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Poll: Deal With the Homegrown Issue - Without the Editor

Improve your squad with homegrown talent, without going over board or being in desperate need.
Started on 16 October 2016 by seabas3
Latest Reply on 16 October 2016 by seabas3
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How Important is Homegrown Talent to You (10 votes)
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You know that annoying time before your league starts, and you need to select the players that will be eligible to play for you in the upcoming season? Then you realize you do not have enough home grown talent, then you have to leave a player out? Then they become angry and talk to you, more players become angry because of him, then it becomes a really big mess?

Yeah, that problem, the one you face every single season.

Now of course you can bypass this through the editor, but most people do not. So how can you deal with the homegrown issue for FM17, and how should you approach your squad with this in mind for the new season?

Look, in the long run regens take over the world. I am sure we have all bought foreign imports, but the problem is that we spend too much and bring in too many foreign talents. Now it is fine and dandy when they become eligible in your country…but how long does that take? And its great when they are with you for a certain time frame to be called “HG” but they do not fill out that real important bracket of a REAL HOMEGROWN PLAYER…don’t they?

As a manager it is your responsibility to have a good blend of foreign and homegrown players. Yet as evident as we see today if the blend gets too excessive then the homegrown talent suffers and the national team suffers.

*Cough* ENGLAND *Cough*

Okay they are getting better, but it is a long way to go. So focus on actual homegrown talent from your nation of the club you manage, it will make life easier in the long run.

Yes, we buy and sell homegrown talent, in the end though we need to have that specific amount. In the transfer market we may sell more and bring a youth player up instead…but what if your youth players are not good enough? Also if you never use that youth player, he is a complete wasted talent, along with that, you will get nothing out of him if you proceed to sell him. Then you NEED to buy a homegrown player…problem is other teams know that, then you have to overpay for a player that may not be in your first team.

So always try to not go below the minimum amount of actual usable players in your squad so you do not run into panic or forced buying…

In turn if other teams in your division do not pay attention to this and comes after your players, and you have an abundance…you can over charge them and get an awesome fee and maximum profit in return.

Wait, what? Wasn’t this supposed to be about having as much homegrown talent as possible? Yes, it is, but if you eat too many bananas you can get sick…even though they are healthy for you.
It is important to have that balance in your squad. Think about it as in the real world.
For youths, it is a fantastic benefit to have a few foreign players in the youth system. It brings diversity, a new experience, new learning and talent abilities and most importantly it gives your homegrown talent the ability to understand, adapt and learn different kinds of football players, tactics, and styles. Just as in the senior squad.

Well you may think; “If you win everything with all one nationality then that nation and your team will be the best.” That is completely false in all aspects. HELLO THINK BEFORE THE 1990’s. Squads in the real world and in the reserves had literally no foreign players, in fact there was a maximum amount of foreign talent they could have that was a whole wack load stricter than it is today.

Real Madrid in the 50’s won the Champions League 5 times and had arguably some of the best Spanish players ever. Yet Spain never won a World Cup back then. Okay they had Puskas up front, but still, honestly, all local talent does not help. Okay that is an exaggeration a bit but it is important to have the balance.

I usually have 75% - 90% in each squad as homegrown. It is very important to have some excellent foreign talent to give your team that spice and edge, but too much homegrown talent in one way will eventually be figured out…

Think of Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Spain. Almost all the same identity in two very successful clubs. In the end, they were found out and the core of the Spanish side came from those clubs. Same thing applies in FM.

Look at the end of the day it is important to focus on homegrown talent. Blood them into your first team, challenge them and watch them flourish. Yet not in a complete bubbled environment, but in a team that has a solid homegrown base with a seasoning of foreign talent to learn new ways and improve the homegrown talent.

Remember that this takes some time. If you try to force people in or out it could be disastrous for your squad, you need to do it over a period of a few seasons. You need to breed the homegrown talent to your style and tactics, while making them benefit from the foreign talent plus have enough homegrown players in your squad.

This is also a consistent process. Once you have a good balance it does not end there, you need to consistently adapt and change your squad but keep a homegrown core.

Try and set a goal, within 3, 4 years maybe? Try to have a competitive side, or bring up a side through the divisions that is more focused on homegrown talent. Who knows England may win the World Cup in FM without one of us managing it…. that isn’t 60 years away from us managing in FM.

Oh and don’t forget, that annoying squad selection thing that you have to do at the beginning of each season, will be no problem at all

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