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These Danish Delights; A Football Club Nordsjælland Journey

The Wild Tigers Adventure through Denmark & Europe begins
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FormIsntAll's avatar Group FormIsntAll 2015-12-18 18:11
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These Danish Delights; A Football Club Nordsjælland Journey

Football Club Nordsjælland (FCN for short) are a squad from the North Zealand town of Farum in Denmark which currently play in the Danish Superliga, the top tier of Danish Football and play their football at Farum Park. A team, that were created in 1991 as Farum Boldklub (A merger of the two previous teams in the town: Farum IK and Stavnsholt BK) before changing their name to Football Club Nordsjælland in 2003. They have won 3 trophies in their existence; the 2010 & 2011 Danish Cups (defeating FC Midtjylland both times) and the 2011-2012 Danish Superliga.

Known as the Wild Tigers, FCN tradionally are an attack-oriented, aggressive outfit on the pitch, embedded into each and every one of their players from the moment they enter the club, with their main focus philosophy being focused on youth and development of talent, so that they can continue to cultivate the style with which they play from within. They have rivals in the form of Kobenhavn, Lynbgy (who they battle with in the battle of North Zealand), Akademisk Boloklub Gladsaxe, Brondby IF and Birkerod.

MANAGER PROFILE: Mangus Jorgenson is the man I have decided to create for this save. A 35-year old, ex-professional player who grew up in Farum, and got his start in football with Farum IK aged 10 in their youth academy, before remaining with the club for nine seasons post merger, before leaving to try his hand in Sweden with Malmo FF, and then bouncing around different European leagues, even at one point finding himself playing with Blackburn in the English Premier League.

Although he was never selected for the Danish National team at any level, Mangus was often known as the greatest naturally gifted right winger the nation had produced, and managed to make a name for himself as an intelligent player, that had one of the quickest bursts of speed out of any footballer in the world.

Since 2010 though, his career has slowed down considerably, and he has bided his time in the lower levels (Or Series) of Danish football, only retiring this season. A FCN fan since their inception, and dating back to his days in Farum, he is more than capable enough to take on the job of pushing the "Wild tigers" to that next level.

Hope you all enjoy this introduction and save :).
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tenthreeleader's avatar Group tenthreeleader 2015-12-18 21:16
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Good man! Glad to see you up and running so soon. Looking forward to learning about the Danish game.
FormIsntAll's avatar Group FormIsntAll 2015-12-18 22:25
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Thanks man. And yeah, hopefully this save actually works out haha. I love Danish football, so it should be easy for me to really get into this save and feel invested with it ... especially with a team that's pretty much "middle of the road" when it comes to Danish football.
Murtagh's avatar Group Murtagh 2015-12-18 23:25
pt 508 posts 56 likes joined Jan 20, 2013
Nice introdution for your story. Definitely an interesting one ;)
And is nice to know a little more about Nordsjælland, they look like they grown fast.
Good luck man :)
FormIsntAll's avatar Group FormIsntAll 2015-12-18 23:52
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Thanks a lot and yea, looking forward to doing this save :). Glad I can help at least teach you a little about their history lol, gives a bit of history/backstory behind who they are and what they're about. It should also be noted: They're the team that Jonas Okorre played for before moving to Aston Villa and came through their Youth academy; the most expensive transfer fee received in the clubs history also, as well as having had Brian Oviado on loan (from Copenhagen) before he headed off to Everton. They were also taken over a few days ago as well irl so it's definitely an interesting club to be using
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FormIsntAll's avatar Group FormIsntAll 2015-12-19 01:39
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27 June, 2015
Farum, North Zealand, Denmark

"Now's not the time to think back and reflect ... it's time to think towards the future and what is to come"

Taking a deep breath, I remind myself of this fact as I stare at the sign that simply reads "Welcome to Football Club Nordsjælland". A club, that holds a special place in my heart; after all, it was here, that I started my footballing journey, at the tender young age of ten, all the way back in 1990. Back when the club that stands before me today, was two separate entities. Farum IK (the academy from whence I came) and Stavnsholt BK. I remember being told as an 11 year old, that I would be kept in the system with the new, singular entity that remained: known as Farum Boldklub until i was able to fully capitalize on the limitless potential that they had seen in me. Not that I understood any of this at the time, seeing as back then; all I wanted to do was play football and become the next Danish icon.

