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Leicester City - The Dutch Revolution

Started on 27 December 2015 by Laurens
Latest Reply on 2 January 2016 by mgriffin2012
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I just finished the afternoon training when I entered my office. I sat down on my chair while I turned on my computer. Every day I think about the offer of Tottenham a few years ago, what would life look like if I didn’t declined it, what would life look like now? I would probably play European football, I would work with players like Kane, Eriksen and Vertonghen, instead I work with Sanogo, Veltman and Gudelj. Even though I love Ajax and that it will always be my number one, I kinda want to leave but I neither want to betray Ajax. Tessa the assistant of the club walks in

Tessa: Good day mister de Boer! How are you?

Me: I’m always good when you’re around Tessa

Tessa: I have a boyfriend Frank

Me: such a shame

Tessa: Anyway, Would you like some coffee mister de Boer

Me: My name is Frank Tessa

Tessa: Would you like some coffee Frank?

Me: Yes please

Tessa: Anything else Frank?

Me: Your number?

Tessa: Sorry Frank, no chance

As Tessa leaves the room I log in on my computer. I open my mail and dig through my mailbox. Damnit, all those fashion spam of my daughter. Only crap today…. Hey, what’s that? A mail of my agent.

After I read the mail Tessa walked in and gave me some coffee. I closed my computer and walked to my car. A group of teens ran toward me and asked for a picture. “Sure guys”. I had a little conversation with them. I drove to my house when suddenly there came this news message on the radio: “Leicester City coach Claudio Ranieri had a heart attack on the trainings field” Horrible message. Instead of going home immediately I decided to have a drink on the museumplein. I parked my car and sat down on the terrace and asked the waitress for a drink. I looked around at the beautiful buildings in Amsterdam. On the right some Asian tourists took a picture with the I Amsterdam sign and on the left some teens sitting in the grass. Just when I wanted to drink my phone started to rang.

Me: Hello this is Frank

Bas: Good night Frank this is Bas, your agent

Me: Hey Bas how are you man!

Bas: I’m doing fine, listen, you have to come to my house as soon as possible

Me: What’s wrong

Bas: I’ll tell you everything when you’re here

Me: Tomorrow after the training?

Bas: No, I mean like tonight

Me: Tonight?

Bas: Yes

Me: oh well, I’m going to try

Bas: No, you’re coming, I expect you in 30 minutes

Me: Alright then, see you

After I finished my drink I walked to my car and drove away. I was heading towards Amstelveen. After I parked my car I walked into the office of my agent. It was quite a big office with a lot of people walking through the hallway. *knock knock* Come in!
I walked into Bas’ office where he was calling with someone, “Wait a minute Frank, let me finish this call”. Bas is a guys with blonde short hair, he has to be around 40 and wears a black suit. He smokes a lot, that’s why he has a damaged skin and yellow teeth. Bas is a nice guy, always in for a drink and never gets angry.

Bas: Okay Frank, I’m done, so the reason why I called you is because we got an offer

Frank: An offer?

Bas: Yes, and in my opinion a great offer

Frank: Okay

Bas: Leicester called

Frank: Leicester city?

Bas: Yes

Frank: I see

Bas: Frank listen, Leicester is a great club, playing in the best competition of the world

Frank: Best of the world?

Bas: You know what I mean

Frank: Yeah I do

Bas: So?

Frank: let’s do it

Bas: Wait what?

Frank: I’m done here, I’ve had 5 amazing years I will always love Ajax but I want another challenge

Bas: That’s quite a shock for me to be honest but Okay! Awesome I’ll inform you later! Would
you like some coffee?

Frank: I’d like a beer, what about celebrating this?

Bas: Great plan
Fantastic start mate, good luck
Interesting start and nice team choice! Hopefully Vardy will invite you at his party! :)
Tremendous start, I will be following!
Interesting beginnings!
After Tessa left the room and Frank open his computer I was imagining it was going somewhere else :P
Radders2109 Thanks :)

jonathanmdp I hope :D

Griffo Thanks!

Bensons Thank you!

Walkinsaw hehe ;)


The Dutch manager arrived Thursday on the airport. After he made a few pictures with the fans he drove to the King Power Stadium for a press conference. A journalist of The Guardian had a little interview with him

Good day Frank! How’s it to be here?
It’s amazing to be here, awesome stadium, great city and amazing fans
What are your goals for this season?
Well, I think it’s not the right moment to predict already
Okay, Are there any players you want to sign this summer?
Yes, of course
Can reveal some names?
Haha, nice try
Okay, no names. You have never won anything in Europe, are your plans to come far in Europe with Leicester?
We’ll see
Okay, thanks Frank
No problem

Rumours are going that de Boer wants to bring Hakim Ziyech to the Premier League. Ziyech is a goal scoring midfielder of FC Twente who made 85% of the goals of Twente last season. Ziyech is known for his dribble, pace and passing

Here’s a short list of the achievements of de Boer
Remember packing him on FIFA 15! Anyway, good appointment mate
Best of luck!


Hakim Ziyech

Hakim Ziyech is a Moroccan/Dutch midfielder of FC Twente. Ziyech is known for his outstanding scoring ability and his amazing vision. Stats prove what an amazing player Ziyech is. Only 15% of the goals of FC Twente didn’t come from Ziyech (Twente made 18 goals, Ziyech made 10 and made 5 assists) Ziyech was in the preselection for the World Cup in 2014, van Gaal didn’t chose him at the end. The main reason Ziyech chose the Moroccan national team instead of the Dutch. Ziyech was born in Dronten, the Netherlands and is 22 years old. Ziyech is comparable with Koke. Ziyech played for ASV Dronten, SC Heerenveen and FC Twente.

José Izquerdo

José Izquerdo is a 22 years old LW from Pereira, Colombia. He’s one of the fastest players in the world and is a very skilful dribbler. Izquerdo made 13 goals last season, what makes him a really goal scoring winger. You could compare Izquerdo with Deulofeu and Gervinho, Izquerdo has the potential to become one of the best players of Colombia. Izquerdo is worth around €5.000.000,- His long shots are also one of his strongest points, making him a very many-sided player. Izquerdo played for Deportivo Pereira, Once Caldas and Club Brugge.
nice targets, i will be seeing who you sign
Can't wait to see who you sign mate
VNo1VillaFan We'll see who will join
Radder2109 Will update soon ;) cheers
Great start for your story, and interesting targets.
Keep it up ;)

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