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The Kévin Gauthier Story

Started on 30 March 2016 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 8 June 2016 by mgriffin2012
Absolutely storming it.

Month in Review: May

During the month of May we got to see Gauthier and his team lose for the first time since the first of July last season. Despite the crushing 3-5 loss to Chao Pak Kei the club was able to recover after that. May was mostly the month for cup play with two cup matches. Sporting would win both and are now set for the quarter final against Chao Pak Kei.The loss brings the club down to second place at the end of the month.

Match of the Month: 23 May Macau U23's
Facing Macau U23's in the fifth round of the Taça de Macau saw Sporting have another outstanding match. In this match Sporting would dominate from the kickoff. The countries U23 proxy club were outmatched and outplayed during the 90 minutes. Timba Eder would be the man of the match scoring two goals. Sadly winger Gilberto Monteiro went down with an injury and will be out for a week.

Man of the Month:

Veteran midfielder Timba Eder was the most important player for the month of May. The 31 year old showed up and proved that age does not matter. He would score three goals and have an average match rating of 9.0.

Managers Thoughts:
Honestly I am a bit disappointed in the month. Yes we have advanced to the quarter finals but that result against Chao Pak Kei really has bothered me. Letting them score five goals really upset me. I just don't know what happened this month?? Seriously the production of the players was very disappointing. With five matches to go in the league we need to focus or we will not win the league.

What to look forward to in June:
June is the start of the transfer window and the club is looking to make a few moves. in league play there are two matches against Macau U23's and Cheoc Lun. In the Taça de Macau Sporting get to face Chao Pak Kei once again. This time they are looking to settle the score and get revenge from the last two meetings.

The race to the title is really tight, best of luck!
All to play for in the last 5 games mate, looks like it'll go right down to the wire. Good luck!
Brilliant results in the cup!
Looking close in the league!

Good luck! :)

Month in Review: June

The start of the month really stung for Sporting as they would drop their second match of the year.The Macau U23's surprised Gauthier and company in a 2-1 victory. Other than the loss Sporting had two positive results in both league and cup play. With the victory against Chao Pak Kei the club returns to the semi final. Despite the loss Sporting still have a chance at a league title while trailing by two points currently.

The transfer window had been open during this month and Sporting only made one move. 18 year old Brazilian goalkeeper Santos who joins us after spending his time with Juventus (SP). The transfer came in at a €23K price tag. Also two players of the academy left the club for other clubs

Match of the Month: 19 June Chao Kei Pak
They say the third time is the charm and that statement was true this season against Chao Kei Pak. After facing them twice with results of a draw and a loss Sporting were looking to get a win. Well they did thanks to some really good play that was perfect. Aldo Di Gioia was they reason for the victory scoring a hatrick.

Man of the Month:

Despite only appearing four times all season for the club up to this point, Aldo Di Gioia was the man of the month. The 19 year old Italian put on a performance that got the club back into the semi final. He has been an amazing player during the absence of Gilberto Monterio who is out for the next 6-9 weeks.

Managers Thoughts:
Ugh I can't believe we lost to Macau U23's the way we did. That really hurts because we are on the verge of not winning the league. Honestly if we don't win I am going to be so sad as we worked so hard this year. What really upsets me is that the production offensively has decreased and we are not playing exciting football. I am looking forward to the 13 July match against Benfica we need to win and if we do we become league leaders.

What to look forward to in the last two months:
Sporting are now four matches away from the end of the 2019 Liga de Elite season. These will be very important so we need all the fan support in each match. Facing Benfica on the 13th could determine who is the league champion. Outside of that if the club wins the semi final match against Lam Pak they will return to the final of the Taça de Macau for the third year in a row.

Journal Entry #7

4 July, 2019

It is a few days until the big match against Benfica and I thought I would write a little bit about how things are going in my life so far. I mean things are going great and I am really enjoying my second season in Macau. it has been wonderful and this team has been amazing. Honestly I had thought this season would be easy but I was proven wrong. Our two losses really stung but at the same time it has made the season exciting.

