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Conquering the Americas

Started on 21 November 2009 by joannes3000
Latest Reply on 17 February 2010 by joannes3000
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Ah deadly thats 1 way of getting a job i know has always been there but I never tried and im just after starting a new game and got rejected by a team in the colombian second division but Kettering town and Welling offered me a job! Decisions here!haha! Cant wait until your next post!!
I haven't had a chance to sim any more games lately, so here's some ramblings from me.

I checked on my coaching status after I qualfied for the playoff since I was still pretty pissed about dropping from being dubbed a "talented manager". Mind you, I wasn't mad because I feel like I'm a tactical genious; I just want to increase my chances of getting a better job. :) I was happy to see that while I'm still at baseline manager status, my reputation has now elevated from regional to national! I'm hoping that I can maintain this new reputation more easily.

Time to get this two leg playoff out of the way so I can see what's in store for the future.
Well, I got the first game out of the way just now and it was bittersweet. The good is that we managed a 1-1 draw, setting us up favorably for the second leg at home. I don't have to worry about making up a goal so I can play aggressively in spots instead of long stretches.

The bad is that we will be without some key players. Going into the match, I was worried about the impact the referee would have in the game. He had given out a ridiculous number of yellow cards, something to the tune of 170 cards in 19 matches! First order of tactical business? I instructed my players to be cautious with their tackling. I still managed to lose one of my starting center mids, however, because he reached the 3 card limit.

Compounding things is the fact that I lost a key reserve (covers both fullback spots) to injury. The initial trainers report is calling for a 4 week absence. We play again in 3 days so we don't have time to feel sorry for ourselves. Time to get it done on the pitch.
saplingg : PROMOTION!!!!

You said it best! I can't summarize how hard my guys battled, but we managed to win the match on penalties, 5-3. Feel free to download the match if you'd like to watch the magic happen.

Match replay
The good news from our promotion was quick to pour in!

As I had hoped, our fantastic results this season have coaxed the board into splashing some cash. While it remains to be seen what kind of player/wage budget I'll be working with in the First Division, we've got a new stadium on the way! Our old 900 person stadium, Ingenio Sancarlos, is being sold and replaced by the brand new Carlos Sarmiento Stadium that can house nearly 2400 fans.

"The Carlos Sarmiento board have today announced that the club have been granted planning permission to build a new stadium.

Construction of Carlos Sarmiento Stadium will cost around $2M, although this figure will be offset by the $190K the club will receive by selling Ingenio Sancarlos.

The board have secured a loan of $1.68M to help finance the stadium project.

Additional funding for the project has been secured with a stadium sponsorship deal worth $155K and a $93.49K grant from the authorities.

The new stadium is scheduled to be finished on Saturday 5th January 2013 and will boast undersoil heating and a capacity of around 2379.


And to help cover operating costs:

"The board has injected $210K to help with the club's running costs."

Keep it coming, guys!


In terms of personal achievements, I was named Coach of the Year.

"Escuela Carlos Sarmiento Lora's joannes 3000 has won the Colombian Second Division Manager of the Year award.

Johan Meza of Unión Magdalena was the runner-up for the award, whilst Rionegro's Albeiro García completed the top three.
Congratulations !!!

Nice story. I enjoy it.
Congrats! You've fought hard for it and I really have to respect your discipline for not cheating in an overwhelmingly frustrating two seasons.

Looking forward to seeing a transfer budget!
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Thank you, saplingg. The way I see it, I was making enough positive strides with the club to keep going. It was a big blow to watch our wage budget suffer so dramatically from 2009 to 2010, and I think our early run of success was instrumental in keeping me motivated. I have no problem with fighting through a challenge, but it has to come with enough financial backing to make the fight reasonable. To be honest, I would have probably resigned early into 2011 if I didn't get a competitive budget.

As it stands, however, we're going into 2011 with a wealth of success and I'm hoping our ascension into Division 1 comes with a workable budget. When I was taking Newport County through the ranks, it always killed me when we would earn promotion only for the board to maintain a similar budget from the previous league. Typically speaking, you get a bump in income from gaining promotion - new kit sponsors, new TV deals, etc. Ultimately, I will work with what I'm given, but it sure is nice to have money to upgrade players! And I'm not even talking about world-class footballers - I just want players that can keep me from getting relegated.

With the funds that the board has laid out so far, I have guarded optimism regarding our upcoming wage budget. On the one hand, the board looks to be feeding off the confidence of getting promoted; having laid out money for a new stadium (a first in any of my games!) and then shelling out another ~200k for running costs. Why not continue things by giving me a budget that will allow me to upgrade the roster a bit and keep our success going, right? :D On the other hand, the owners may want to keep the wage budget under control because of the mentioned expenses. We will have loan payments to worry about, on top of the regular operating monthly expenses.

