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The Birth of A New Era

Started on 7 August 2016 by Balik
Latest Reply on 10 August 2016 by Justice
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7 yearsEdited
My name is Ethan Bernard, I was born in Olympia, a town just outside Seattle and I'm ESPN's main man for all news in Soccer. The fall of the MLS left me in a stressful mood that affected everyone around me, my news team, my wife (Ashley) and my 4 year old daughter Kelly to heights that included sleeping at the office for a full week and eating Ramen Noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner (they taste awful after the 6th time straight eating it).

I'm the sports analyst, which means I look at numbers that help me determine if a player's season was average and how they will shape up for the following season, but my specialty is in Football (or soccer to my fellow Americans) as I grew up a fan of Glasgow Rangers due to living there through the ages of 5 and 15.

I joined ESPN a month before the 2010 World Cup took place and I slowly became ESPN's number one sports analyst and the main man in everything related to Soccer. I had camera time that attracted main interest from clubs all around the states from Soccer to Hockey as their main analyst, but I stayed loyal to my team.

At the age of 27, I was offered jobs from over 100 teams in all sports and I declined all of them, but I knew my time came to an end as FIFA and the USSF officially announced the collapse of the MLS right after the 2014 MLS Cup final. It left everyone in shock, all sports fan were confused in why this happened and what will happen to the soccer in the U.S.A.....
Great to see you writing Bal, best of luck!
Finally a Balik story, will be following!
21st January 2015, Olympia, WA

ring ring 'Who the hell is calling me in the ungodly hour!' I whispered in anger and quickly answering the phone to prevent Ashley and Kelly from waking up 'You better have a good reason to call me at 3 am' ! angrily said to whoever was on the other side of the call. 'It's me, Troy, we need to talk, come meet me outside your house' The caller responded, the line was cut before I could've answered, I slowly got up and wear my thickest jacket and made my way outside in the freezing cold to meet Troy Crespo, a local business man that funded me during my college days and helped me get on my feet, I owe my whole career to this man....

Me: 'What the hell is wrong with you?!? You nearly woke up Kelly!' I angrily said while still trying to keep my voice down.

Troy: The USSF is creating a league in the same layout as the Premier league....with regional leagues and I got the chance to become an owner of a new club. I bought one that is unknown to fans outside Queen and I want you to lead them, here's the offer' Troy responded by throwing me an envelop before hoping into his car and driving away in the distance....

I went back into the house before my balls froze off and sat down on the coach, with a smooth cup of Hot coco, putting some soothing music on and watching highlights of the Old Firm derby....wait....I was talking about the envelop..... I opened the envelop and pulled out a memory disk, it's very rare of Troy to offer people deals on a memory disk, he was a classical man, he offered the deal on paper face to face with a side of threats.

After opening the memory disk I found one document and it was named 'Sign it Ethan' I opened it up and printed it without reading it. After the 5 page document was printed, I went to the dinner table, sat down and continued to watch Rangers thrashing Celtic 5-1 during the 2000-2001 season and read through the offer.

After reading it over 5 times and wasting 3 hours of my day, I signed my name on the dotted line.....I wasn't sure what I got myself into but I don't regret signing it and I if you excuse me, time to book a one way flight to New York....

Former ESPN pundit signs for Brooklyn Knights ahead of the first official America Regional season

Our very own soccer expert, Ethan Bernard has left our team to take his first step into managment as he has signed for Queens side Brooklyn Knights ahead of the first ever America Regional leagues. Ethan has expressed his sadness in leaving the team during the recap of the NBA, saying 'Signing with Brooklyn was the hardest decision I ever made, it means that I am leaving this magnificent team.... But I hope that I can repay them in the near future and they will always be in my heart, not as friends, but as brothers and sisters. My final request to my bosses was that if I was allowed to re-join the team during the summer break to give you guys the latest sports news quicker then any other sports network site and give you live games from all sports...Thank you for making me feel like home'.

Owner of Brooklyn Knights, Troy Crespo happily gave us his precious time to be a part of our new documentary, 'Soccer's new era', he discussed his goals for the upcoming season and why he signed the nation's soccer expert, Ethan Bernard. 'I personally want Brooklyn to be the best team in the States, it'll be a hard journey due to us starting in the bottom of the league system and being only worth $75,000. I can invest more in the club but I want us to work hard for it, I could easily invest $100,000,000 but that would be cheating. For Ethan joining us as manager, it's a surprise, going to his house at 3 A.M. in the morning, giving him a contract offer to small, semi-professional club like ours. He was wanted by teams like LA Galaxy and Seattle's own Seattle Sounder before they were forced to rebrand and more powerful teams in other sports like the NFL, NBA and the NHL. But I am grateful for him signing, he always says that he owes me his whole career, but now, he only owes me the trophies that he's hopefully gonna win with us'

The American Premier League, America National League, America Federal League, National Soccer league(s), Patriot League Select, Patriot League One, USS Regional Premier League and the USS Regional League will all kick off on the 1st of August.