Well now here is something really interesting career wise. I keep getting interviews with so many clubs back home in Europe and that makes me very happy. There is one downfall to all of this. I keep getting really good interviews and the chairmen love me but I just don't get it. During my interview with Stjarnan when I was rejected I asked the chairman why despite doing so well. He said it is because I am not local in Europe and that is the reason why. I am honestly not shocked about that and that makes me think.

I had a meeting with my agent asking what I should do. He thinks I should move back to Europe after this season so I can get a job. For some reason I am in a limbo here in Macau because some of the teams bigger countries in Asia want me but I just don't like what I am offered. Also it seems like Australia is now just a dream.

Now I need to think with about a month left. if we win the league we get to go to the AFC Cup and that is very exciting. The thing is I am ready to go back to Europe and from what it seems I need to go back in order to get a job. I will know by the fall.

This will be a very hard thing to do and I need to think it out. I hope whatever decision I make is the right one.
Good luck, big ending to the season coming up!

Month in Review: July

Sporting are back on top in one of the most important months in recent club history. Previously in June the club was in second place and were looking to get out of the month on top. Well thanks to amazing play and a solid work ethic in the month they are closer to the championship. For the Taça de Macau Sporting will return to the final for the third year in a row. With one match left Sporting have a chance to clinch the title in the final day of the season next month.

Match of the Month: 13 July Benfica
The match of matches all season was played on this date. Winner would control their destiny for the 2019 Liga de Elite. During the days before the match bookies and pundits alike felt this match would be a draw and that Benfica would be the one on top still at the end of the day.

Well Sporting got the deserved victory after working real hard to get a 4-2 victory. Despite being in control all match Benfica had several amazing chances and converted two goals late in the match. Sporting would end up going for attacking and playing defensively all throughout the match and that helped. Vinicius Lemes was the hero for Sporting with his two goals.

Man of the Month:

Luis Domingues was on fire all month long. With an amazing 9.5 rating he was the man of the month. His seven goals were the main reason we have not lost a match all month. It is credit to his work ethic that got him an amazing moth. His best match came against Lam Pak in the Taça de Macau scoring four goals.

Managers Thoughts:
This was one of the most important months since I took over and wow we are back on top. Unlike the past two months I did not see anything bad go on in training and the players seemed to be on the same page once again. I still can't believe that Benfica result as I felt it was going to be a draw or a loss. They are just an amazing team. Now it is time to finish the year out!!!

What to look forward to in August:
The final match of the 2019 Liga de Elite season is fast approaching. If we win we win the league and well if we lose and Benfica wins then we are second. If somehow we lose and they draw we win despite being level on points. In the Final of the Taça de Macau we will be facing Benfica. The two clubs meet in the final two seasons ago when Sporting pulled off the upset.

Some great results in there mate and you're on your way to success yet again!
Good luck in the final!
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6 yearsEdited

Taça for three: Sporting win third Taça de Macau

Sporting Clube de Macau kept their treble hopes alive as they would defeat rival Benfica by a score of 3-1. This victory gets Sporting their third Taça de Macau in three years. They look to be unstoppable in the cup and might never lose it. In this three year reign these two have faced each other twice, the last being in the 2017 final.

On a warm summer evening the top two clubs in the Liga de Elite meet in what was a very exciting match. Before things kicked off it was too close to call on who would win and many believed it would go into penalties. Well Sporting proved everyone wrong and it was not much of a match. Yes it was 3-1 but Benfica looked lost all 90 minutes.

Gilberto Monteiro made his return to the squad after being out the last month or so with an injury and he did make an impact. Scoring two goals in the 34th and 43rd minutes he propelled the club to the win. The other goal was scored early on by Vinicius Lemes in the 21st minute. For Benfica William scored their only goal in the 61st.

"It was nice being able to win my second Taça for this club and I am looking forward to next years competition. Now we need to focus on winning the final match of the season"-Kévin Gauthier

Looking good mate, keep it up!
Great result mate, keep it up!

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