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Into the Lilywhite light

Can the nearly men become title contenders?
Started on 5 October 2015 by BackPostHeader
Latest Reply on 23 November 2015 by Stam
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7 yearsEdited

Chapter I; Into the Lilywhite Light

''Alright Poch?''

I greeted my boss, Mauricio Pochettino, before slipping on my Magista boots in preparation for another session of training. The players slowly started to trickle through the door, Harry Kane, Ryan Mason, Christian Eriksen. It was a relaxed morning, nothing unusual...

After Training

''Mauricio, could you see me please?''

It was Daniel Levy.

''Of course'' said Pochettino

I turned to leave, but then I heard the door open. And a crestfallen Mauricio walk out.

''Everything Ok?''

''I- I've been...fired.''


''Levy said that we hadn't met the targets, he said...we failed.''

''I'm so sorry, shall I tell the players?''

''No, no, they better hear it from me.''

He was a broken man, he'd put so much into Spurs. I couldn't believe it, then I started to worry for my own job security. Would the new manager like me? Would he keep me on? My head started to spin, and then the door opened again. It was Levy.

''Omar, I'd like to see you please.''

Was this it? Was I gone too? I started to get a spinning feeling, I had butterflies in the pit of my stomach. I could scarcely feel my hands, my legs had gone numb from the knee down. I couldn't bare to listen.

''As I'm sure you're aware, we have...relieved Mauricio of his duties, with immediate effect. And I'm sure you're also aware that we need a new manager to replace him. You see Omar, we've been watching your coaching progress carefully, we've liked what we've when you coached the Reserves. We think you could be the next Head Coach of Tottenham Hotspurs, the question is; would you be willing to take the role?''

I was stunned, I couldn't believe what I had just witnessed. Was this all a big joke? Did Levy really want me at the helm?

''Are you serious?''

''I'm deadly serious.''

''I'm sorry, this is just a lot to process. Okay I'll do it.''

''Brilliant. We'll draw up a contract soon. Make sure you're available in the next few days. This is a big time for your career.''

I quickly walked out of the room, and took a deep breath.

''So this is my club now.''

I flipped open my phone, scrolled down to 'G' on the contacts list, and called George.

''George, I've got massive news!''

End of Introduction...


I hope ya'll enjoyed that little Intro to me Football Manager 2016 story, ''Into the Lilywhite light''! As you may have guessed I shall be starting off at Tottenham Hotspurs in the Barclays English Premier League. I can't promise that I'll update regularly, what with my computer still not fixed and my YouTube commitments, but I hope I'll enjoy writing this as much as I did my Noisy Neighbours story in FM15, and you all enjoy reading this! Stay tuned for more everyone! :)
Very nice writing in this first update, keep it up!
2015-10-06 12:50#220267 Zed : Very nice writing in this first update, keep it up!

Thanks Zed! :)
Nice! I like the style of this :)
2015-10-06 16:45#220284 Doctorinho : Nice! I like the style of this :)

Cheers Doctorinho!
Good atmosphere brewing in this story already, liking the sound of it :)
2015-10-07 19:55#220322 Jack : Good atmosphere brewing in this story already, liking the sound of it :)

Thanks Jack! I've been plotting out how the opening was going to go for a while now so I'm glad you're enjoying! :)
Excellent start man; good luck!
2015-10-08 09:47#220357 InfraRed : Excellent start man; good luck!

Cheers Infra! :)
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7 yearsEdited

Meeting with George

''So you're telling me, that Daniel Levy sacked Pochettino after training. Then offered you the job?''

''Yep'' I answered, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

''Why do I have trouble believing you?''

''Because, you're a bitter Liverpool fan who can't see the truth?'' I joked.

''Ha, ha very funny. But seriously, this is a big deal. Did you accept it?''

''Do you really need to ask me that? Of course I did.''

''This is weird though, I mean you said you'd become the best manager. Now you got your chance!

''Keep your voice down! You never know who could be here!''

''Oh yeah, sorry mate.''

''So, can I ask you who will play?''

''Not yet, there's still so much spinning round in my head. It's hard for me to think, but don't fret my Liverpool fan friend. Your club shall go to the ball!''

''Ha, ha I'll see you round mate.''

