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Doing it Dutch

Started on 26 June 2015 by swanny8589
Latest Reply on 28 June 2015 by Diazepamll
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The Beginning

Knock knock,

"Im komende, houd gewoon op een minuut"

Knock knock knock

"Ik heb gezegd dat im bloedige komende"

I couldn't stand this banging at the door any longer, so i got up from reading 'Im Zlatan' and answered the door, as the door slowly opened i saw a face that looked somewhat familiar, short, greasy, slicked back hair and not to mention well dressed.

"Ciao Johan, Si può parlare?'

"do you speak English? " i couldn't understand Italian to save my life

"Si, i have been advised you are looking to come back into management, is this correct Johan?

"ive been looking to come back into management for some time now, but haven't had the right offers i said, whilst shaking like a leaf in the wind

"good to hear, ive got a proposition for you but id like to talk more about it back in Italy, in my private villa, with my representatives.

i didnt know what to think, was he being serious? do i trust this man, i cant even remember his name, thought after thought was going through my head.

"Sorry, but i didnt get your name"

"Just call me Silvio"

I knew i had seen him before, and its good to put that face of his to a name,

"Well Johan, ill be sending some staff of mine here during the week to come and pick you up and bring you to Italy so we can discuss it more there, ill see you soon my friend".

Silvio got straight up, fixed his suit, then walked out of the apartment with cigar in hand.

what the hell just happened, it was over in about 5 minutes, could i really be heading back into management?
Good to see you building a character from the start. Good luck, will be following!
Dat Dutch tho xD anyway, nice start, good luck
The move dreams are made of

I lay in bed, gazing at the ceiling, waiting for this call from Silvio, he said he'd call this morning at 8, its now 8:30am, im starting to wonder if he was actually being serious about me flying to meet him, I may aswell get up and begin my day.

Its a beautiful day in Amsterdam today, definitely shorts and shirt weather, may even go check the local football paper, see who ive been linked with today, just as i was about to open the door and enjoy my one free day

Silvio had sent his private jet out to pick me up, i could get use to this

* Ring Ring*

"Hello, this is Johan"

"obviously, this is Silvio, my people will be at yours in 5,4,3,2.

*beep beep, phone hangs up*

"hello sir, Silvio is awaiting your arrival in Italy, we must go now

wow, this is amazing, as i gazed around this massive aircraft, gold plated everything, air hostesses waiting on me and hand and foot, they were quite nice on the eye aswell, but then again, would i really expect anything else from this man.

"Do you like what you see Mr Cruyff?, this is what you can expect from Mr Silvio" one of henchmen said as he puffed on his cigar as we slowly descended into Milan,

Signing, sealed, delivered

I was starting to feel the nerves kick in, I could see the rooftop of the most powerful mans house in the country, the house was huge, bigger then anything ive ever seen, considering im currently living in an apartment right now, this was a big deal.

As i got to the gate, i seen Silvio waiting for me, "Hello Johan, welcome to my residence, shall we move into my office to discuss a few things?"

we slowly made our way to the office, there were pictures everywhere, of women, he definitely knew how to get what he wanted, and i had a feeling he may get what he wants today

"Sit down Johan"

"Lets get straight to it, its obvious i have dismissed Pippo Inzaghi after a disastrous season last campaign and i want you to replace him, effective immediately".

"Im delighted you want me here, Mr Silvio, but do you think ive got the...

"Johan, you are one of the greatest players to ever grace the game, you demand respect, my players here at AC Milan need someone with fresh ideas, and i think you are more than capable of producing the results this great club deserves"

"im willing to give you three years to turn this club around, plus $85,000,000 to spend on new players, im backing you all the way here"

* Silvio Berlusconi places contract on table *

"sign the contract, and its yours Johan", the chance to manage Milan, is there anywhere you'd rather be right now?"
Don't do it, don't sing with Berlusconi. At least take out the Bunga Bunga clause.
I always like a good first person story, will be following ;)
Johan Cruyff takes AC Milan hotseat

Johan Cruyff has been given the chance to turn Milan's fortunes around

AC Milan have appointed Johan Cruyff as their new manager following the sacking of Filippo Inzaghi last week - immediately endearing himself to the club's support by vowing to 'make history'.
The Dutchman has signed a three-year deal at the San Siro and, significantly, will be assisted by Nenad Sakic - who announced his decision to stay at the club on Monday afternon.

Twelve months to the day since Pippo Inzaghi was named manager, hes gone and been replaced.

Cruyff began his new era in bullish fashion.

'It was always a wish for me to work in Serie A. To work as a manager for AC Milan, one of the biggest clubs in the world, makes me very proud,' he said.

'I have managed in games at the San Siro before and know what an incredible arena it is and how passionate and knowledgeable the fans are. This club has big ambitions; I too have big ambitions. Together I'm sure we will glory back to this massive club.'

Sakic is delighted to be told hes staying on as Cruyff's number two

Sakic's future had looked uncertain for some time, but the decision to keep him on in a senior capacity has delighted the 68-year-old.

'I am thrilled to have the chance to serve as assistant manager,' he said. 'Johan Cruyff is a world-class coach and I know I will learn a lot about coaching from being able to observe and contribute at such close quarters.

Announcing the appointments, Adriano Galliani said: 'In Johan Cruyff, we have secured the services of one of the outstanding managers in the game today. He has achieved many things in his career to date and Milan provides him with a fitting stage on which to write new chapters in his and Milan's history books

'Everyone is very excited about this new phase in the club's history. His track record of success in winning leagues and cups across Europe throughout his career makes him the perfect choice for us.

'People know him as a larger than life character but I have also been extremely impressed by his intelligence, thoughtful approach to the role and his diligence. I'm looking forward to working with him.
Good luck buddy. Nice story-

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