We'll find out this morning when I fire things up. Off the top of my head, there will already be several starting positions to fill due to expiring loan contracts. We'll be missing some bench depth as well since I transferred out a handful of players to keep our weekly wages from going into the red. The big thing, however, will be trying to find upgrades instead of the same level of talent that we had been bringing in. It goes without saying that we were outclassed in most of our games (according to the oddsmakers) and I'm sure that we will be facing the same challenge in a higher division.
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More housekeeping stuff before we start up with player signings.

The benefits of promotion keep coming. Take a look at this increased revenue stream:

"Carlos Sarmiento have announced a new main kit sponsor. The 3 year sponsorship deal is estimated to be worth $275K per annum.

The club's previous sponsorship deal was worth $31.1K per annum.

Out with the old kit sponsor and in with a new one; to the tune of nearly 9x more money!


We've also been busy signing some new staff members. My old restriction of 4 coaches has been increased to 10. Now we can field a more proper back room staff! We've added 4 star GK and Attacking coaches to go along with 3.5 star Ball Control, Shooting, Defending, and Aerobics coaches. These are all improvements from the 1.5-2 star ratings we had previously. :shock

We're also allowed additional scouts, but I'm only looking to add one more while we look to replace our current scouts with ones that have a better eye for talent. Rather than spend a lot on scouts at a small club, I employ a handful - one to scout our next opponent and 2-4 to roam around the country.
2012 First Phase

Season Expectations

"You have told the board that you believe you can avoid relegation.

As a result, your transfer budget for this season has been set at $45K and your wage budget at $14.25K p/w.

The club is currently spending $6,992 per week on wages.

There was a negligible increase in weekly wages if I told the board that I would achieve a midtable finish, so I went the safe route and said that we'd aim to avoid relegation. This seems like a realistic goal to fight for, given that it's our first season in a bigger division and there will be a lot of changes to the roster before we start aiming higher.

I don't know what to do with all this money! My wage budget is now more than double form last season and we actually have transfer money set aside. Actually, what I'll likely do is dump all of my transfer money into the wage budget since I'm not keen to pay transfer fees until I feel more established.

Starting Eleven


The transformation that began with the coaching staff can now be seen within the starting eleven. New starters include:

DMC - Charles Hurtado
MC - Cesinha
ST - Brayan Fernandez

Hurtado will do his best to replace Paulinho, who we couldn't get back on loan. Hurtado is more athletic but is lacking overall technique, so if he trains well he can be more effective than Paulinho.

Cesinha is a dynamic Brazilian that I was extremely happy to sign. His impact should be felt greatly throughout the center of the pitch, and he has the versatility to play AMC and ST as well.

Fernandez was brought in on loan because my leading front man, Ubel Herrera is still suffering from an injury he sustained last season. When Herrera comes back in ~10 weeks, he and Fernandez should do well in a rotation.



First, here is the ending transfer table from 2011. The thing to note are the outgoing transfers I essentially had to make; either because I couldn't afford to resign the players (at the time) or because I had to keep myself from going into the red.


And now, here is the transfer table to begin 2012. The outgoing transfers are dead weight this time! And for the first time, we have hit the transfer market with a handful of players coming in on free transfers.
Keep it up!
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Recent Fixtures


Columbian Cup

No games played yet.

League Table



Well, the early returns on our transfer moves are looking positive. We aren't setting the league on fire, but we certainly aren't giving away easy matches. As mentioned in a previous post, three of our signings are starters and three more make up our seven man bench. I think we made enough moves before the close of the first transfer window to put up a fight against relegation.

This is a lot more new faces than I normally feel comfortable bringing in, but I wanted to improve our team quickly in an attempt to avoid being sent back down. As the results show, I feel comfortable against teams that are similarly or slightly more talented than we are. There is a dramatic difference when we play the teams on top, however. Atletico Nacional (0-3 loss), Santa Fe (0-2 loss), and Chico FC (2-4 loss) were quick to show us the ropes of Division 1.
Recent Fixtures


Columbian Cup


League Table



The first phase of league play is coming to a close and we're sitting comfortably in the middle of the table. With 4 games to go we are only 3 points out of the 8th seed. Being our first season at Division 1, however, I won't be upset if we don't qualify for group play. I won't complain, either. :D

We've also logged one game in the Columbian Cup as well, which was a win over Division 2 side Atletico La Sabana. Our 3-2 victory underscores the fact that Atletico La Sabana are currently leading Division 2 and have already qualified for group play.

We are finally at full strength going into the back end of phase one and it's nice to have our full rotation of players available! And now that I've had a chance to see the team at full strength, I've noticed that we could use another playmaker forward. We'll be looking to target one in the next transfer window.
well done, good luck with getting into group play

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