As I walked out of the Costa Coffee shop, I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. It was my agent, Dion.

''Yeah?'' I answered upon accepting the call.

''Omar, it's Dion. I heard you got the Spurs job?''

''How di-''

''Levy rang me, he wants the contract signed. Today!''

''Alright, looks like I'm going to be home late tonight.''

''You bet you are, there's a press conference arranged for tomorrow''

''Do any of the players know about this?''

''Yep, whilst you were off talking to George everything got sorted. Stuff got tweeted out, the squad was informed, we did everything.''

''Well let's get cracking then.''

''I'll see you there.''

The next 48 hours of my life would be some of the biggest I would ever face...
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7 yearsEdited

Press Conference

I was nervous, I couldn't have prepared for the nerves I would face upon my opening press conference as Spurs boss. There were cameras pointed toward me in all directions, it was all very constricting. On my left, Daniel Levy, my right, Joe Lewis.

''Shall we begin?'' asked Levy, clearing revelling in the attention the journalists, poised to open me up, were giving us.

''Jose Mourinho said when he came to England that he was 'The Special One', Jurgen Klopp said he was 'The Normal One' have you got your own version of that?''

This was it, this answer would shape my managerial personality, how the media would perceive me. And before I could stop myself the words were out.

''I'm...The Best One.''

There were a few chuckles around the room, several wry smiles spread across the faces of the so far blank faces of those in front of me, including my own, Levy looked pleased.

''For so long Totenham have been near misses for the Champions League spots, do you honestly think you can change this?''

''Why not? I wouldn't have gotten the job if I didn't believe we could do that, and more. There's a great youth project at the club. And enough money here to buy some players if need be. But for me, we need more trophies, a club this cannot finish in the top six every season and have almost no silverware. And I know we can change that.''

''Harry Kane was in phenomenal form last season, scoring 31 goals all told, but do you plan to lift the wait off his shoulders and bring in some reinforcements?''

''Maybe, you'll have to wait and see.''

''At 31 years old, you're the youngest manager in the history of the Premier League. Do you feel at all intimidated by your more experienced peers?''

''Nope, I'm in one of the best leagues in the world. I'm here because I deserve it, just because people like Jose Mourinho or Arsene Wenger have their pretty medals and superstar history doesn't make them any better than me. And I'm sure I'll prove that.''

''With the move to Spurs new stadium expected to be completed within the next few seasons, how badly do you want White Hart Lane to get a good sendoff? And to give some great last memories to the fans?''

''When you move from any ground it's emotional. You always want great memories, there's already so much history here. But to add just one more trophy, whether it's the League Cup, or the Champions League, would be fantastic.''

''Is there are club or manager you particularly look forward to facing?''

''Man City will be emotional, I've said for years I'll manage at that stadium someday so that one's big. Anfield will be good too, because I can't wait to prove all the doubters from my childhood wrong, and to get one over on them. In terms of managers, it will be great to face them all. But Arsene Wenger and Jurgen Klopp are probably the two biggest for me, I have the utmost respect for them both.''

''Last question'' said Levy

''Do you have a message for the Tottenham Hotspur fans?''

''Yes, believe. Don't just let me say we'll get in the top four, believe it. We're growing here, there will be a point soon where we are looking at Chelsea, United, City, Arsenal lower than us. We can and will do it. We just have believe we can do it, and then? Strive for better.

''I think that's a wrap now, thank you all for attending.''
chimed in Levy.

''That was brilliant Omar, they'll be eating out the palm of your hand now.'' said Lewis.

''So when do I get called the Enfield Mourinho?''
Tottenham have a great, young squad could definitely do some damage this year especially with "the best one" at the helm! Good luck mate.
2015-10-12 20:56#220428 C.J.Lippo : Tottenham have a great, young squad could definitely do some damage this year especially with "the best one" at the helm! Good luck mate.

Hehe yeah we do! Thanks pal! :)

First deals of the summer for Spurs

Tottenham Hotspurs have announced their plans to break into the top four with some impressive early summer deals, with five in total they should shore up their leaky backline and help add more spice up front.

Kevin Wimmer

The first deal of Spurs' summer was that of 22 year old FC Koln defender, Kevin Wimmer. With an outlay of £4,300,000 he represents a player of the future for the North London club. He was part of a Koln side the finished in a respectable 12th place and conceded 13 goals less than his new team (40 and 53 respectively).

