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We Are The Dolphins: Delfino Pescara Calcio

Started on 24 July 2015 by Welshy
Latest Reply on 27 July 2015 by Jer
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Here We Go Again..

Yes, I know what you're thinking, "another story?" Yes, it's another story. I had a lot of trouble getting into FM as of late, however I have 2 wonderful saves on the go and my desire for the game was restored, which is brilliant as I love FM and even when I struggle to get into it, I will play FM with a friend and mess around as Real Madrid or Chelsea for example and we'll have a great night. I'm VERY confident I can make this story successful as it's a very unique idea and I know the club quite well, surprisingly. So without further ado..

Welcome To Delfino Pescara Calcio!

So who are Delfino Pescara Calcio or more commonly known as Pescara? They are a club in Serie B, who have little success of late other than a one season stint in Serie A, as they were relegated and before then they had only had 5 seasons in the top division, most of them coming in the late 80's and early 90's however they had a 2 year stint in the 70's too. Delfino only have 2 trophies to their name, both of them being Serie B titles coming in the 1986-87 and 2011/12 seasons. Furthermore, the club have little history in terms of 'historic players' either, Brazil boss Dunga and now PSG midfielder, Marco Veratti are arguably the clubs best players from the past.

Why Pescara?

I have gone Pescara as I love the club, the city is beautiful as I have visited it several times and the club are unique I think, they are a small Italian club that have just floated round the Serie B and not had anything to shout about and to me, that's interesting! Furthermore, the badge. Just look at it. It's beautiful and who else has a dolphin on their badge? Exactly. I hope to take the club to new heights as the club really do deserve something to shout about. Forza Pescara!

The Manager

The manager is a young Welshman named Jake Reed, not much is known about the 20 year old, who has had a short career at Sunday league clubs in Wales. But the club has put their trust in him to push for the play-off's and hopefully achieve promotion to Serie A. Can he do it? With that said, enjoy the story!
Good luck with this, hope you can produce some great talents like Pescara did in real life (Verratti)!

I've Got Some News..

I might of been confident that the save would be a success but the board have other ideas.. back to the drawing board..
Oh dear, oh dear :))
Ooopppssss, sacking's in the air it seems :-)
Sacked already? I like Pescara's crest, I'd like to do a save with them sometime.
That can't be good :(

I was looking forward to another good Calcio story!
You can't win them all :(
I know guys.. gutted isn't the word actually.. probably going to start a story again soon!

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