Now for our good friend Ethan, your place will always be available for you!
Why can I see this involving a lot of random crap at one point :))
Good luck Balik, it seems interesting so far ;)
Nice start mate, will definitely be reading this

Who are Brooklyn Knights???

The team's new favorite soccer team, Brooklyn Knights are a newly founded team, playing out of Brooklyn, New York at Bedford Stuyvesant Stadium. Their first official manager will be our former colleague Ethan Bernard which will hopefully get them into a winning start in August.

Owner and businessman, Troy Crespo bought the club for around $50,000 and so far it turned out to be a great investment as the club's value went from $70,000 to $1,000,000 in a few weeks due to the players Ethan have been signing from colleges and local academies. Going by their motto 'Fans comes first'; the Knights offer a large amount of opportunities for fans of the club and visiting fans which range from raffle draws to training with the squad itself.

Captain Mario Zárate is a local from Brooklyn who was giving the opportunity to captain his home town's club after being spotted playing Sunday League by Ethan. 'Ethan is a great manager to have, he is very calm and collected, never gets angry when we make a mistake during training. He never has strict rules. Some established managers should learn one or two things from him to become closer with their players'

Mario Zárate's second hand man is goalkeeper Lewis Jones who is Brooklyn Knight's number one man between the posts. The half American and half English is born and breed in Ann Arbor, Michigan and grew a liking to the sport when picking it up during middle school. Being a a player that got into the first team by trying out for the team, he quickly became a role model to some fans.

Bernard's star player; Anthony Hankinson is the main man in the midfield. The Knight's star player is not shy of the ball as in training, we spotted him getting comfortable with the ball by doing tricks and keeping the ball closely as he can to him. Ethan won't have any problem's with him as he's the most reliable player in the Regional legaues and is labeled a possible star in the American Premier League.

Full first team squad

Balik's avatar Group Balik
7 yearsEdited

Brooklyn Knights Kit Launch and pre-season fixtures revealed

With the amount of Brooklyn Knights content we are releasing the past few months, you'd think that we are biased towards them.....but trust me....we're not....heheh *puts down Knights flags, scarfs and hats*. Anyways, last night during the Brooklyn Knights monthly 'fan day'. Chairman and owner Troy Crespo and manager Ethan Bernard announced their home and away kits.

Both designed by Australian designer nicknamed Feliks, the home one is rocking the dark blue with the black sleeves and the black sides, both the collar and the edge of the sleeve is covered in white. The away kit is mainly white with the shoulder area being gold and the sleeves and sides covered in black. Made by the Australian brand, BLK, Ethan has went on too say 'The work of BLK is magnificent compared to other leagues, during pre-season, players have complimented the kit in being comfortable, loose and able to hide the sweat stains! We're glad to have them as our main sponsor

New York based company, SeatGeek, is the Knight's official shirt sponsor, chairman of SeatGeek; Russell D'Souza has said 'We're really happy that we're working together with Brooklyn Knights.Also 50% of the income from tickets sold will go to several charities through out the country.

Pre-season was a test for fitness for Ethan they went up against some sides in the same league and some above them. The fixture was a great mixture of stronger team and teams that are in the same level as us, It was a month of fitness for all the players and a month to impress us and Ethan spoke Rafael Arce, Ethan's right hand man. The assistant joined during the creation of it as a member of the board but become the Assistant in May after pleads from Ethan and Mr. Crespo

The players, staffs and fans can surely look towards creating history in the club as they will be kicking off their league campaign in august against these bunch...

Also, as a special treat to you.... ESPN will be doing a month-to-month review of the season!
Balik's avatar Group Balik
7 yearsEdited

Brooklyn Knight's first steps

Brooklyn Knight's first month as an official club has went by and they couldn't wished for a better start for their 2015-16 season under new man Ethan Bernard!


A great 3-1 win away from home vs New Britain kicks off their campaign as they went on too beat Cheektowaga 4-0 and Danbury 6-0. Their next game was in the US Open Cup 1st round against USS Coastal Plains Regional side Old Army S.C. were a Mario Zarate brace saw them through. They ended their month against city rivals Bronx with a 4-3 win.

League Table

With that undefeated month, the Knights sit in a comfy 2nd place, 1 point behind 1st placed team Camden who also are a game ahead of Brooklyn. 5 points ahead of New Britain, Bronx and Pawtucket, Ethan can be proud of how his managerial career started!

Brooklyn Knight's Knight of the month

The Knight of the month of August went to Anthony Hankinson who scored 3 goals and contributed to 3 in 5 appearance so far, with one of them coming of the bench, can he continue his form into September?

September Fixture

With a Federal Cup 1st round match against Rapid City to kick off September,can they get through to the 2nd and 3rd round? Let's wait and find out! (which will be played on the 16th and 30th of September). The away game against Camden in the league will be a tough one for the boys as they will be going up against title rivals away from home. a U.S. Open 2nd round cup tie vs Tampa will also be on the road while the two remaining league games, Clifton City S.C. and Cranston will be both at home.
Really good start to the season, hope you can keep that up.

Also their can't be many better team names than Cheektowaga
Great start so far here pal!
High-scoring season so far, hopefully the goals keep coming!

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