Heights, that I never truly reached in my career, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't content with how my path ultimately turned out. Would I have liked to have played for the Danish national team at some point? Of course, but many a talents never reach that level, no matter how hard they try. No matter how hard they might knock on that door, and I was just another name.

Another player, within the shuffle that is the world of football. But I'm not here to discuss my past, that can always come at a different time, in a different setting ... Right now, my mind's on one thing; one thing only. That is, finialising the agreement that I'll be the new manager of The "Wild Tigers", after the formal announcement of Olafur Kristjansson's shock resignation from the role merely a week ago.

An announcement, that took me by surprise, seeing as even though we had only finished mid-table last season, that was where we were predicted to be. We don't have as talented a roster as your Kobenhavn's, your Midtjylland's, your Brondy's, and as such, can be considered an also-ran if you're one to get more technically precise and Olafur hadn't seemed to have lost the locker room, at least looking in from the outside.

Does it always have to be that way? No, of course not. We can challenge them, give the Superliga pecking order a shake up, but maybe Kristjansson felt like he may have been getting a little bit stale. That's not for me to worry about though, as it's all said and done, and we cannot turn back time. All I know is, the board decided that I'm the right man to take the club to that next level that we speak about. That we dream about; and as a life-long fan and ex-player for the club, I see it as an honour; an opportunity that I will be grasping with both hands, and ensuring is completed.

Wearing my favourite combination of a white suit and trousers with black shirt and red tie combination, I take a deep breath, making sure that my mind and soul are both clear, whilst also maintaining a sense of the situation which I am about to enter. Two attributes, that had served me so very well as a player, and two attributes of my personality, that I can only hope, translate over to my managerial career.

"I probably shouldn't keep them waiting any longer," I remark, softly laughing as I begin to make my way down the freshly paved footpath, leading me right to the entrance, before using my left hand in order to push it open. Upon entry, I look around at the refurbished lobby, almost with a sense of awe coming across my face.

It'd been six years since I was last here; and even then, it was merely just to say "hello" to Fredrik Tommasen, the assistant coach and former high-school friend of mine, despite the media attention and speculation that I would be returning to the team, having been playing with SK Rapid Wien in Austria at the time.

My eyes can't help but slightly water, causing me to reach up and wipe them, knowing that on one hand; yes, this is an emotional reunion, no matter how much my professionalism won't allow me to dwell on this. Although no, I wasn't a "hometown hero" during my time here, I was a fan favourite and I loved them in return. That's how it is here; the fans will show you respect, if you show them respect, both on and off the pitch. I've been on both sides of the coin; as a player, and as a fan so I know what both parties desire, and I know the best methods in order to get the fans "onside" with what I intend to do here.

In fact, the board admitted that the fact that I have been a fan of the team for as long as I have been, was part of the reason why they had no hesitation in calling me up and bringing me into the hot seat, despite my lack of managerial experience, but to me: I can offer more of the tangible results than any mental steel or whatever intangible people wish to throw around that comes with experience in the managerial setting, along with the fact that at thirty-five, I'm young enough to be able to adapt and adjust with the game.

After all, I've spent the last twenty-five years of my life in the system; I know what works, and what doesn't from the perspective of a player. Of course, even adjustments might have to be made to my own mentality, as nothing is ever flawless ... I admit, there's going to be times where things go wrong, and tweaks have to be made, even to the most study and reliable of systems.

It's what has gotten me through the last five years of my playing career: realising just what worked in my style, and what I needed to modify, in order to fit in with what the gaffer wanted. What was best for the team I was on.

"Magnus!" My train of thought is instantly broken by the sound of a gruff yet calm voice coming from down the hall. A voice, that I had become more than accustomed to hearing over the course of the past week, as it belongs to none other than Tom Vermon, the chairman. "We're ready for you now" he states, which is my cue to head into his office, so that we can hammer out any final details we so desire regarding the contract. Simple formalities, when you think about it, but important nonetheless.

