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The Ultimate Manager Challenge (SI Forum)

SI Forum Challenge
Started on 27 January 2016 by ThatFMRegen
Latest Reply on 30 January 2016 by alanstrong83
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My Attempt at "The Ultimate Manager Challenge"

Hello everyone, I've been a long time reader of stories but never thought about posting myself. But here I am! And I have found a really good challenge/save to do.

In previous versions of FM I have completed the Pentagon Challenge and I absolutely love this save, but after seeing lots of people already doing this save I have decided to do something even harder and tougher!

The challenge is called "The Ultimate Manager Challenge". This is something I found on the SI Forums and its perfect for me as I love a good long hard challenge.

So what is this challenge I hear you ask?

Well the idea is to win the top league in: Spain, England, France, Italy and Germany + 5 other top divisions of my choice.

In these 10 nations I also need to win the domestic cup competitions (where there is 2 i.e. England have FA and League Cup I only need to win 1)

Alongside this I have to win the 5 continental Champions League & The Club World Championships

Thats sounds a tough task I hear you say! But theres more!

Yes I ALSO have to conquer the international scene. So I have to win:

The World Cup, European Championships, African Nations, Asian Cup, Copa America, Gold Cup and the Confederations Cup!

Looking on the SI Forum thread for this it has only been completed 3 times in FM15 and never in FM16. Can I do it? Well I certainly hope so!

Obviously this is going to take AGES so I have to make the game as quick as possible. To do this (please don't leave after you read this) I will being using FM Touch, this is the streamlined version of FM16 and is perfect for this kind of challenge. Along with this I will more than likely be using Instant Result, in bigger more important games like Cup finals, etc I will play the game as normal.

I did it this way for my Pentagon Save on FM14 and it worked perfectly, I will take control of transfers, tactics, match plans, training, etc and my Assistant Manager will take control of the game with the match plan instructions already set.

So that the idea of the challenge, but there are some extra rules that are set

I have to:

Be 20 years old
Start with the lowest reputation and no badges (on FM Touch there is only reputation)
Only be my proper Nationality (English)
No additional languages
No use of In-game editor, cannot use unlockables (apart from the international management unlockable or I wouldn't be able to complete this challenge)

So that's the setup of the games. Here I go! Can I become the greatest FM manager of all-time?

I hope you all follow me on my journey to the top

Day One

So here we go, its day one and my game is loaded up.

This post is just a little introduction into what I have setup

Here is my manager so you know I have adhered to the rules set

As you can see my manager has the Date of Birth 24/7/1996. I have started the game at the beginning of January 2016 so my manager is 19 years old.

Also he has the Reputation of "Sunday League Footballer"

Here are the leagues I have decided to load for the challenge. There are the main 5 European one that I need and 5 others, 1 in Europe and 4 others spread over the 4 continents, this is to make sure I have a chance of winning the Continental Champions League

To make sure I wasn't applying for all the normal jobs available in the game I have holidayed a month then applied for all jobs.

The next update will come when I have my first job.

Thanks for reading!
My first job!

Hey everyone, well it has taken around 4 months for me to find a job that I felt was right. I did get numerous offer from the lower reaches of France, England and Scotland but none floated my boat.

The one came through at the end of the season in Scotland League 2. A bit lower than I wanted to start but its a club I feel I can push up the leagues and in turn increase my reputations

Yes the offer came from Clyde. They have just finished 2nd in League 2 and have just lost in the Promotion Play-offs. Clyde were predicted to end first and have one of the best squads in the league

Here is a screenshot of the club overview

So a decent club to start with, even if I made no changes to the squad I feel we can have a successful season next year. The finances aren't good, We are £11k in our overdraft and the current budgets are £0 transfer and £5k wage (we already use £4.9k of that)

I plan to post one update per season from now on unless something major happens, i.e a new job or a trophy win.

I hope you are enjoying reading, I welcome any feedback, tips or advice.

Thanks for reading
Good luck just started this challenge myself

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