodrigo, Oblak and many more. Once the new manager arrives, we will have a meeting for possible replacements but hopefully staying with a positive balance.

SL Benfica president was asked what was the balance of Marco Silva's & Paulo Sousa season.

Luis Filipe Vieira -'To start of with Marco, he got Estoril promoted to the first division and within 1-2 seasons he managed to get them to the European League. This year, he made it again. Paulo Sousa has great experience coaching QPR, Sweasen City, Leicaster and now Maccabi Tel Aviv. He just won the Israel First League title. Both are excellent trainers and we're not the only ones after them so we will stay aware, thank you.


That's all we could get from Sport Lisboa e Benfica president, hopefully we get more news about them and stay tune.
Interesting! Two managers who I personally haven't heard of. Good luck!

True, I tried to think of unkown managers who were successfull in their 2013/2014 season and most important of all, they had to be portuguese.

They are currently at SC Sporting (Marco Silva) and FC Basel (Paulo Sousa).. Who knows one day one of them will be the next Mourinho !
Love the layout of the updates :) Followed, looking forward to seeing the next update!

Thank you. I'm working on the next update as we speak.

- Paulo Sousa's arrival at Benfica -



Paulo Sousa has been hired as the new manager to lead SL Benfica to the 'Top stages of the world'

We interviewed Paulo Sousa in a chance to know if Benfica's Filosofy are gonna remain the same or if he is going to request for a change.


Paulo Sousa : There's a few filosofies that I'd like to be added up to the current ones, such as betting on the youth more often nd instead of loaning them out, but only if there's a spot for them.

Interviewer : Do you feel like Benfica is not betting on the youth enough?

Paulo Sousa : Yes, but that's something we can fix. Like you know, Bernardo Silva, is a fantastic player and I feel like if he hadn't been gone to Monaco we could have a chance to mature him and give him more minutes, the same thing happens with João Cancelo and Helder Costa, both loaned out at spanish clubs.

Interviewer : Have you noticed any player in the youth that is making a diference and could be a huge prospect to the club?

Paulo Sousa : Yes, there is. Gonçalo Guedes is an outstanding player, and I will try everything to keep him in our team for 2014/2015 instead of loaning him out. There's more players like, Pedro Rodrigues, Linguerdof, Renato Sanches, Witi, Buta and everyone else will eventually grow up to their potential and eventually get a shot at the senior team.

Interviewer : Do you plan on changing the defence? Luisão is 33, Maxi, 29, Eliseu 30 and Lopez 25.. They seem a bit too old?

Paulo Sousa : And that's what best about being old, they have ALOT of experience and they are mature enough to understand the importance of each game. Answering to your question, no I won't sell them.

Interviewer : Do you plan selling or bringing any player to the club?

Paulo Sousa : Selling, no. Bringing, yes. We need replacements for the players who were sold last season and I will work my best to make sure those players will be the best replacements.

Interviewer : Thank you for your time.

Paulo Sousa : Thank you


In another news... Marco Silva was signed by Sporting CP to be their new manager. The ex-Estoril trainer has been appointed to SL Benfica before but they have choosen to sign Paulo Sousa.
Great in-depth update here, can sense this will be good already. Keep it up mate ;)

Thank you, lad. Hopefully it will be good for the rest of the journy.

- SL Benfica sign Luka Zahovic -



Sport Lisboa e Benfica have confirmed the arrival of the 18 year old wonderkid from Maribor. The striker born in Portugal but with Eslovenia nationality was at Benfica's youth before, so it's no new home to the young player. He arrived at Maribor in 2008/2009 sold by the red side (SLB).


After signing his contract, Luka - whose father is Zlatko Zahovič - said that he is delightfull to come back to a club with such amazing fans, structure and history.

''Yes, it's delightfull to come back to Benfica and hopefully stay here for some long seasons and be part of the history. My father has history in this club and I hope to reach his importance or even be better then him -Luka laughing-''

The wonderkid hasn't played mutch in 2013/2014 with a total of only 12 games, but it's alreay known for his big potential to reach a world class striker.

Luka Zahovic signed a 4 season contract with a 40 Milion clause, recieving 1.5k p/week w/ a 1 year extension option.

Sport Lisboa e Benfica has paid Maribor 2.5M for 100% possession of the player with a 4 season deal. - SL Benfica SAD
Great signing. Will become a top player if nurtured right
He looks very promising!

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