Making my way towards the office, I slightly allow myself some time to look at all of the pictures on the wall, even smiling a little bit when I see that there is indeed one of me up. Maybe it's my ego, but I always like it when I see a picture of myself adoring the walls of a place I've been. Shows that I left an impact of the club. My mark, on the very culture that the club had built. I can only hope to weild similar, or even greater influence, upon the culture here in Nordsjælland as manager.

Entering the office, I notice that a plush, red leather chair has already been prepared for him, with Tom and about three directors sitting on the other side of the table, stoic yet also surprisingly welcoming expressions upon their faces. To a lesser man, this set up might just be intimidating, but I'm not them. In fact, I almost feel like this is homely in a sense. A reminder, that right from the start, I'm going to be in the spotlight.

"Thanks for joining us," Tom comments, simply getting a nod of the head and a "thanks for having me," in return. "Now, you remember what we discussed on the phone earlier, don't you Magnus?" his voice sharp yet also calm in nature is enough to get a "Yeah, and all's good on my end," from me, before he simply slides a piece of paper and a pen over, stating:

"As I promised, your contract, along with our proposed budgets in regards to payroll". Glancing over the numbers placed in front of me, I notice that the payroll budget is only around 60,000 euros per week, which in my eyes at least, wouldn't be enough to not only sign talent that could fit in with the grand picture, but also retain the talent that we do have here, whereas for now anyway, I can't see myself really using the 650k transfer budget that the board are willing to offer, though I do recall Tom informing me during our phonecall, that I could change the budgets in any fashion I so choose, at any given time. I glance over it again, making sure that I didn't miss anything that might come up as having been important later, before simply completing the formality of signing it, along with the contract offer to myself that had been neatly positioned under it, in a nonchalant fashion.

"Anything else?" I remark, calmly but also in a blunt enough fashion to see if there was something they wanted for me, before I got stuck into the job that lies ahead. The task, of molding the "Wild Tigers" into not just a force here in Denmark, but the entirety of Europe.

"No. that's all for now. Thanks again" this time it's one of the directors who states those words, as I turn my heels, say my thank you's and good byes before heading down the lobby once more. I'll figure out all the "paperwork" and office stuff later, but for now, it was time to go home and get the team structure side of things sorted.

The road begins here, and I cannot wait to set the wheels of glory into motion.

They will fear the Wild Tiger.
Live For FM's avatar Group Live For FM 2015-12-19 05:25
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great start :)
FormIsntAll's avatar Group FormIsntAll 2015-12-19 13:25
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Thanks man :).
Murtagh's avatar Group Murtagh 2015-12-19 17:12
pt 508 posts 56 likes joined Jan 20, 2013
Nice update, very nice to see Mangus Jorgenson's ambition.
Let's see the Wild Tigers attacking the football scene :D
FormIsntAll's avatar Group FormIsntAll 2015-12-19 17:27
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Thanks and hopefully we can do just that ;D.
FormIsntAll's avatar Group FormIsntAll 2015-12-19 20:15
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1 July 2015
Farum, North Zealand, Denmark

"Hey Magnus, it's Nicolai ... I'm definitely willing to take on the role as Farum assistant coach."

Hearing those words, I couldn't help but smile. Nicolai Stokholm is the perfect sort of personality to be around this club: a fan favourite, who was one of the driving forces behind our title push in 2011-2012, along with our 2010 and 2011 Danish cup victories, and held in good rapport by the players. He had also advanced further than I had in our respective player careers, having had the chance to represent Denmark eight times, whereas I was more of a "journeyman" at high-level club competition, so honestly: it was a no-brainer to "reach out" and at least put an offer in for him to return to the club with which he ended his illustrious career; an offer, which he has gladly accepted.

Whilst the description of his job might be to work with the "B" team and help develop the talents there for the most part, I will be using him with the first team, and especially to mentor the young defensive midfielder Lasse Petry: a player, who I hold very high hopes for in this squad.

He's already first-team quality, especially with how he is able to sit back and act as a deep-lying playmaker, whilst being more than responsible in his defensive duties. Two traits that I'm going to be looking for from the DM position and at only twenty-one years of age, he has a lot of growing and developing that he can still do.