Kieran Trippier

Next up was former Burnley and Manchester City right back, he won the 2008 FA Youth Cup with the latter, Kieran Trippier. He signed the dotted line for a bargain fee of just £3,500,000 another fairly young player who should enter his prime with Tottenham. He'll push Kyle Walker hard for the first choice right back slot, after a poor second half of last season saw doubt cast over whether he was the right man for the job.

Toby Alderweireld

This was a transfer battle the has seen Southamptom take legal action on the Lilywhites after a supposed £6,800,00 loan buy out fee was not cancelled by his former employers, Atletico de Madrid. The Saints were rumoured to have first refusal on the player for £6,800,000 after Atletico did not pay the £1,500,000 necessary for the buy out clause to be cancelled. And as such Spurs swooped in for £11,500,000 to bring him to White Hart as he looks to form a rock solid partnership with fellow country, Jan Vertonghen.

Clinton N'jie

After and impressive first season with big boys, there were no shortage of admirers when it came to Clinton N'jie. With 7 goals in 30 Ligue 1 appearances the 22 year old Cameroonian frontman caught the eye with his impressive turn of speed, agility and eye for goal. And if he can replicate that form in England then there's no reason why he can't be a Spurs cult hero and make his £8,300,000 price tag look like a bargain.

Heung Min Son

The biggest signing of the summer for Spurs, the former Hamburg and Bayer Leverkusen winger has been tearing apart the Bundesliga for a few years now, ever since his breakout 2012/13 at the former. With a bumper £22,000,000 fee he should be a regular starter on either the left or right flank, whether it will be Erik Lamela, Nacer Chadli or even Christian Eriksen to make way for the South Korean remains to be seen.

So what do you think of Tottenham dealings so far? Are they enough to break into those lucrative Champions League spots? Or will there be more to come from Laska, with Hakan Calhanoglu, Kevin Volland and Mauro Icardi reportedly on his radar. Previews on them to come soon.

Tottenham Hotspurs Transfer Targets

With the 2015 summer transfer window in full swing, and Spurs having made five signings already, there's been no shortage of players linked with Spurs. With Kevin Volland, Hakan Calhanoglu and Mauro Icardi being the most heavily linked. Of course with players from foreign leagues often raises the question, ''who are they'' in today's preview: Kevin Volland, Hakan Calhanoglu and Mauro Icardi.

Kevin Volland

A 23 year old Hoffenheim and Germany international, he has four caps for his country, Volland has burst onto the Bundesliga stage, gaining national acclaim for his explosive dribbling ability and rapid pace on the counter attack. A player with an eye for a pass, Volland managed 8 assists and proved he can hit the net as well with 9 goals. He'd be a great replacement for Erik Lamela, who is rapidly running out of time to save his Spurs career. But after the departure of Roberto Firmino to Liverpool for a club record sale, it's unlikely TSG will want to let another star player leave.

Hakan Calhanoglu

Possibly the best free kick taker in world football today, after a stellar 2013/14 season with Hamburg Calhanoglu departed the Bundesliga dinosaur to Roger Schmidt's Bayer Leverkusen. The Turk quickly became a fan favourite at the BayArena scoring 9 times last season, his progress is also being monitored by deadly rivals Arsenal so Spurs will need to act quickly to entice him to White Hart Lane. But after he made a dig a at former teammate Heung Min Son's transfer to North London there may be a rift between the two attackers that cannot be patched up.

Mauro Icardi

Last season's joint winner of the Capocannoniere, with former FC Bayern Munich and current Hellas Verona striker Luca Toni, Mauro Icardi certainly looks as though he can live up to the billing he created for himself when impressing at Sampdoria. With 22 Serie A goals last season, the Argentine has shown himself as one of Europe's deadliest goalpoachers. Excelling in a position Spurs so sorely lack, Icardi is sure to be top of Omar Laska's transfer wishlist as he aims to add more bite to his thin frontline and take the pressure off Harry Kane. Having also attracted interest from Chelsea he's another player the Lilywhites will need to look to negotiate a deal with Internazionale fast.

That sums up todays transfer previews, can Spurs complete any of these deals before the window slams shut in September?

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