Hopefully being able to work with someone familiar with him and who knows his style like Nikolai will help develop and help him reach the potential within. It'll be more of a "mentor" relationship than just a simple coach/player relationship, if I was to but a definitive term on it. I'll be taking on a similar role myself, with our twenty-one year old Swedish talent David Moberg-Karlsson who is naturally a striker but will mostly be playing on the left wing under our system and a player who has the natural gifts to be something special in the future.

But with interest from clubs like Wolves and Brentford in England and Red Bull Leipzig in Germany, it's going to be a battle to keep him; I actually breathed a sigh of relief when his agent came forth and informed us that he would be willing to sit down and discuss contractual terms with us in light of the speculation surrounding his future. It's an indication that he wants to stay, and I want him to stay, so it's mutually beneficial for both parties that we can sit down and have productive discussions regarding contracts.

The discussions themselves went well enough, to where I'm confident that he'll realise just what we have going here as well as the fact that I'm willing to help tutor him in the art of being a winger, thus making his positional and role change more seamless and natural, rather than simply telling him "here's your new role, like it or not" as some other managers might do. All it really does, is unsettle the player; make them doubt their own quality. I've been in that position myself, when Malmo wanted me to play Right Back for ten games back in the 1999 Allsvenskan campaign.

I did it more for depth reasons, but was thrown into the position with virtually no experience and expected to prosper, despite being more of an attack-oriented player. It did help develop me further as a player, which is a positive of changing positions and being forced to adjust; adapt your own game to the benefit of the team. Something that I plan on teaching the finer points of to the team, as that's one of the beauties of football. The fact, that the game is never truly stagnant; it is always-evolving, always changing ... and we have to stay with the curve.

No, we have to be above the curve, or even better: we have to be the curve itself. The revolutionaries on the pitch, the ones who leave their footprint on the footballing culture. And as with all revolutions, it has to begin from within our own system; more specifically, we had to embed the ideals of the revolution into the club at all levels, before we can even dream of imposing it upon the rest of Denmark and furthermore, the entirety of Europe. It's a work in progress, but the first few training sessions have overall been positive in regards to that.

The players seem to be absorbing my ideas and are willing to comfort themselves with life beyond Olafur. Some of that might come down to the fact that I haven't looked to change much with the coaching or playing staff just yet, minus a few players that i deem surplus to requirements and as such, released on a free transfer and sending a few of our prospects out on loan, so that they can get first-team football and further their development. I'm a man of stability; I don't want to change too much about the processes, when I don't see too much that needs to be changed.

That goes for off-the-pitch as well as on the pitch. That doesn't mean that there won't be changes though, but most of those will be additions rather than subtractions and only if they fit into the ideal picture. In short: I won't just be signing people, for the sake of signing them.

"I don't want to feed off reputation ... I want to create it", I sharply remark to myself, almost as if I was answering a question at a press conference. I want Nordsjælland to be a talent factory, instead of merely the beneficiaries of other people's work; as somebody who myself, was developed and nurtured within this very system.

Just as all the Barcelona's, the Real Madrid's, the Manchester United's of the world have done. Developed talent, and made them great. Of course, they have brought in their fair share of big names over the time, but their culture has been immersed in development.

"Aspire for greatness, and everything else will follow", as my father would tell me; that's exactly what I have done my entire life, and what I am doing right now. You have to, if you have any intentions of succeeding ... yes, it may not always be realistic to say "we're going to win the title" each and every season, but you're lying if you state that you're not even thinking about it. Everyone is, even the most 'humble' personality has championship aspirations. It's just the nature of life ... the victor is the one who ultimately gets the spoils.

And we want to be that victor ... no matter what it takes.
Murtagh's avatar Group Murtagh 2015-12-19 21:55
pt 508 posts 56 likes joined Jan 20, 2013
Great update, and I love this ideas for the club.
I hope you take advantages from this youth talent, and make them thrive within the club :)
FormIsntAll's avatar Group FormIsntAll 2015-12-20 02:46
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Thanks and yeah; I've always been a fan of building from within, and there's some really good youngsters here that I hope can turn into very good players for the team :).
Live For FM's avatar Group Live For FM 2015-12-20 05:02
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great update man, keep it up :)
FormIsntAll's avatar Group FormIsntAll 2015-12-20 07:47
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